How to treat babies with difficulty in defecation and internal heat?

The problem is that a girl aged one to three and a half years old has stools every day that are like sheep shit eggs in the front, very hard, and a little softer in the back. It didn\’t seem to be this serious before the baby was three years old, but it has become more and more serious recently. I don\’t know what\’s going on! The baby loves to eat fruits. He eats them every day, drinks a lot of water, and eats snacks, but not too many. His tongue is thickly coated and he sometimes has bad breath. I usually eat a lot, but my digestion is not good. I like to sweat very much, and I am sweating all the time. Dr. Sun Cuiying answered: According to the description of the parents, the child has some symptoms of internal heat. It is better to try not to let the child eat snacks and develop the habit of squatting on the toilet every morning. In addition, you can give your child 15g of grain sprouts, 15g of malt, 10g of hawthorn, 10g of Divine Comedy, 9g of Gallus gallus gallus L., 9g of Scutellaria baicalensis, and 9g of Magnolia officinalis. One pair a day for three days. After decoction, give it to the child in two doses. Choose a good quality pharmacy. If the effect is satisfactory, you can insist on drinking two more doses, but if you feel better, you still need to change your lifestyle. In addition to taking traditional Chinese medicine, giving the child a massage and rubbing the belly clockwise can also improve the baby\’s defecation problems. Question 2: My baby is 24 days old. I went to the hospital for a jaundice test on the seventh day after discharge. The jaundice value was 18. After five days of hospitalization, it dropped to 10. After discharge, the jaundice rose again. I took Mommy Love and anti-jaundice medicine for two days. My stool was bloodshot, so I stopped taking the medicine and took montmorillonite powder. Two days later, I still had bloodshot eyes. I checked my stool and it was said that I had mild enteritis and I was asked to take some gentamicin granules. The people at the pharmacy said that it is not good for babies to take gentamicin granules when they are young, and the baby does not dare to take them now. Now the jaundice level is 12, and I keep having diarrhea and bloodshot eyes. What should the doctor do? Dr. Wang Yanli answered: Gentamicin is indeed not recommended for babies. 8-10 white blood cells can be adjusted with cefixime granules or probiotics. It is recommended that you buy Saccharomyces boulardii powder and give it to your child for a few days. In addition, milk protein allergy should be ruled out, because blood in the baby\’s stool may be due to milk protein allergy. A jaundice value of 12 will have little impact on the child, but he cannot be vaccinated. You can first give the child two kinds of probiotics to regulate the digestive tract function. When the weather is good, you can take the baby to a place where there is no one to bask in more sun. Observe it for a few days and then retest. jaundice. Question 3: I would like to ask if I can also take calcium supplements while drinking Lakphi Ferrous Lactate Oral Liquid? Does Diqiao\’s calcium carbonate granules conflict with Yikesin? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: You can drink it, there is no conflict. However, feeds should be given more than 1 hour apart. Iron supplements must be taken after meals. Teething children should drink water and rinse their mouth after taking medicine (they can swallow it).

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