How to raise excellent children

Educationist Suhomlinsky once said: \”School education without family education and family education without school education cannot complete such an extremely delicate task of cultivating people.\” You must know that education is never one-sided. If you want your children to become talented, they need the guidance of teachers and the company of parents. Only when parents and teachers work together can we cultivate an excellent next generation. For the sake of your children, parents, please go with the teachers. Parents learn to let go only when they truly love their children. Writer Gorky once said: \”Loving children is something that hens can do.\” But educating them well is a big deal. As a parent, loving your children is just your basic responsibility, but letting your children grow into excellent people requires more effort and energy. As the saying goes: there is no rule without rules. Educating children and blindly doting on them will only ruin their lives. Previously, a chat record of a primary school class group went viral, and the content of the conversation shocked many netizens: Not only that, even drinking water and tying shoelaces required help from the teacher. [A must-have for top students] How to Improve Memory Training Camp Lu Feifei’s Complete Series A first-grade primary school student does not even have the most basic ability to drink water or take care of himself. The root cause often lies with the parents! You know, the teacher can help the child for a while, but cannot help him forever. There are at least 30-40 students in a class, and the teacher cannot be around your children all day long. Dear parents, \”It is not an excuse for children to be young, nor is it an excuse to put academics first.\” Educating children is not to indulge them blindly, but to restrain them with rules and cultivate their independence and self-discipline. Only in this way can we truly give our children The best kind of love. Dear parents, parents who take care of everything cannot raise independent children. If you don’t let go now, your child will never grow up. Mo Yan once published this blog post: \”Parents who only know how to love are not qualified, because hens can also love, not to mention that the other side of the most sincere love is often the most cruel and cruel government.\” To love children is to give them a Wings that can fly allow them to grow into independent people instead of degenerating their wings. There is a kind of bragging called \”my teacher is very strict\”. When I was a student, many people felt that the teacher\’s criticism of me was aimed at me. \”There are so many people in a class, why do you only care about me?\” But children, you have to know that many times, the teacher who cares about you the most is the one who loves you the deepest. A teacher\’s strict requirements and high standards are not to torture students, but to allow students to better develop their potential and abilities. Only under the strict requirements and guidance of teachers can students continue to accept new knowledge, master new skills, improve their level and ability, and achieve better results and greater progress. And when the teacher really doesn\’t care about you, that is the deepest punishment for you. Collection for children, 50 recommended classic books in ultra-clear PDF version. There is a saying that goes like this: When a teacher gives up on a child, it may be the teacher who suffers temporarily, but it will be the child who suffers for the rest of his life. Society is cruel, and teachers are strict with you just because they hope you can have more choices in the future and go further. As the saying goes: strict master comes outHigh disciple. My child, please understand the teacher’s good intentions and the current harshness, just hoping that you will have a better future. Being lazy in studying will turn into a slap in the face later. When it comes to studying, many children always put it off until tomorrow, but tomorrow comes tomorrow, and there are so many tomorrows. Knowledge will only accumulate more and more. If you fall behind a little today and miss a page tomorrow, the future will only be pulled further and further away. Double reduction gives you enough time to relax. If you fall behind again, just saying \”I will make up for it later\” is not enough. Learning relies on hard work accumulated over time, and procrastinating tomorrow after tomorrow will only become a stumbling block for you. The famous host Cai Kangyong said this: \”When you were 15 years old, you found swimming difficult and gave up swimming. When you were 18 years old and met someone you liked and asked you to go swimming, you had to say \”I can\’t do it.\” At 18 years old, you found English difficult. , give up English, and when a great job comes up at the age of 28 but requires English skills, you have to say \”I can\’t do it.\” \”Children, don\’t choose to go around blindly at the age when you should learn the most. Only by studying hard can you be more capable. Face future challenges well and lay a solid foundation for your future. The most reassuring thing in life is: I could have done it! An excellent child = 60% family education + 30% school education + 10% social education. The growth of children requires the joint participation of family, school and society. Only when family, school, and society work together can children be provided with all-round support and help so that they can grow into moral, literate, and responsible people. On the road of education, there are no perfect children, no perfect teachers, and no perfect parents. Let us work hard together and grow together!

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