I dug out 6 truths from the TV series finale that parents need to see through.

The epic new year drama \”In the World\” has concluded! The story begins in 1969 when intellectual youths from a provincial capital city in Northeast China went to the mountains and countryside, and finally began in 2016 when urban transformation began. It involves the whole life of people from all walks of life. It can be called an epic of the lives of contemporary Chinese people. Where there are people, there are fireworks and education. In particular, the nearly 50 years of struggle of three generations of the Zhou family has allowed me to see the inextricable connection between personal development and the family of origin. I can\’t help but think: We are all ordinary people, why is it that only the Zhou family has become the trendsetter of the times? I dug out 6 educational truths that parents should see through. FLTRP Primary School English Textbook Easy English Masterworks Appreciation mp3 Baidu Cloud + pdf The family has a good family tradition, and the descendants are prosperous throughout the film. Most of the people are poor and humble, with the exception of the Zhou family. The Zhou family produced a mayor, a professor, a director, a director of obstetrics and gynecology, and four top academics from the Northern Qing Dynasty. Even Bingkun, who only has a primary school diploma, is a core figure among the \”Six Little Gentlemen\”. He was surrounded by his friends as soon as he came out of prison and \”led everyone to start a moving company.\” And Zhou Zhigang, the \”eldest patriarch\” of the Zhou family, is just an ordinary worker who has been supporting the construction of the motherland all year round. Why are his descendants so outstanding? \”The towering trees must have their roots; the water that hugs the mountains must have their sources.\” Family tradition is the \”root\” and \”source\” of the rise and fall of a family. Bingyi\’s righteousness, Bingkun\’s loyalty, Zhou Rong\’s enthusiasm, and Zheng Juan\’s tenacity can all be found in Zhou\’s father and Zhou\’s mother. The family tradition of \”benevolence and justice\” distinguishes the Zhou family from other families in Guangzipian. Anti-tourist pictures of other families: The National Day family loves to complain, so the house is restless. The husband froze to death in the cold winter after having an argument with his daughter-in-law, and the grandson did not go to college. Chunyan\’s family is worldly, scheming, and scheming. In the end, she was despised by a group of old friends. After her child failed in the exam, there was a farce of running away from home. The Qianchao family is kind-hearted and repays kindness. Although the times have given them a poor fate, the third generation has been admitted to the best major at Harbin Institute of Technology and is on the road to turn over… If the family tradition is upright, the descendants will prosper; if the family tradition is not upright, the descendants will prosper. , disaster will arise. Therefore, we must pay attention to the impact of our words and deeds on our children and set a good example for our children. If the family tradition is not healthy, no amount of education will be in vain. A good mother can prosper three generations. The Zhou family has two good mothers: Zhou\’s mother and daughter-in-law Zheng Juan. In the first half of the plot, Zhou\’s mother, who stayed at home, was called the \”soul figure\” of the Zhou family. Letters and telegrams from her children, as well as Zhou\’s father\’s current situation, are all connected through her. How much love and expectation she has placed in the letters. Zhou Rong only mentioned once that she wanted a red sweater, so Zhou\’s mother knitted one for her every year. Although the family is far apart, the strong family affection is always in our hearts. There is almost no blushing among the Zhou brothers and sisters, between husband and wife, and between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. It was their mother who taught them love and warmth. \”Mother\’s Influence\” says: \”A family, even if it has only four walls, as long as there is an upright, hard-working, kind, and optimistic mother, such a family is the temple and source of spiritual growth.\” Mother Zhou is the best in this passage. annotation. In her later years, Zhou\’s mother was confused from time to time due to the sequelae of cerebral thrombosis, and Zheng Juan once again supported the rear of the family. When my mother-in-law was unconscious in bed, it was her careful care that allowed the Zhou brothers and sisters to work hard outside without any distractions, and their hands were so tired that they were deformed. She also personally handles the food, drink, and eating of the whole family and supervises the children\’s studies. She can be called the \”co-mother\” of the third generation of the Zhou family. After Bingkun was imprisoned for eight years, her family suddenly lost the backbone of the family. She once again took the lead and supported the family by selling popsicles, sweet potatoes, and steamed buns to ensure that the sky would not fall, the family would not be separated, and the children would study in peace. After Bingkun was released from prison, he was in low spirits. It was she who brought supper and some wine in the middle of the night to enlighten her husband, giving him the courage to make a comeback. There is a popular saying in \”Reply 1988\”: \”I heard that God couldn\’t be everywhere, so he created mother. Mother is the most powerful name.