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I always want my children to be good at all kinds of martial arts, but what do you know?

It was summer vacation, and Xiaoli said that the topics of conversation among the mothers in the hot mom group began to revolve around how to spend their children\’s summer vacation. In addition to traveling and reading, it is hard for Chinese parents to let their children learn things. From piano, violin, and accordion to swimming, taekwondo, and ballet; from English, Mathematical Olympiad, and robotics to Chinese studies, drama, oil painting, and photography. What mothers complain about the most is: Ouch, why doesn’t my baby study hard? I spent so much money to sign him up for classes, and I had to spend time picking him up and dropping him off, and accompanying him at the door. He didn’t appreciate it at all. Not only did he not study, There is still a sense of resentment, which really pisses me off! Mothers ask me, Xiaoli, do you have any good ideas? I said let me tell you something. My baby is a naughty baby. He started reading picture books when he was 6 months old and could sit up. First, I read them to him, then as he got older, we read them together, and now he holds the books and reads them by himself. When he goes to any amusement park, he goes directly to the book corner and won\’t get up when he sits down. He doesn\’t even look at other toys or rides. Some parents may think that I should be happy. But no. I hope that my children will develop in an all-round way, and I pay special attention to their physical health. So, I paid special attention to cultivating his athletic ability. I drove him outdoors every day. When he went to kindergarten, I gave special instructions to the teacher to read less, play less puzzles and the like, and run more and jump more. I bought him a scooter. , bicycles, signed him up for baseball classes and swimming classes. The effect is minimal. Still a gentle and quiet handsome man. Once, a friend asked me, do you and your wife like to move? This question really stopped me. We have a roomful of books in our house. His father and I are both good readers and writers, and we are quite homely in daily life. Even when buying clothes, I go directly to my favorite brand, and when I see a suitable style, I get one of each in different colors. It was time for a change, for my son\’s sake and for my own. So, I got on my horse. I took my son to the racecourse. At first, he resisted and didn\’t want to go. I took the carrots and asked him to feed the horses. He and the nanny sat in the shaded bleachers while I sat on my horse and galloped. Every time I passed by the stands, I would observe his reaction. He would be a little nervous at first, but then he would become excited. Later, every time he passed by the stands, he would shout, \”Mom, come on!\” Finally one day, he was held by the coach on the saddle and walked around for a while; finally one day, he said to me, Mom, I also want to ride a horse. That\’s it, instead of forcing your child to learn something, it\’s better to learn it yourself. For children, teaching by example is better than words. If you let them see how wonderful it is through personal experience, they will naturally fall in love with it. For ourselves. The benefits are even greater. First of all, this is a good thing to improve our own cultivation. We often ask our children to do this and that. Have we checked ourselves to see what we know? Besides pots and pans, vegetable prices and oil prices at the wet market, can we talk about anything else? Mozart? Beethoven? Monet or Michelangelo? Secondly, this is the basis for establishing a long-term connection with our children. If we want to always have a common language with our children and always be in the same frequency and world, we must keep up with them in learning. When the baby is one year oldWhen a baby is three or four years old, if you care about what he eats, he will grow up healthily; when a baby is a teenager, if you care about what he eats, he will have a good life. Nutritional structure. Your baby is dozens of years old, and you still care about what he eats. Let me make you the dumplings you liked to eat when you were a child. Let me make you your favorite fried cake. What do you think? He will be annoyed. This has nothing to do with filial piety or not. His world has gone far, far away, his sky is already very high, and you are still like you were when he was a child, you can only help him eat and drink. The doll also loves you and wants to communicate with you. But what do you two communicate about? You can\’t just talk about things when you were 6 years old. So, go study with your baby.

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