How to take care of your children so that they feel closer to you

Psychologist Li Meijin has said that parenting is the basis of education, and children should try their best to raise themselves. The more you raise a child by yourself, the closer you will become. On the contrary, if the child is not raised by yourself, the child will be distant from you. If a child is not raised by himself, the child will not kiss you even if you are his biological mother. We love our children very much, but if we raise them improperly, the child may not love you, or even hate you. Our neighbor\’s children, daughter Xiaohong and younger brother Xiaohe, are only one and a half years apart. My mother is pregnant with her second child, and my daughter has been living with her grandma for a few months. Grandma is in good health and her home is close to the school. The child did not return to her home until she entered elementary school. The child is smart and cute, and her grandma and aunt love her very much. The mother feels that her mother-in-law can help take care of the children, which saves her a lot of trouble. After Xiaohong entered junior high school, her mother wanted to take her back to her home, but found that she could not live in peace with her daughter. When her daughter went to school, she changed all her daughter\’s sheets and quilts into clean ones. Unexpectedly, the first thing her daughter said when she came home was: \”Do you know how to respect human rights? Why did you enter my room without my consent?\” On the weekend? , the mother wanted to buy new clothes for her daughter and asked her to go shopping with her. The daughter said: \”Forget it, your tastes are different. I don\’t want to go with you. You should give me money!\” Daughter\’s Learning When he regressed, the head teacher called and asked parents to cooperate and communicate with their children. The mother was just about to say: \”Your academic performance…\” The daughter stopped the mother and said: \”What do you care about me? You should watch more TV series when you have time!\” Children are the most important people in parents\’ lives, but when you When you see that your children are unwilling to get close to you and are unwilling to believe in your education, raising your children is really in vain. If the child has the following behaviors, it means that he is not emotionally close to him, and the mother should seize the time to remedy the situation. Abnormal behavior 1: The child rejects the mother\’s closeness and refuses physical contact with the mother. Female star Chen Qiaoen said that her mother often beat and scolded her since she was a child, and would beat her with a cane until her whole body was injured. Therefore, when she heard the sound of her mother walking, she would tremble all over unconsciously. When recording variety shows, she would instinctively keep a certain distance from her mother. If you don\’t like someone, you don\’t want to get close to them. The human body is often more faithful than words. If a child deliberately avoids his mother\’s hugs and is unwilling to have physical contact with his mother, it means that he is quite resistant to his mother from the inside. Abnormal behavior 2: I feel annoyed when my mother talks and want to stay away from my children. Is there anything you would like to share with you? If your child is happy or sad and is willing to talk to you about everything, then your child and you are considerate. However, some children are unwilling to tell their mother when they encounter grievances, preferring to carry it on their own. When their mother speaks, the children feel annoyed and want to stay away from their mother immediately. This is a sign of lack of closeness. Maybe some mothers don\’t understand why their children do this. In fact, they lack trust in their mothers, because they don\’t get enough security from their mothers, so they don\’t want their mothers to interfere in their own affairs. Abnormal Behavior 3: Confronting the mother exclusively and disobeying discipline. Parents always feel that their children are young and want to give them more guidance. Professor Li MeijinIt has been said that parenting is the foundation of education. We often find that there are many rebellious children around us who turn a deaf ear to their parents\’ words, or even specifically confront them. If the child is rebellious, it is also a sign that he is not close to his mother. Whoever we are willing to listen to means that we are more convinced of that person. Only those who have weight in the child\’s heart can speak to him. If your child is difficult to manage, it may be because you are not important in his heart. Children need their mother\’s company, that is, for a few years when they are young, because they cannot take care of themselves and rely on their mother\’s care. Top 10 bestsellers Li Zhongying\’s Comprehensive Parent-child Relationship Skills e-book The process of taking care of your children is the most critical few years for the cultivation of parent-child relationships. When the children grow up, it will be too late to cultivate relationships, and the children will only dislike you. trouble. Therefore, if you want to raise children who are close to you, mothers must do the following things during the critical period of these few years: take your children with you and provide them with high-quality companionship. No matter how difficult it is, mothers should keep their children with you. . Even if the baby is the mother\’s biological child, if the child is not with the mother, he will be a stranger when he grows up. Money needs to be invested in the emotional account between the child and the mother. Every physical contact and comfort from the mother, every greeting and concern, and every bit of contribution will be turned into money and invested in the child\’s emotional account. The more you invest, the more your children will trust you, and they will naturally get closer to their mother when they grow up. Communicate more with your children and be a humorous mother. Parents are parents and always want to establish authority in front of their children. A mother who speaks one word is the person that children fear. However, this kind of education method is backward and will create a gap between mothers and children. , the child gradually becomes unwilling to communicate with you. Therefore, becoming an amiable, humorous mother is the magic weapon to get closer to your children. On the way of children\’s growth, with less pressure, less nagging, more humor, and more interactions, I believe that mothers will gradually understand their children\’s inner world, and it will be easier to manage and educate their children. Mothers who respect and understand their children and act like friends are the best way to educate their children. Spanking and scolding their children will widen the distance between them and their children, and some children may even resent their parents. Therefore, although the child is young, parents must learn to respect the child\’s personality. If the child does something wrong, they should guide him more instead of educating him in a rough way. Treat the child like a friend, and the parent-child relationship will be more harmonious. Love is mutual. When our children are young, we find them annoying. When we grow old, our children will find their mothers annoying too. If we spend more time with each other and less distance, our children and their mothers are the closest people.

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