I had a falling out with my mother-in-law! It’s over 20 degrees and I still insist on wearing long johns for my children

The spring has been bright and sunny recently. Hua Ma is very happy – I want to take my children and take off my long johns for a picnic, ho ho~! Xiaoyi took off his long johns and put on light spring clothes, while Tuanzi put on the little girl\’s gauze skirt. The two babies awakened like magic in an instant, and they kept making sexy looks. However, the child\’s grandmother secretly observed, stuck out her head and warned heavily: \”It\’s cold in spring, so you can\’t take off your cotton pants too early…\” We all know that there is a kind of cold called \”Grandma thinks you are cold\”, which is especially loved by the elderly. She covers her child three times inside and three outside, and always stubbornly believes that the child is very afraid of the cold! \”Mom, it\’s over 20 degrees today. The children were doing a lot of outdoor activities and were sweating after a while.\” In order to help the children take off their long johns, Hua\’s mother decided to resist and refused to wear them. However, the child\’s grandmother has a skill – she can always put her long johns back on her child secretly and very quickly. On the way to the park, Hua Ma was surprised to find that Xiaoyi and Tuanzi had bulging bulges in their trouser legs – their cotton trousers were actually on their upper bodies again! (Mianmao Pants on) A family of five drove to the park, set up a tent, ate and drank, and the two children played on the lawn. Within a few minutes, their faces turned red from the heat. Hua Ma was annoyed and took off her long johns for the two babies! (Mianmao Pants off) Spring was great, just a few minutes after Hua Ma took a beautiful selfie~ Something seemed to happen quietly on the other side of the tent… (Mian Mao Pants on again) Hua Ma turned around and saw the two babies sweating profusely. My heart is like ten thousand grass and mud horses galloping past – what\’s going on? Wearing it again! ? \”Mom! Why did you put them in cotton pants again?!!\” \”They have to cover themselves in the spring, and they really can\’t take them off. Children will get sick if they take off their cotton pants too early…\”……(various things here) Argument, omit 2000 words) Hua Dad saw that the situation was not good, so he came to join in the fun and smooth things over. \”There\’s no need to argue about a pair of cotton pants~ I wear cotton pants every year until May~\”*%&…*¥##()%*&# Such straight man\’s remarks really made Han Hong listen. I want to hit someone! As the saying goes, if a child is to be safe, he must be hungry and cold! What the ancestors said makes sense. Even in spring, letting children reduce their clothes appropriately is an opportunity to exercise their physical fitness. What makes Hua Ma the most angry is that her mother-in-law approves of wearing cotton trousers, she is old-fashioned, but the child’s father actually shows off his cotton trousers inappropriately! Hua\’s mother was holding back her grievances and almost exploded with anger… In this beautiful spring, the joy of a family outing was ruined for a pair of take-off long johns. Her mother-in-law felt that the rules of spring cover could not be broken at will. Mom thinks wearing too much clothes is bad for your health. What do you think? Has your baby taken off his long johns? Was the process of taking off your long johns smooth?

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