If a family establishes these ten family rules and mottos, their children will definitely have a promising future.

Mr. Cai Yuanpei said: \”Family is the first school in life.\” Loving children is the instinct of parents; setting rules is the responsibility of parents. 60 Tips to Cultivate Your Child to Be a Responsible Person PDF There are no rules without rules. Set rules for your children from an early age so that they know what they can and cannot do. This will benefit them throughout their lives. The best family education is to give your children these 10 things. A kind heart is like the sun that warms you. Everyone has seen a warm public service advertisement. Share it with parents and watch it with your children: Facing classmates who are living in embarrassment, students not only do their part He helped him with all his heart and carefully protected the little boy\’s self-esteem. Finally, when the little boy hesitantly opened the lunch box, it contained not only a variety of delicious food, but also the kindness and protection of the children. Of all moral qualities, good nature is the most needed in the world. Teaching children to be kind is the most important lesson in education and the first lesson in education. Please tell your children: In the beginning, human beings are inherently good. The source of goodness is already within you, and if you tap it, it will gush out. Without simplicity, kindness and truth, there would be no greatness. You must treat others with sincerity before they can repay you with sincerity. There is a story recorded in \”Yu Ion\”: There was a businessman in Jiyang. His boat sank when he was crossing the river. At this time, he saw a fisherman. The businessman hurriedly used his last strength to The fisherman shouted: \”I am a rich man, if you save me, I will give you 100 taels of gold.\” However, after the businessman was rescued ashore, he only gave the fisherman 10 taels of gold as reward. Later, the rich man\’s boat capsized again on the same spot. Someone wanted to save him. The fisherman who had been deceived by him said: \”He is the one who doesn\’t keep his words!\” In the end, no one was willing to save the businessman. He drowned because of his broken trust. Dead… If a person is not honest and trustworthy, he will lose the trust of others, and when he is in trouble, no one will be willing to help him. Honesty is the wisest policy, and there is no wealth richer than honesty and trustworthiness. As Lin Dasheng said: \”Everything is about integrity. A small thing or an inadvertent breach of trust may ruin our reputation for life.\” Please tell your children: Life cannot bloom brilliant flowers from lies. If you lose your integrity, you lose everything, sometimes even your own life. Politeness is a mirror that reflects your own portrait. Confucius said: \”If you don\’t learn etiquette, you can\’t stand up.\” They all say that politeness is the first important thing in life habits, the easiest thing to do, and the most precious thing. If parents provide guidance in daily life, children will be able to grasp this golden key to getting along with others. A child\’s manners are a mirror that reflects his likeness, and a child is also a mirror of the family. Behind the rude children, there is also a family without tutors. When meeting teachers, classmates or relatives, aunts, learn to smile and say hello first; learn to put yourself in their shoes and control your volume in public places such as streets, high-speed trains, libraries, etc., so that no third person can hear you; say \”thank you\” more often , when you receive help, you must express your gratitude orally or in writing; don’t be stingy with the “I’m sorry”. If you do something that troubles others, you must express your gratitude.Apologize immediately;… Please tell your children: Politeness subtly affects our entire life in every little thing in life, and being polite to others is our lifelong lesson. Following the rules is the simplest thing in the world. Mark Twain said: \”If you earn a good night\’s sleep, you will sleep well; if you earn a good appetite, you will eat well.\” You have to behave yourself and earn something honestly before you can enjoy it. You must not enjoy it first and then earn it.\” A piece of news last year made people think. A mother in Nanjing pulled her child through a red light. She was not afraid of a speeding car and rushed forward with her child. As a result, the child was hit by the car and both were admitted to the hospital. Rules are often like this: if you follow the rules, everything will be fine. When you don\’t, accidents will happen as expected. There are no accidents. Whether it is school rules and regulations or life principles, they are \”traffic lights\” on the road, reminding us of everything we say and do. An answer about the rules on Zhihu says this: If you want to cross a small river, you have two options: one is a wide wooden board floating on the water, which is fast but can overturn at any time; the other is a wooden board a few steps away from you. A solid stone bridge at kilometer. If it were you, how would you choose? Following the rules may be the simplest and safest way in the world. Please tell your children: Rules are needed everywhere in life. Only by obeying the rules can life be orderly. The establishment of rules is not requirements and restrictions, but to better protect us