Huo Siyan is spoiled by her son and becomes a princess! Her words tell the secret of raising children

Recently, the new season of \”Mom is Superman\” has been launched. This time the camp is Alyssa Chia, Huo Siyan, Huang Shengyi and Deng Sha. Judging from the first episode, the duo that received the most likes was Huo Siyan and her son, Huo Siyan. On the day the show aired, Huo Siyan was ranked number one on Weibo. The style of other people bringing their children on the show is the daily scenes of naughty kids VS crazy mothers, but Huo Siyan and Uh-huh are the opposite, as if the little man Uh-huh is taking the little princess Huo Siyan on the show. In the show, Huo Siyan was loved to the 12th degree. Huo Siyan didn\’t dare to play on the slide. Huh, he took her to play. He taught her to close her eyes and found that Huo Siyan was in danger of getting hurt. She told her mother like a domineering little president. Huo Siyan didn\’t dare to play rock climbing. Huh, he played with her and encouraged her. In short, in Huo Siyan\’s eyes, Mom is the little princess in a dress and crown. She must always be protected and loved. Whoever sees such a warm son will envy him. So how was the little warm boy raised? Huo Siyan also very generously revealed her \”experience in managing children\” on the show, which is \”deliberately being soft in front of her son.\” Qinglanjun once saw another piece of news about a boy doting on his mother. A 13-year-old boy cooks and washes dishes for the whole family every weekend. When he goes out, he reads the map and carries the luggage, and his mother and sister just follow him! If my sister couldn\’t walk, he would hold her in his hands and never let her mother get hurt. I knew that my mother could not carry heavy objects weighing more than 4 kilograms. When I saw my mother bringing boiling water and pouring it into the kettle, I rushed up to help my mother pour it. Knowing that grandma was going to the Forest Park the next day, I got up early in the morning and wrote a reminder note to grandma. What a careful and responsible young man. How are such children raised? It\’s still the same routine, just showing weakness. Smart parents know how to show weakness. Only when parents are weak can children become strong. If there are boys in the family, it is especially important to learn this trick. The sooner your son is treated as a man, the sooner he will become a man. The more parents show weakness, the more boys feel a sense of accomplishment and the more proactive they are in doing things. The columnist \”Jiaojiao Ma\” mentioned a very interesting story. One time, their family went camping and saw two completely different mothers. One mother would show weakness, and the other would not. When setting up a tent, both the mother who showed weakness and the mother who did not show weakness left the task to her husband and played with the children by themselves. While the mother who was showing weakness was playing with her child, she said, \”The baby is so strong. It\’s awesome. Mom can\’t even unscrew the water bottle cap!\” \”Baby, mom can\’t tear open the snack bag. Can you help her?\” Baby, the teacher said you are the cleanest kid in the kindergarten and the best at cleaning up the garbage. Mom doesn’t know anything. Can you teach her?” She acted like a baby and asked the child to get water, or helped open the snack bag, or even acted like a baby and asked the child to drink. Clean up the messy trash on the floor. Everything went her way. The mother on the side, who would not show weakness, muttered disdainfully in her heart: What a big deal, it requires a child to take care of it! While she was playing with her child, she snatched the child\’s water bottle and unscrewed it while saying: \”My meal is all in vain, I can\’t even unscrew it!\” The child was opening the snack bag and tore it several times without tearing it open. She grabbed it and tore it open and said, \”It\’s not that simple!\” Children put tissues and snacksBags, etc. were thrown all over the floor. She said: Clean up all the garbage. This is a basic quality. The child didn\’t listen at all and clamored to live in the tent. She became furious and yelled: Are you going to clean it up? If you don\’t obey again, I\’ll beat you! In the end, the child burst into tears because everything was not going her way. Qing Lanjun recently met a friend she hadn\’t seen for a long time. During the meal, her 10-year-old son helped rinse the bowls, pour water, and serve the rice. While walking on the road, I helped my mother carry her bags, and even asked my friends from time to time if their feet were tired from wearing high heels and if they wanted to take a rest. Qinglan Jun was really envious and puzzled when she saw it, because she had complained before that her children were spoiled by their grandparents in their hometown when they were young. They were willful and lazy. A friend said that she was really distressed before, until one day she heard her son\’s classmates call him \”Brother Min\”. She had an idea and called her son \”Brother Min\” whenever something happened. \”Brother Min, we\’ve run out of soy sauce!\” \”Brother Min, this bag is so heavy!\” \”Brother Min, the light bulb in the kitchen is broken!\” Gradually, her son became more and more diligent and considerate. According to the theory of developmental psychology, when a two- or three-year-old child sees his family sweeping the floor, making the bed, or helping him get dressed, he will tend to shout \”Let me do it.\” And when their requirements for independent activities are met or supported by adults, they will show emotions such as elation and happiness, and self-affirming attitudes such as self-esteem and pride. Now is the era when everyone likes \”warm boys\”. If you want to raise a hard-working, sensible, warm and considerate boy, you must seize the opportunity to show weakness to your child. The lazier the mother is, the more diligent the child is. The more things a mother lets her children do, the more the children will sympathize with their parents\’ hard work and become more considerate. Mom is not a nanny, she is a little princess who should be held in the palm of your hand. The more parents show weakness, the more responsible boys become and the more responsible they will be in the future. \”A boy must use him, and you must enjoy your son!