How to tell whether a child’s IQ is high or not

I believe many parents will have a lot of feelings about this issue: IQ determines the test scores. If the child\’s score is not ideal, it will directly affect the school and major for the college entrance examination, and even the future of the child. \”future\”. Although we always say that it is \”emotional intelligence\” that ultimately determines a child\’s growth, it is undeniable that IQ will also have a profound impact on a child\’s growth. Children with relatively high IQs will be more proficient in learning from an early age. Naturally, their starting point will be relatively high, and they can enter higher institutions to study, which will also be of great help to the children\’s future. In order to make their children\’s IQs higher, most parents will deliberately eat more foods during pregnancy that are helpful for the physical development of the fetus. So at this time, some people will have doubts in their hearts, that is, do children with high IQs have anything in common? Relevant research shows that children with high IQs have something in common. A study by a Harvard professor shows that children with relatively high IQs generally have something in common. The \”common points\” of babies with high IQs are: 1. The IQ of children with excellent genetic genes is mainly influenced by their parents. If the parents\’ genes are good enough, then the child\’s IQ will be relatively high. The reason why some people consider each other\’s academic qualifications when choosing a marriage partner is actually for the sake of their children. If the partner you choose has relatively low academic qualifications, then the genes of the children you give birth to will be relatively average. But if the other half you choose is good enough and smart enough, then the child\’s genetics will be even better. Most children with relatively high IQs are actually influenced by the \”genetic factors\” of their parents and elders. You will find that some people\’s \”family members\” are very smart and outstanding. There are also some people who, although they work very hard, cannot improve their academic performance. In fact, these are also affected by genetics. 2. Mother’s feeding methods since childhood. Most studies have directly pointed to how helpful breastfeeding is to the child. Feeding the child breast milk from an early age is not only helpful for the child’s physical health, but also has a relatively large impact on their IQ. help. If a child grows up drinking breast milk, the child\’s nutrition will be more adequate. Children with adequate nutrition will also have better brain development. These are all complementary to each other. This is also the reason why many mothers today insist on breastfeeding their children even though their physical fitness is not very good. Some mothers just want to get back in shape quickly and don\’t pay much attention to the nutrition of breast milk. They wean their children from breastfeeding very early. In fact, this still has a certain impact on the physical development of their children. 3. Logical thinking ability is relatively strong. Children with high IQs have a very common performance, that is, their logical thinking ability is relatively strong. Why do these children with higher IQs have stronger thinking abilities? Because they will be more comprehensive and thoughtful when considering problems, and thinking ability is actually a very important aspect when considering people. Gao ZhiHow to raise business children? How is it made? If we want to see whether a child is smart or not, we can tell from how they behave. If a child is more thoughtful in thinking and handles things more thoughtfully, then this type of child will tend to have a relatively high IQ, and their IQ will be relatively high. There will also be more development possibilities in the future. 4. Have rich creativity. Creativity is ignored by many parents. However, in the end, those who develop well and have truly high IQs have very rich creative abilities. Some parents always only judge IQ by looking at grades. In fact, if we want to know whether a child\’s IQ is high or not, our most important thing is to focus on the child\’s creativity. If children are very creative, then children in this category tend to have higher IQs, and their futures are often not easily \”bound\” and can have more different possibilities. Everyone hopes that their children\’s IQs will be higher. In order to improve their children\’s IQs, many parents have spent a lot of energy and money. In fact, if we want to see whether our children\’s IQ is high, we can judge from many aspects. If you want to improve your children\’s IQ, parents should also start from many aspects, so that your children will become better. Are you ready?

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