How to treat a child who has a bad spleen and stomach and is thin and short?

As the saying goes, \”A good spleen is all flesh, but a weak spleen is all about the bones.\” You will know if your child\’s spleen and stomach are weak or not by looking at whether he is a \”skinny monkey\”! Children like this are actually not uncommon in life. Their arms are so thin that they are skin and bones, and their flesh feels loose. Another common characteristic of this type of children is that they have a sallow complexion, uneven skin color, white patches and yellow patches, some bluish nose bridges, red eyes, and bluish lips. They are also accompanied by lack of energy, lack of energy like children, dull eyes, and they all have poor appetite and are very picky and anorexic. Some children only eat rice, and some take 2 hours to feed them. In addition, these children also suffer from allergic rhinitis, adenoid hypertrophy, tonsil hypertrophy, and eczema. They also often suffer from upper respiratory tract infections and get sick repeatedly. They also have bad tempers, explode at a moment\’s notice, and have difficulty falling asleep… The results are natural. They generally don’t gain weight or height, they are thin, short and small, and some children have even stopped growing in half a year. Blindly giving children supplements will only make them more and more deficient. Some parents, seeing their children not gaining weight, not growing tall, and having poor physical constitution, get anxious and angry, and rush to feed their children and take various \”supplements\”. This will only Just the opposite, the more supplement you take, the more you will be deficient. Because, in the final analysis, the child\’s problem is spleen deficiency, weak spleen, spleen deficiency, poor transportation and metabolism, no matter how much you eat, if the food you eat is not digested and absorbed, not only will it not turn into qi and blood, but it will even lead to food accumulation, and the spleen will become worse. Coming weaker and weaker. Of course, you will not gain height and weight, and your resistance will be poor, so you will get sick repeatedly. Once you get sick, you will not gain height and weight, and you will fall into a vicious cycle. Let’s talk about a case below. This child is 6 years old. He has allergic rhinitis and adenoid hypertrophy. He has been sick for the first half of this year. He is shorter than his peers. In the past three months, he has had a poor appetite and is thin. His stools have not been well formed and his complexion is yellow. , not sleeping well, twitching and waiting to be discharged. Take a look at your tongue: a pale tongue with white and greasy coating is obviously due to spleen deficiency, food accumulation and dampness. I prescribed Radix Pseudostellariae, stir-fried Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, raw licorice, dried tangerine peel, prepared Pinellia ternata, costus, amomum villosum, bergamot, Jiao Sanxian, and chicken gizzard. The appetite improved after 7 doses, and then I added Huaiyam and stir-fried white lentils for 14 doses. Among them, Radix Pseudostellariae, stir-fried Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, and raw licorice are used to replenish qi and spleen. Pinellia ternata, dried tangerine peel, amomum villosum, and woody scent are used to regulate qi and resolve dampness and phlegm. Then Jiao Sanxian is used to transform food accumulation in chicken lining, and bergamot is used to soothe the liver. Eliminate accumulated food, dissolve dampness, and replenish some Qi, and your child\’s appetite will improve. Once your appetite and digestion are better, you will sleep more peacefully, your immunity will increase, and your child will naturally grow bigger and bigger. According to the \”Huangdi Neijing\”, \”The spleen is the acquired foundation, governs transportation and transformation, and enlivens and energizes blood.\” That is to say, the spleen and stomach are the source of the biochemistry of Qi and blood in the five internal organs, and are the acquired foundation of human health. As the saying goes, \”three parts cure and seven parts nourish\”, regulating the spleen and stomach is a long-term and gradual process. In addition to paying attention to their children\’s diet, parents can also massage their children at home. 01 Positioning of the Qingwei Meridian: The first segment of the thumb near the palm (not the entire thumb) Effect: Eliminate accumulation, clear the stomach and guide stagnation Technique: Push from the wrist creases toward the base of the thumb 200-300 times 02 Positioning of the Spleen-tonifying Meridian : Radial edge of children’s thumb Efficacy: Tonify the spleen and stomach, strengthen theMethod of assisting the movement of the spleen: push from the fingertips to the roots of the fingers to replenish the spleen, 200-300 times. 03 Knead the board door Positioning: the thenar plane of the palm Efficacy: strengthen the spleen and stomach, digest food and remove accumulation Method: massage the thenar of children\’s thumbs About 200-300 times on a flat surface. One last reminder: Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes one person, one person, one person, and the dosage of medicine will vary depending on children’s physical constitution. Parents must not use medicine without authorization.

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