How to stop your baby from biting his lower lip? Do you want to correct it?

Question 1: My child is three and a half years old. He keeps biting his lower lip with his upper teeth. He also likes to bite it when he is asleep. He bites his lower lip while he is asleep and sucks it. The biting is still tight. He has been doing this for half a year. What is going on? manage? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: This situation is generally a matter of habit. In the beginning, it is mostly caused by the baby being nervous, insecure, bored or lacking companionship, and the sucking is not fully satisfied. After discovering it, don\’t make any noise, don\’t mention \”lip biting\” to the baby verbally, and divert the baby\’s attention. Parents should communicate more with the baby, kiss and hug the baby more. Biting the lower lip for a long time can lead to uneven teeth, and parents need to slowly help their babies correct it. Question 2: My child is four and a half years old. His runny nose has been getting worse since the weather was cold. Some doctors said it was rhinitis, while others said it was not rhinitis. The runny nose does not stop in summer. What kind of problem is this? Dr. Song Shufen answered: If the weather changes and it is easy to have runny nose, it is still related to the cold air. If you consider allergic rhinitis, you can take Biyanning Granules for a week. Question 3: My baby is four months old. He always urinates upward and on his face every time. Do I need to get checked? Dr. Yang Yafeng answered: No, before the child is 1 year old, urination may occur upward due to body position, reproductive anatomy and other reasons.

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