How to raise a healthy chubby baby

How can mothers raise healthy and energetic babies? In addition to innate factors, careful care the day after tomorrow is even more important! 1. Keep a happy mood during pregnancy. A good mood is the best prenatal education. The nutrition should be balanced, not picky about food, and exercise appropriately (walking is enough, and the first three months should be mainly quiet). Many articles will mention what pregnant women should not eat, and there are many taboos. However, as long as the expectant mother does not overeat, it is okay to take one or two bites, so don\’t worry too much. 2. Get physical examination on time. Although the physical examination feels like a waste of money, it means everything is fine. The doctor may prescribe some nutritional supplements, and expectant mothers can decide whether to supplement them based on their actual situation. 3. Breastfeeding. Breast milk is so important for the baby. It enhances the baby\’s resistance, provides comprehensive nutrition and prevents weight gain, and also reduces the baby\’s chance of getting sick. My neighbor’s mother started to lose weight after giving birth to her baby, and her breast milk became less and less. One month after giving birth, both mother and baby became anemic. Later, she started to stimulate lactation but it was no longer effective. The baby who was just a few months old had already been admitted to the hospital twice. . 4. Dress appropriately. As long as the clothes are about the same and the back of the baby\’s neck is warm. A total of 18 episodes of children\’s health knowledge popular English cartoon 720P high-definition subtitles 5, to cultivate babies\’ healthy routine. In the first few months, the baby mainly sleeps, and the family tries to create a quiet sleeping environment for the baby. Observe the baby\’s daily routine, feed and sleep accordingly. Many parents are so excited about the birth of their baby that they often hold the baby without letting go, and then they can no longer let go. There was even a day when people around Ma Ma wanted to hold their children at home or hang out outside all day long. 6. Meet the baby’s emotional needs. If the baby is crying, check to see if he has peed or if he is hungry. Then look for any abnormalities in the clothes or environment. If everything is normal, you should observe the crying situation. If you only cry for a while and stop crying after being hugged, you can rest assured. If the crying does not stop or the crying is regular, you should measure the baby\’s body temperature to prevent the baby from feeling unwell. But under normal circumstances, the baby just needs the warm embrace of his family to meet the baby\’s emotional needs and make the baby feel safe. 7. Scientifically add complementary foods. The introduction of complementary foods normally starts at 6 months of age. It does not need to be too early or too late. From less to more, from thin to thicker. Buy safe and reliable baby food, and some parents make it themselves. But if it is a breastfed baby, homemade complementary food is very nutritious and cannot fully meet the baby\’s nutritional needs. 8. Salt-free diet. Avoid any salt for your baby within one year of age. Many parents start feeding their babies adult food after their children reach 6 months old, which is very unhealthy. Excessive salt will hinder the absorption of nutrients and calcium and increase the burden on the kidneys. After one year old, the diet should be as light and nutritious as possible. 9. Bask in the sun. Babies should have appropriate outdoor exercise every day (except cloudy and rainy days). Sunbathing not only sterilizes bacteria, but also helps synthesize vitamin D, allowing the baby to grow taller and have better resistance. 10. Exercise. Exercise makes babies healthier and more energetic. From simple kicking to crawling to walking, babies who move regularly are more energetic and curious. Although it will be tiring for adults, it is very beneficial to the baby\’s brain development. 11.Safety. At any time, items that pose a safety hazard to your baby should be put away. as small asButtons, coins, large fruit knives, scissors. A healthy, smart and energetic baby needs the care and love of his family all the time. I wish every baby to be healthy and smart!

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