\” This is the deepest experience of Mr. Lu Qin, chief education expert of China Children\’s Press and Publication Corporation, on the road to raising his son. Teacher Lu Qin said that now that he is away from home, his son is his map, navigator, bodyguard, and baggage boy…many people are envious of him. But Teacher Lu Qin began to cultivate his son\’s masculinity very early and showed weakness to his son in both big and small matters. When Teacher Lu Qin’s son was three years old, she once carried her child on the bus, and then she deliberately pretended that her legs were weak and got out of the bus. The son hurriedly asked: \”Mom, what\’s wrong with you?\” Teacher Lu Qin pretended to be embarrassed and said, \”Mom broke her leg when she went to the countryside to jump in line, and she couldn\’t get into the car while holding you.\” The son hurriedly got out of her arms. Jump down and help her beat her legs. Since then, her son has never been held by her again. When Teacher Lu Qin’s son was in fourth grade, one time, her husband was on a business trip. Teacher Lu Qin said to her son distressedly: “Your father is on a business trip. Now you are happy, but I am miserable. I can’t come back on time to cook for you.” .\” Unexpectedly, the son patted his chest manly and said, \”Mom is fine, I\’m here!\” Then when Teacher Lu Qin came back from work, the son actually cooked two plates of vegetables by himself. In an education lecture, teacher Lu Qin also mentioned a mother she knew who was good at showing weakness to her son. The mother said there was a room upstairs in their houseThe family had a big dog, so she was very scared every time she went upstairs, and always followed her husband and son. Later, my husband went to study abroad. She worriedly said to her son: \”Son, it\’s over now. Your mother doesn\’t even dare to go upstairs now.\” Although her son was only three years old, he said to his mother very manly: \”Mom, don\’t be afraid. I\’m here, follow me!\” Later, every time he went upstairs, his son walked in front. Although the son trembled with fear when the dog upstairs barked, he never forgot to say to his mother behind him: \”Don\’t be afraid. \”Come with me.\” One night, grandma was going out to take out the trash. The son hurriedly said to his grandma: \”Grandma, don\’t move, look at me!\” Then he moved a small bench, walked into the dark corridor, turned on the light, and then said to his grandma: \”Grandma, you can come out now. \”It\’s gone.\” My grandma burst into tears at that time and said, \”It\’s different when there is a man in the family!\” Steve Biddulph, a famous family expert, divided the development of boys into three parts in the book \”Raising Boys\” time period. Among them, 6-13 years old is the period when boys try to become men. Therefore, the mother, grandmother, and sister of the family must seize this period to show weakness to the boy. Once the boy\’s desire to become a man is stimulated, the boy can take on the responsibility of protecting and taking care of his family. The more parents show weakness, the more opportunities boys have to exercise and the stronger their abilities become. The son of one of Qing Lanjun\’s colleagues is a top student, but she hardly teaches her homework. If her son asks: \”Mom, how do you solve this problem? Why do I always get it wrong?\” She will be very \”embarrassed\” and say: \”Hey, this problem is difficult enough. Your mother is not good at arithmetic. You can\’t figure it out, and I can\’t figure it out either. If you keep studying, you\’ll be able to figure it out!\” After a while, her son would say excitedly, \”I figured it out!\” Then she immediately said, \”I\’ll just say My son is better than me!\” If her son asked: \”Mom, how do you write this word?\” she would say while working: \”Look it up in the dictionary, I can\’t remember it clearly.\” Then her son I will look it up in the dictionary myself. It was only after showing weakness numerous times that her son gradually mastered the ability to learn on his own. The academic performance is getting better and better. Not only can parents show weakness when it comes to learning issues, but parents can also show weakness when it comes to family decision-making and let their children discuss it together. This process can also stimulate children\’s potential. Professor Luo Xiaoge, a poet and national first-class writer, has an outstanding daughter, Anzi, who graduated from Zhejiang University and was sent to study in the United States due to her excellent conditions. Luo Xiaoge\’s biggest highlight in educating his children is that he often shows weakness to his daughter in family decision-making and lets her make suggestions. When Anzi was very young, Luo Xiaoge would say to his daughter when he wanted to buy common household items: \”Oh, these two TV sets are both very good. I really don\’t know which one to buy. Please help your mother choose.\” Anzi is slightly older. After a while, Luo Xiaoge reported the family income to the child in detail, and also said to the child: \”Oh, it is so tiring to buy daily necessities and clothes for the whole family. Please help mom.\” Gradually, the child\’s decision-making and management abilities have improved. stronger. Now, her daughter helps make decisions on everything in their family. My daughter is studying in the United States, and she alsoDon\’t worry at all. The field of education believes that a child\’s ability is generally proportional to the lack of parental care. If the parents cannot complete 20% of the tasks for their children, the child has 20% of the ability. Don\’t underestimate your child\’s abilities. Parents never learn to show weakness and never know how capable their children are. As the old saying goes: \”There is no fragrant grass under the big tree, and there is too much shade.\” A mother\’s over-care and protection, intentionally or unintentionally, will only make the child weak and incompetent. A mother\’s appropriate display of weakness can expand the boy\’s growth space for free development. If you have a son at home, please be weaker, because if you are too strong, your son will become weak. You need to make your child feel that you need him, rather than letting him need you all the time. If you want to make a mountain and let your child be a grass, then the child will always be a grass; on the contrary, if you make a grass and let your child be a mountain, then the child will grow into a mountain. You have to rely on your children, rather than letting your children rely on you. In this way, a boy can grow into an upright man.

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