\” Half of the glory of a family is due to the people who work hard outside, and the other half Credit goes to the moms who take care of young and old at home. They do the most inconspicuous work, but play the most powerful logistical support role. If it is said that \”behind every successful man there is a great woman\”, then behind a prosperous family there must be a great mother. A good mother can bring prosperity to three generations. Excellent children may not necessarily be trusted, but ordinary children are the ones who come to repay their kindness. The most promising child of the Zhou family is none other than Bingyi: a top student in the Philosophy Department of Peking University, a respectable mayor, and a great Yue family. As a son-in-law and leader, he is qualified. He asks for orders for the people at the top and fulfills his filial piety for his parents-in-law at the bottom. Only as a son, he was unqualified. There was no time to serve his parents in front of him to \”nurture his body\”, nor did he take into account the dignity of his old father to \”nurture his mind\”, so his parents-in-law, who were in high positions, did not see his parents-in-law. Not even as good as the neighbors, who still take care of their parents when they are sick. Also promising is her daughter Zhou Rong, a talented woman and the youngest professor in the Chinese Department of Peking University. However, instead of taking care of her parents, she has caused a lot of trouble for the whole family. Excellent children do not necessarily come to repay a favor. Their world is bigger and further away, and they can\’t see their parents more than a few times a year. On the other hand, the youngest son Bingkun, although he has no great future, can still stay in front of his parents and fulfill his filial piety. Two years after their mother was in a coma due to cerebral thrombosis, Bingkun and Zheng Juan helped their mother clothe and feed her, carry her feces and wipe her urine, and saved her from death. When his father fell ill, Bingkun was the first to be sent to the hospital. When his father was thirsty, hungry, or wanted to smoke, he waited on him at all times. Even my mother, who is confused from time to time, knows that Bingkun is better than his brothers and sisters. When he is at home, he feels at ease. Reminds me of a principal\’s comment on the screen: Ordinary children are here to repay their parents\’ kindness. They can always be with their parents. Today, they will take their parents to eat beef balls, and tomorrow they will take their parents to eat seafood, so that their parents can enjoy their old age in peace. As for outstanding children who will study abroad in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada in the future, they can only rely on video to meet, and they can\’t expect anything. So, please cherish the child with mediocre qualifications around you! Excellent children are raised by outsiders and may not be reliable. Although the children who stay by their side are ordinary, they can bring their parents solid happiness. The closer the people are to each other, the more they need to \”speak well\”. The most eye-catching scene in \”In the World\” is the quarrel between Bingkun and his father. The incident happened because my brother and sister were admitted to Peking University and they went home together to celebrate the New Year. They were the only two college students in the whole area, so my father was very proud.I took my three children out to pay New Year greetings to the folks and show off. No matter how glamorous the brothers and sisters are, how miserable the ordinary Bingkun is. Not only did his father not take care of his emotions, but he lectured him in a crowded station: \”Since you were young, your brother and sister have done well in studies, but what about you? Your grades are always at the bottom…\” \”Even if you don\’t have any housework, Things are dragging you down, can you pass the exam?\” At this moment, Bingkun\’s dignity was completely torn to pieces! His face was full of shock, anger, grievance, disappointment, and disbelief. Although it was a fact that he could not get into college, it was not as painful as his father\’s \”salt in the wound\”. He was so angry that he ignored his father for many years and did not even tell his father that he was moving. Many years later, after the heartbroken old father figured out the reason, he cried and apologized to Bingkun. She obviously loves her children, but her words seem to be blaming her. This is how many parents speak, and many viewers said it was \”so true.