and learn and live in a safe and good environment. Gratitude is the smallest of virtues, ingratitude is the worst of vices, and it may be the purest emotion in the world. In addition to love and care, there should also be gratitude. The greatest sorrow of a family is not poverty or quarrels, but the inability to raise grateful children. In 2002, Sun Li, who had just debuted, felt compassion after seeing reports about Xiang Haiqing, a poor student. So I contacted Xiang Haiqing and promised to support him until the end of his studies. Later, Xiang Haiqing repeated his studies after failing the exam and was admitted to Shanghai Fisheries University. But Xiang Haiqing knew that the person who sponsored him was the celebrity Sun Li. After going to college, Xiang Haiqing changed his mind. He concealed his grants and scholarships and frequently asked Sun Li for living expenses. Sun Li discovered Xiang Haiqing\’s changes and stopped funding him. Unexpectedly, he contacted the media and wrote a long article of 6,000 words to \”expose\” Sun Li, which pushed her into the limelight of public opinion and greatly damaged her image. Shakespeare said: \”Ungrateful children can bite people\’s hearts more painfully than the sharp teeth of poisonous snakes.\” Please tell your children: Don\’t take other people\’s contributions for granted, and don\’t ignore the hardships of raising your parents. Sheep have the kindness of kneeling to breastfeed, crows have the meaning of feeding back, father\’s kindness is higher than the mountain, mother\’s kindness is deeper than the sea, for children who cannot do this, no matter how high their education is, it is useless! If happiness cannot be shared with others, it is not real happiness. A father once asked his three sons: \”If there are two baskets of perishable peaches, how should we eat them so that one of the perishable peaches is not wasted?\” \”The eldest son said: \”Pick the ripe ones to eat first, because those are easy to rot.\” The father immediately retorted: \”After you finish eating those, the rest of the peaches will be eaten.It’s about to start rotting too.” The second son thought over and over again and said, “You should eat the ones that are just ripe first, and eat the ones that are good first! \”If that happens, the ripe peaches will rot quickly.\” The father turned his attention to his younger son, who had been silent, and asked, \”Do you have any good ideas?\” He thought for a moment and said: \”I will give some of these peaches to my neighbors and let them help me eat them, so that they can be eaten quickly without wasting a peach.\” \”The father nodded with great satisfaction. This father is the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon. American mothers teach self-confidence in this way. Download the pdf electronic version. Sharing happiness with others is half the happiness, and sharing pain with others is half the pain. Sharing is very important. It is magical, it increases happiness and decreases sadness. Please tell the children: Sharing is a scale. How much you give to others, others will repay you. On the contrary, if you are a selfish person, then you will never You will get real happiness, and you will never make close friends. The more responsibility a person can bear, the more success he will achieve. There is such a dialogue in the classic picture book \”I Will Always Love You\”: Ali: \”If I mess up the pillow Feathers are flying all over the sky, do you still love me? \”Mom: \”I will always love you, but you have to put your feathers away. Ali: \”If I spill painting paint on my sister, will you still love me?\” Mom: \”I will always love you, but you have to be responsible for bathing your sister.\” \”The mother\’s approach in this story is worth learning from. She took the trouble to promise \”I will always love you\”, but at the same time she did not forget to emphasize \”child, you must be responsible for your own actions.\” Society is like a ship, and everyone must have a steering wheel. Prepare. Liang Qichao said that this society respects those who fulfill their responsibilities for it. Please tell your children: Although responsibilities are sometimes annoying, not fulfilling responsibilities is an act of coward. In life, you must know the hardships of being responsible before you can know how to fulfill your responsibilities. Fun. There is no overnight success, only persistence over time. Jordan lost hundreds of games before he became a \”flying man\” in the eyes of the world; when JK Rowling wrote \”Harry Potter\”, he revised The 12th edition was finally published. Looking back at my own children: they said they loved piano and went to a hobby class for less than 10 days, but they said \”do re mi\” every day was too boring to study; they said they were interested in calligraphy, but when Facing the day after day of stroke practice and the boring training of the word \”Yong\”, it is really difficult for me to persist. Hua Luogeng once said: Intelligence comes from diligence, and genius comes from accumulation. For the things you love, work hard to persist, it will One day it will make you shine. If you take out your notebook and try to write down the words \”persistence\” and \”give up\”, you will find that there are 16 words for \”persistence\” and only 15 words for \”give up\”. This small gap makes these two words, one sought after by others and the other