How to wean off breast milk correctly

\”Write about scientific weaning?\”, \”How can we wean the baby painlessly? Is it also necessary to stop relying on breastfeeding?\”, \”Did you hide in your parents\’ house when you were weaning?\” Yes, these are all Doudehuishou. private messages and comments. In fact, it’s not that I don’t want to write. Some previous articles have also mentioned some “little strategies” for weaning. However, a weaning article that combines the experience has never been written. Since such \”calls\” have become louder and louder recently, Yaya Ma will write a whole article. Strictly speaking, this weaning article is not a \”guidance\” but a combination. I would like to share my weaning experience with everyone. As a \”nanny\” to two babies, I was weaned very late when I gave birth to the eldest baby. Because it was my first child, and I was weaned naturally, every time I saw the baby’s enchanted face when he was suckling in my arms, it was as if I had given him a whole world. Sometimes he is so hungry that he dives into his arms, opening his little mouth and searching eagerly, which makes people want to tease him deliberately; sometimes there is no one around but he is afraid that someone will snatch him, and his anxiety makes people want to laugh; When the milk comes up, he squirts all over his face. He blinks hard and doesn\’t forget to \”come up to the milk\”, which makes people laugh; sometimes he deliberately smiles and bites, making people want to spank him twice… I believe this is what most nursing mothers think: \”How many years can such unbridled and intimate time last? As long as I have him drinking, I will continue to feed him.\” Therefore, Dabao was not weaned until he was two years old, including night feeding. However, when I noticed that his eating and sleeping habits were affected, I knew it was time to wean the baby. Before weaning, I made a lot of psychological preparations: hiding at my parents\’ house, wrapping nipples, and even violent weaning. I was also prepared to bear the pain of the baby and not be soft-hearted in the face of crying. After all, Dabao is already two years old, and it is much more difficult than a baby who stopped breastfeeding in a few months. But I didn’t expect that it only took two days for the baby to be weaned! It’s both unexpected and reasonable! 01 Cultivate a sufficient sense of security. For babies, milk is not only a food ration, but also a connection with the mother and a deep sense of security. So weaning is not just as simple as cutting off food rations. At this time, cultivating a sense of security is the top priority. It is to let your baby feel your care all the time. More companionship, more hugs, parent-child reading, and introduction of soothing objects are all good ways. 02 Choose a close substitute. Think about who your baby is most dependent on you, and who is next in line? grandmother? Grandma? dad? No matter who it is, before you decide to wean, let your baby play and sleep with this \”replacement\” more. In short, the relationship is to \”mix\” more maturely. Must-read parenting books for parents recommended: Don’t Think You Understand Your Child’s Mind e-book download because when it comes to actual weaning, you need their assistance. And my assistant when weaning Dabao was Ya Ya’s father. Yaya’s dad is the most frequent companion besides me. Whether it’s telling stories, coaxing people to sleep, or comforting them when they wake up at night, Yaya’s dad is always involved. 03 Make a good farewell rehearsal. The so-called rehearsal is just a subtle \”infiltration\”: \”The baby has grown up and is eating well by himself! The milk angel is so busy and needs to take care of other children who need more care.\” Baby is greatYeah, I have grown up and become like an adult! \”At the age of two, the baby can already understand what you really mean through picture books and reasoning. He will understand that no longer sucking milk is not because the mother does not love him, but because he is already like an adult. The baby will like this very much. This kind of encouragement, \”like an adult\”, is always what the baby yearns for. 04 I am not far from you. \”They say that children have no memory, but I deeply remember the place where my mother hid during the weaning period. I can still recall that feeling of loss at my grandma’s house.” This is what my colleague Xiaotian said to Yaya’s mother. It was this sentence that made me reject the “isolated” weaning method when I was weaning Dabao. . Indeed, mothers who have experienced isolation weaning will hear such words as \”The baby is super good even if you are not here.