How to speed up natural birth

I went back to my hometown and saw my cousin. She was 6 months pregnant. My cousin said that she insisted on going out for a walk every day, hoping that she would have a normal delivery when she gave birth to her baby. She heard from her best friend that giving birth was painful for three days and three nights. She was very nervous, fearing that she would be the same and that she wouldn\’t be able to hold on. I told my cousin not to worry, the length of labor is different for everyone. I only had pain for more than 3 hours after giving birth. It was not as painful as I imagined. I just need to pay more attention during pregnancy. Many expectant mothers are very anxious as their due date approaches, and the initial joy of pregnancy turns to worries about childbirth. Some people say that giving birth to a baby is very fast and smooth, while many others say that it is extremely difficult. The speed of giving birth is determined by many factors, not just one. Factor 1: Maternal age and fertility. Medical research has proven that women’s childbearing age is 23-29 years old. At this stage, both physical and mental conditions are at their best. Some girls get pregnant early. At this time, they are too young and their uterus is not fully developed, so they are prone to miscarriage. If the mother is over 35 years old, she may have fetal malformations and other phenomena. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone prepare for pregnancy at the right age so that they can give birth smoothly. Too late or too early will affect the birth process. An obstetrician and gynecologist once recommended that women should be pregnant no earlier than 20 years old and no later than 35 years old. What I want to say here is that if the expectant mother has sufficient fertility, she will give birth very quickly. Especially expectant mothers who exercise regularly during pregnancy and have sufficient elasticity in their pelvic floor muscles will have a relatively faster delivery. If you stay in bed for a long time and do not exercise, the physical strength of the pregnant mother will not be able to keep up. Like my cousin, doing moderate exercise every day can help to give birth naturally. Factor 2: The size of the fetus and whether the position of the fetus is correct. If the baby\’s head is large, it will be difficult to have a normal delivery. Even in the case of a natural birth, it will take a long time. The fetal position is one of the conditions for normal delivery. If the baby is in the head position, the respiratory system can be established immediately after birth. If the fetal position is incorrect, hypoxia may occur, and the probability of vaginal delivery is very low. Factor 3: Number of births. If you are a mother with a second child, the labor process will generally be faster than the first child. Because you have already experienced one childbirth, the pelvis and cervix will open faster. The second child will generally be delivered faster than the first child. . Childbirth is a very complicated process, and it is also a large-scale test for the expectant mother\’s physical strength, mentality, and knowledge reserves. If a mother has already given birth once, she will be very calm this time, her mood will be relaxed, and her pain will be reduced. It is necessary to master the correct method and deliver the baby as soon as possible. First of all, expectant mothers should be fully mentally prepared. It is normal to be nervous about giving birth. You must believe that you can have a normal delivery, because there will be frequent uterine contractions before delivery, which makes the mother feel unbearable pain. At this time, the company of family members is very important, especially the father-to-be who must stay with the mother wholeheartedly, because many women cannot bear the prenatal contractions and finally give up on natural delivery and choose caesarean section, which is both painful and time-consuming. You should firmly believe that you can give birth to the baby smoothly, calm down, and face it calmly. The mental state of pregnant mothers is very important for normal delivery. Some people are too tightTension can lead to increased labor and even dystocia. Family members should spend more time with pregnant women to communicate and reduce their stress. Secondly, you should develop good exercise habits during pregnancy. If you didn\’t like to exercise before, expectant mothers can try taking a walk every day, practicing yoga, or swimming. You can also do slow walking and other exercises according to your own conditions. Persistence in exercise can shorten the labor process of pregnant mothers and has certain benefits for the intellectual development of the fetus. Tips: Exercise can not only exercise the body, but also promote blood circulation and prevent edema during pregnancy. Also, during pregnancy, it is a good habit to pay attention to your weight. In the previous traditional concept, we began to supplement various nutrients as soon as we became pregnant, and we only eat everything we eat every day. The family will think of ways to prepare all kinds of delicious ingredients for the expectant mother. Pregnant mothers also feel that they are pregnant. When one person eats, two people are absorbing nutrients. It is normal to be a little fatter. I never paid attention to weight management, and I became fat without knowing it, and the weight of my fetus also increased. Today\’s living conditions are very good, as long as the nutrition is balanced, fetal malnutrition will not occur like in the previous era. Expectant mothers should pay close attention to their own weight, so as to ensure that the size of the fetus is within a reasonable range and make the delivery process smoother. Tips: If the weight gain is not obvious and is within the normal range, delivery will be faster than for overweight mothers. Finally, pregnant mothers should learn some knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth in advance. Knowing what to expect next during childbirth can relieve tension and fear and make the pain less intense. Through correct learning and mastering how to breathe during labor, these can help pregnant mothers relieve pain and spend the labor process comfortably. Maintain good study habits to speed up normal delivery. Everyone says that giving birth is like wandering around the hell gate. Only those who have experienced it personally know that the process of giving birth is very hard, and expectant mothers also hope to have a baby faster. Childbirth is not as scary as shown in TV series. With the right method and a good attitude, most mothers can survive it smoothly.

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