despised by others. Please tell your children: There is no overnight success in the world, only persistence over time. Stop envying those \”geniuses\”. There is no genius, only persistence and constant practice accumulated over time. Don’t compare yourself with others. Your life should have your own splendor as the times change.With the development and improvement of living standards, the awareness of diligence and frugality has gradually faded among our children\’s generation. Children often compare themselves with each other in life, spend extravagantly, do not cherish the environment, waste resources and other bad behaviors… Remember \”The House of Life\” \”There is such a story in the book: There is a kind of bird in the primeval forest of South America, named Cuibo bird. Although this bird is beautiful, it is busy building nests every day, so it looks listless and tired. The only characteristic of the Cuibo bird\’s nest is that it is huge, but the Cuibo bird is a small bird with a body length of only five or six centimeters. Why do the nests they build are several times, or even more than ten times, larger than their own bodies? Later, animal lover Leoto got drunk and conducted an experiment to solve the mystery. He built a huge cage and captured a greenbird to observe its nest-building process. The emerald bird only built a nest large enough to accommodate its own body and then stopped working. He caught another greenbird and put it in a cage. After this bird was put in the cage, it didn\’t take long to start building a nest. The one that had stopped building also began to expand its nest crazily, and the two nests were built more and more. The bigger. A few days later, the bird brought in for the first time died, and after the death of this bird, the other one immediately stopped building a nest. Leotto caught another greenbird and put it in a cage. Just like what happened before, when there was only one bird, they only built a very small nest. When there were two birds, they expanded it endlessly. . Leoto understood that the reason why the green bird was so busy was because of comparison. This kind of bird has a strong competitive mentality and cannot tolerate other people\’s nests being bigger than its own. Once it discovers that other birds have built a new \”house\”, it will be busy expanding its nest. Both birds died from exhaustion in the experiment. This story is thought-provoking. In fact, the same is true in our lives. Only by not using others as a reference, but by comparing and competing too much, can we obtain true happiness. Less than half of the hardship and fatigue of life are due to the pressure of survival, and the other half are due to the psychology of comparison. If you don\’t blindly compare with others, you will be at ease. Please tell your children: Just like there are no two identical leaves in the world, each of us is unique. There is no need to compare our looks, clothes, money, wealth and other things with them. It is because of the differences that life is colorful. Comparing yourself with others will only increase your inferiority and arrogance, and nothing else will be gained. The most important thing is to discover the shining points in yourself. Life is more important than rules. Rules can make way for life. I once heard a teacher around me share the experience of a child in their class. One day, the mother was late to pick up her child from school, and a trafficker seized the opportunity to trick her child. The liar said, \”Kid, I have too many things. Can you help me move them over?\” As a result, he asked several times in a row, and the child kept shaking his head. The trafficker was angry: \”You kid, haven\’t you ever learned what it means to be helpful?\” After saying that, he grabbed the kid and dragged him inside… The kid yelled loudly and smashed the decorations at the door of the store with pebbles on the ground, causing the trafficker to break. Passers-by came and they escaped. The teacher later asked the child: How do you know he is a bad person? Maybe she really needs help? The child said that his mother said: \”If an adult asks you for help, never ignore him, because if the adult encounters a problem that cannot be solved,If you encounter difficulties, you will definitely seek help from adults, not children who are weaker than him. \”Between kindness and reality, it is not enough to teach children to be kind. Kindness with edges is the philosophy of life that every child should learn. Please tell your children: When encountering extreme danger, you can not be polite and ignore The other party; you can abandon honesty and lie to get out of danger; you can abandon rules, shout loudly, and even knock over miscellaneous items to ask for help… Mr. Lu Xun said: There are generally only two ways to teach children in middle-class families in China. One is to let them do whatever they want. Domineering, they are a tyrant and overlord inside the house, but outside, they are like a spider with a web, immediately powerless; one type is giving cold treatment and scolding all day long, making the child shrink back, like a \”minion\”, A puppet seems to be obedient, but when released, it is like a bird just out of the cage. It will never fly or jump. Both extremes are undesirable. Only the unity of rules and love can achieve the future of a child. .

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