\” In fact, the sadness behind this sentence makes people feel distressed. Yes, the baby only dares to act in front of you. , act coquettishly, and challenge the bottom line, because he knows that you are the only one who comforts, tolerates, and accepts you in every possible way. Without you, all the struggles are in vain. Originally, weaning has been the first subversion in life, and you have to make it impossible for him to see you. How cruel it is for the baby. Doudehui believes that the real purpose of weaning is to make the baby realize that he has grown up, so simple hard weaning is never the purpose. However, if you keep smelling the mother\’s scent and resist eating, , it is also a great torture for both parties, so the best way is: I am not far from you. It only took two nights for Dabao to stop crying. On the first night, at midnight At 3 o\’clock (the time when he usually takes night feeds), he woke up and habitually touched me. While he was confused, I gently said, \”Mom, go to the bathroom and dad will accompany you,\” and then I slipped out to observe the \”battle situation\” in the living room. At this time, the child\’s father takes over: \”Hey, mommy, go to the bathroom, daddy is here.\” (This is the importance of cultivating another close caregiver in the early stage. If the mother is not there, his psychology will naturally accept the second care. Person) The baby was confused and unwilling, and asked to be held, so the father picked up the baby, but it was difficult to put the baby down without the help of feeding, and he cried as soon as he put it down. The father kept holding the baby for about two months. Then I quietly slipped into bed. An hour later, probably because I was thinking about this, the baby woke up again and asked for milk. I excused myself to drink water and walked away. The father picked up the baby again, and repeated this three times. , but the baby fell asleep even if he was held. When I woke up in the morning, the baby saw me hugging him to feed, and I gently stroked his hair to encourage him. Last night, the baby didn’t feed all night. I fell asleep, it was great. The milk angel was there to help the baby. The baby is a big kid and has to eat on his own. How about we go have some porridge. Maybe he was too tired from the whole night, so he gave up happily. After the experience of that night, he basically knew that he could no longer breastfeed, and more importantly, he also understood that he did not seem to \”need\” to breastfeed. It didn\’t affect either eating or playing. On the second night, the baby only woke up once, and when he woke up, he still moved into my arms in a daze. As for me, I stroked his back and said that the milk angel has flown away. ,We will thenDon\’t want to eat? If you don’t eat, will it be okay for your mother to hold you to sleep? The baby just snorted twice and fell asleep. After that, the baby never mentioned breastfeeding again. It was like losing his memory and suddenly forgetting this almost most important thing in his life the day before. Only then did I realize that maybe the baby was already ready, or maybe I was even more reluctant to leave. 05 If you don’t see it, you won’t miss it. If these two nights have achieved initial success, then the next thing to do is also very important – don’t let the baby see the “granary”. For a long time after successful weaning, I did not let the baby see the \”granary\”. Whether I was changing clothes for bed or taking a bath, I deliberately avoided the baby, just to avoid adding temptation to the baby. And he would also deliberately dress more tightly at night. When he would sometimes reach out his little hands to me in a daze, wanting to touch my breasts, he would gradually give up because of his sleepiness and difficulty in reaching in. Out of sight, out of mind. Once the baby is really put down, it won\’t matter if you see him occasionally. Later, the baby saw his little cousin sucking milk, which was a year after he was weaned. His eyes were still full of envy, but when his aunt teased him and asked him if he wanted to eat, he said: My mother has no milk. I have to eat when I grow up, and my little cousin only needs milk when he is too young. Having said these, they are all “experiences” of being overwhelmed by love, and mothers often ask, at what age is the most appropriate age to wean the baby? Theoretically, babies after 9 months no longer need to eat at night. It\’s such a wonderful experience for someone like me to support breastfeeding until the age of two with passion. So when we had our second child, we planned to breastfeed, and the weaning went very smoothly. But to be honest, I don’t regret weaning Dabao too late. The happiness that was extended as long as he wanted me, after a long time, I still remember the taste of sunshine, sweet and warm.

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