If a child takes his father\’s surname or his mother\’s surname, he will suffer a big loss if he doesn\’t know.

It has been a traditional custom since ancient times for children to take their father\’s surname. People are often accustomed to children taking their father\’s surname. But women in today\’s era are becoming more and more aware of protecting their rights. Some women think that why can\’t the child\’s surname follow the mother\’s? Since we advocate equality between men and women, who should be given a child\’s surname should be decided by a vote of the family or in a fair and equitable manner. However, although a surname does not have much impact on a child\’s growth, there may be some differences between couples or elders. A mother of a second child posted a post saying how much I insisted on letting my second child take my last name, and how much I regret it now. Before this mother gave birth to her second child, she had always had a knot in her heart. Because she was an only child, her parents always wanted a son, but due to the conditions at the time, they never achieved their wish. After she gave birth to her eldest son, she did not raise the issue of the child\’s surname. Letting her son take his mother-in-law\’s surname could be regarded as helping her mother-in-law fulfill her wish to \”continue the family tradition.\” Therefore, when her second child was about to be due, she said, \”No matter if it is a boy or a girl, the baby must have my last name.\” Due to her persistence, her husband\’s family did not strongly object. However, after the child was born, she gradually realized something was wrong. When the eldest child was born, her mother-in-law paid her hard work and it was obvious that she was happy; but when the second child was also a son, her mother-in-law just said \”Thank you for your hard work\” and had no other expression. When the eldest child was born, the mother-in-law took the initiative to come over to take care of the confinement child, and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was quite harmonious. However, after the birth of the second child, the mother-in-law said that she was not in good health now and asked the child\’s grandma to come and take care of her. Usually when the two children play together, the mother-in-law is more inclined to play with the eldest grandson. She always mentions in words: \”My eldest grandson is the most sensible and the closest to me.\” All 6 volumes of writing hidden in the text Password pdf + video explanation ultra clear full color version One time the second child caught a cold, kept coughing and sneezing, and could not sleep well. My mother-in-law said a little impatiently: \”Send this kid to his grandma\’s house quickly, don\’t take my eldest grandson It\’s infected.\” Faced with her mother-in-law\’s different treatment, the mother-in-law was angry and dared not speak out, because her mother-in-law had nothing to say to her eldest grandson. As long as it was about her eldest grandson, her mother-in-law would come to help. As for the second child, he was sent to his grandma\’s house. Although he took the surname of his grandma\’s family, his grandma thought: \”After all, he is not his own child. The surname is just superficial. The child has been living at grandma\’s house and will be close to grandma in the future. There is no need for him to invest too much.\” So much emotion and energy.\” After experiencing all this, seeing her two children being treated differently, and then seeing her second child being neglected since childhood, this mother said: \”I really regret letting my second child take my surname. What a big loss!\” With the continuous development of society, some traditional concepts are gradually being broken. The habit of taking one\’s father\’s surname is slowly changing to a certain extent. ★Although more and more children now take their mother\’s surname, this phenomenon often brings some disadvantages. ●Children taking their mother’s surname may cause tension between parents. Parents are the two most important roles in the family. If their relationship breaks down, it will affect the happiness index of the whole family. likeIf the father is dissatisfied because the child takes his mother\’s surname, then this dissatisfaction will be difficult to conceal and may even affect the relationship between husband and wife and family members. Therefore, the emotional factors between parents should be taken into consideration when a child takes his mother\’s surname. ●If a child takes his mother’s surname, it may also affect the child’s mental health. In modern society, equality between men and women is widely advocated, but there are still some ideological conservatives. Children may suffer discrimination and ridicule for this matter in school and social interactions, which will pose a certain threat to the child\’s mental health. There is a brother and sister next to me. The brother takes his father\’s surname, and the sister takes her mother\’s surname. Whenever someone asks her her name, her parents have to explain it when they hear that the two children have different surnames. However, when friends and neighbors chat in private, they often suspect that this sister is not her biological child, and gossips are spread from one person to another. My sister\’s classmates often ridicule and look down upon her. Although I know in my heart that this is not the case, in my sister\’s heart, I feel a little uncomfortable. Parents must note that the healthy growth of their children is an issue that every parent should pay attention to. ●Children taking their mother’s surname may also cause a waste of family resources. Since the child takes the mother\’s surname, the child\’s surname is different from the father\’s. Well, for some conservatives, children with their mother\’s surname tend to suffer a disadvantage and do not have an advantage in terms of their father\’s property, resources, and inheritance. In this diverse and inclusive society, people need to pay more attention to the happiness of families and children while changing traditional thinking. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a surname for their children, parents need to make an appropriate choice based on the actual situation. Do not affect your child\’s physical and mental health growth for the sake of your own face or selfishness. Parents, would you choose for your son to take his mother’s surname?

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