\” To be fair, Zhou\’s father was already a relatively well-established father of that era. He also repeatedly praised Bingkun as the \”most satisfied\” among the three children. This was a completely avoidable misunderstanding. I just get angry when I see Bingkun in a mood, and I get angry when I argue and ignore him. The closer the person is, the more they understand your pain points, so it is easier to say the most heart-wrenching words, whatever words are hard to hear, and they hurt wherever they are. Home is the harbor of love, and the best emotions should be reserved for the closest people, such as parents and children. The closer the person is to you, the more you should \”speak well to someone if you have something to say\”. No matter how hard it is, we must keep our children by our side. The most disliked descendant of the Zhou family is probably Yue Yue. She is willful, selfish, ruthless, rebellious, and always only thinks about herself. Many viewers couldn\’t help but sigh, how could the loyal and benevolent Zhou family give birth to such a \”freak\”? Looking back at her growth history, we will find that she is actually a poor child. When she was a child, it was inconvenient for her parents to take her with her, so she stayed with her uncle and aunt until she was 16 years old. She was forced to go home until she could no longer live in her uncle\’s house. She vowed: When she has a child in the future, no matter how difficult it is, she will take her child with her. Although her uncle and aunt had never treated her badly, but her parents were not around, she always had an inferiority complex of being dependent on others. She always felt that she was only a child in name only of her parents and had no family ties. So she doesn\’t care what her mother says and refuses to be disciplined. So when I later worked as a mistress for a man in his 50s, I didn\’t care whether my parents were injured. Educator Charlotte Mason said: \”Many parents are always busy all day long and never have time to take care of their children. When they finally want to take good care of their children one day, they find that they are unable to communicate with their children. Parents have changed to their children. Gains are insignificant.\” Parents who only care about children but not raising and raising them are derelict in their duties. Psychologists believe that if a child has a significant separation period from his parents, it will cause the trauma of \”parent-child interruption\”, causing the child to have low self-esteem, no sense of belonging, emotional vulnerability, and difficulty in establishing trusting relationships with others. The period before the age of 7 is a critical period for children\’s personality shaping and emotional development, which almost forms the basis of children\’s mental health. Parents who are absent from their children\’s growth lose not only their children\’s childhood, but also their close relationship with you and their children\’s heart.Physical health and personality health. So, no matter how difficult it is, please keep your children with you. Because parents\’ companionship has an \”validity period\”, and if you miss this period, it will be difficult to make up for it later. The price of not studying is a lifetime of mediocrity. The most lamentable characters in \”The World\” are none other than Bingkun and his friends \”Six Little Gentlemen\”. The \”Six Little Gentlemen\” started from the same starting point, they were all ordinary workers. The only difference is that Lu Chuan and Xiang Yang love to study, and they were admitted to university after the policy improved. After graduation, Lu Chuan entered the official career and rose to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Xiang Yang became an engineer with an annual income of hundreds of thousands. At this time, the two people\’s views and structure are different from those of the four old friends, and they also have different social circles. They either did not join the gathering of the Six Little Gentlemen, or they reluctantly joined but had nothing in common. A diploma is just a thin piece of paper, but it can draw a deep gap and widen the gap between people. This is the power of knowledge. Qianchao saw this clearly, so he told his children before he died: \”The level of education is very important, and your generation is even more important. If you are uneducated, you will be eliminated by society sooner or later.\” It is the last advice to his son from a father who has suffered all his life, and it is also his deepest realization after struggling for half his life. If you don’t study, you won’t even say hello when the times eliminate you. So tell your children: The more difficult life is, the more you need to arm yourself with knowledge. Only by using knowledge as a weapon and using learning to strengthen ourselves can we withstand the tide of the times and have the confidence to \”never be eliminated no matter how we change.\” The times may determine a person\’s destiny, but reading can help people break out of the shackles of the times and change their mediocre destiny. We mentioned at the beginning that in the impoverished Guangzi film, why is it that only the Zhou family stands out? The answer is obvious: it lies in the simple and kind family tradition of the Zhou family; in the warm and tenacious love of the mother; in the emphasis on family ties by parents, brothers and sisters; in reading and striving for progress…Writer Deborah Tana said that a good native Families should not only create the world for their children, but also tell them how this world should be interpreted warmly. \”Human World\” uses 50 years of life changes to tell us: everyone\’s destiny is their original family. Zhou Hong Appreciation Education Case Video Original Full Series 6VCD+mp3 A child’s future is hidden in the words and deeds of his parents. What we can do is to learn from history, correct family traditions, respect parents, love young children, and pass on the virtues of warmth, kindness, and positivity from generation to generation.

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