How to treat children with weak spleen and stomach with food supplements

What should I do if my child has a bad spleen and stomach and doesn’t gain weight? 4 tips to take good care of your baby’s spleen and stomach, parents should learn it quickly. My second child has not gained much weight since she was two years old and looks very thin. When I take her out, people often misunderstand her and think she is a little over one year old. The most impressive time was when I took her to a class reunion. Her friend held her in his arms and said distressedly: \”Oh, the baby is so thin. Didn\’t the mother feed her?\” The speaker was careless, but the listener was. I felt very sad after hearing this. When I got home, I took my baby to see a Chinese medicine doctor. Traditional Chinese medicine says that children who don’t put on weight are caused by a weak spleen and stomach. In order for the baby to grow up healthily, parents must pay special attention to the care of the baby\’s gastrointestinal tract. Why are children prone to weak spleen and stomach? Chinese medicine told me that children’s spleen and stomach are weak because they are young and all the organs, tissues and organs of the body are still in the development stage, just like saplings that have just sprouted, fresh but immature, so they need to be protected. The most important thing about protection is actually not to harm. As long as it is not harmed, it has been provided with a good environment, and then the body will absorb nutrients on its own and allow itself to thrive. How to take good care of your child’s spleen and stomach? Providing your baby with a reasonable diet can nourish the spleen and stomach. The so-called reasonable diet refers to a reasonable combination of the baby\’s staple food and non-staple food to ensure comprehensive and balanced nutrition and promote the healthy growth of the baby. The baby should eat staple food for three meals a day, and also eat non-staple food at the same time, so that the baby can not only obtain rich nutrition, but also develop good eating habits without partiality. Illustrated illustrations of common childhood diseases, family medical encyclopedia, ultra-clear pdf. To protect your baby\’s spleen and stomach, you must follow these four dietary principles. The details are as follows: ✅Eat less sweets. A small amount of sugar is good for the body, but too much sugar is a burden on the spleen and stomach, easily produces dampness, and appetite will also be affected. Try to prevent children from eating sweets. ✅Three meals should be timed. After children start complementary feeding, there should be time for each meal, and they cannot be given food casually. Developing good eating habits from an early age will benefit your children throughout their lives. ✅Eat less raw and cold food. Children\’s Yang Qi is still a small fire and needs to be protected. Raw and cold food can easily damage Yang Qi, and coldness can also hinder the transportation of the spleen and stomach. So try to let your baby eat less raw and cold food. ✅Don’t eat before going to bed and then go to bed, or eat too much before going to bed. You will not sleep well. If you don’t sleep well, you will miss the golden time of body growth at night. According to the above 4 dietary principles, my second child\’s spleen and stomach are getting better and better, and he is growing taller. If your baby has the same situation, you might as well try the above tips.

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