How to raise children to be ordinary people?

Should we train children with outstanding talents, or should we train children to be ordinary people? Is it really difficult for parents to choose? Is it easier said than done? It depends on how we think about what determines a child\’s happiness. Such a view has the potential to cause waves. Because although we all know that ordinary things are true, then when the day comes that we become parents, everything will be different. If you become a parent of other people\’s children, you will inevitably compare yourself with other people\’s children, and you will inevitably lose objectivity. So a group of people appeared. They are amazing because they are always good and always come first. They are called \”other people\’s children\”. I often hear that some parents envy other people’s children, who don’t let adults worry much, and whose children can learn well, behave appropriately, and be obedient and sensible without the parents having to worry about it… Why do their own children seem to be neither worry-free nor worry-free? Not so good? Can\’t it be a little bit better than other children\’s strengths? It seems that no matter how hard we try to provide good learning conditions for our children, he doesn\’t like playing music, chess, calligraphy or painting. This is really worrying! When I can\’t bear it anymore, I will really scold the children: \”Look at other children, they are better than you in everything, why can\’t you strive to be the first!\” 70% are ordinary people. There is a concept in statistics called \”Normal distribution\”, its curve is a statistical graph similar to an inverted U shape. In layman\’s terms, the closer to the two poles, the lower the probability of occurrence; the part with the widest coverage is the average number in the middle. What does it mean? In other words, 70% of parents and 70% of children are ordinary people. In this case, it is understandable that children belong to the 70%. Happiness comes first. Children\’s growth follows rules, but every child has his or her own uniqueness. Some children are better at this, and some are better at that. No matter what, as the child\’s closest relative, the most important thing is to give the child a safe and confident space to grow, so that the child can gain a sense of happiness. There is a widely circulated article on the Internet called \”I want to be the person who sits on the roadside and claps.\” The little girl in the story is an eternal number 23. The mother originally wanted to put pressure on her, but seeing how happy her daughter was, she simply let her learn happily. This girl with average test scores folds paper and makes gifts for everyone when we go out together, and often helps other children. When choosing class president, she got the most votes. Because she is helpful, trustworthy, and never loses her temper, she is recognized by everyone as \”an excellent person.\” From this point of view, besides grades, what should we value most? Polite children are popular. Some children will take the initiative to say hello to other children when they see the teacher, while others will turn a blind eye and pass by others. When a child is still over 1 year old, it is a natural recognition period. As the child grows older, parents should start to teach their children some etiquette. At this time, don\’t force the child to say hello, but take the initiative and loudly say hello to his teachers, children and even parents. In this way, in the eyes of the child, he will see that it is not difficult to say hello to everyone, and it is rewarding.Everyone’s response is also very happy. Starting from saying hello, children gradually learn that they should not only say hello to the teacher, but also say hello to all the people related to us, such as doormen, elevator attendants, cleaners… This seemingly simple act of greeting can win the children over from other children and Teacher appreciation helps children become popular people in the group. Then slowly teach the children various etiquettes when adults speak, when guests come to the house, and when they go out to participate in various activities. When a baby can speak without interrupting, entertain children in a generous and courteous manner, and avoid losing his temper in public, these good behaviors will add points to his character. Confident children are valuable. There was such a child who only scored 9 points during the exam in the class. This was obviously too far away from the passing line. He became the absolute last place. But his father did not reprimand him, but just said lightly: \”I believe you can improve by 10 points next time.\” The child was particularly touched when his father did not scold him. Although his score next time was still last, he passed the exam. 30 points. This time, his father still said he believed he could improve by 10 points. This child is trusted by his father, and every time his performance improves, it is much higher than his father\’s expectations. Finally, he got the first place in the class and the first place in the school. This example is telling us that when a child really comes in last, we still cannot undermine his self-esteem. We must give the child hope and belief that he can do it. A child who is fully trusted and encouraged by adults will be full of self-confidence. The power of this self-confidence can help the child believe that he is worthy and help him build the ability to do things. Children who love life are the happiest. The United Kingdom has a \”Ten Declarations for Children\”, one of which states: \”Safe growth is more important than success.\” This is a comprehensive respect for life, a true love for children and humane education. Success is secondary to life. We often hear stories about children who ran away from home because of poor performance in exams, and other children who became angry when others did not praise them. Therefore, we must pay attention to the education of children\’s life values ​​and respect the life course that we can only have once. When your child loves to work, raise fish, water flowers, do handicrafts, or even draw wonderful pictures with a pen, encourage your child\’s interests and hobbies. When he has a variety of interests and hobbies, he can accumulate a kind of strength and ability in the music, art, sports, science and other activities he engages in. This is his ability to love life. This ability can make life more harmonious and the world a better place. Children who have a love for life will step forward to resolve disputes when other children are fighting for toys; when everyone is in a bad mood due to a traffic jam during a trip, they will not get angry and go to relieve everyone\’s boredom. Such a child is enough to make us feel gratified by his kindness. Children who work hard are cute. One of the world-famous Beibei Bear Light of Life series is \”You Are So Cute\”. Sister Xiong and her brother signed up for the school\’s performance team and basketball team. They prepared carefully and tried their best for the competition. They went to see the announcement of the announcement with great joy, but it was their sister who gotHis brother is the team\’s logistics manager. When they slouched home, their mother hugged them. What concepts do we need to pass on to our children? Is it best to be first? Or is it that as long as you work hard, you will be the cutest person? Maybe we should let our children know that everyone may be a supporting role, but the mother will love him no matter what. Children who help others are blessed by God. While other children have various talents, the 23rd little girl’s biggest hobby is to help others and applaud others. In fact, not every child can be a hero, and not every child desires to be the center of attention. Some children, with a tranquil mood, are willing to applaud the success of others. This is his life, and he can choose the path he wants to take. Those children who are kind and helpful to others, just like the little girl in the story, will eventually be appreciated and recognized by everyone. They will have happiness and love, and they will gain their own sense of accomplishment.

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