If Dong Qing\’s father could say these three sentences, his daughter would be much happier

Dong Qing, a noble, elegant, white swan-like woman. She is the first sister of CCTV and has received unlimited fame and applause. She has read poetry and books since she was a child. She is talented and has a rich literary background. She is well-mannered, dignified and elegant, and is said to be \”a beautiful country and a beautiful city\”. Such a woman with a successful career never dared to relax on herself. After the show ended, while others were drinking celebratory wine and spending time with her lover, she was still on the carpet in front of the sofa, thinking hard about her mistakes in the show. When she first showed her prominence, Dong Qing was described on the Internet like this: She is usually aloof and does not smile. Her smile is only for the audience. She doesn\’t attend dinner parties and is very homely. The most she does is read and clean at home. There is no doubt that Dong Qing is successful in her career, but I don\’t know if she is happy. Moreover, behind her almost masochistic efforts, I wonder if there is a deep inferiority complex hidden behind her. She had no close contact with her parents before she was seven years old. How close is a child who was not raised by his parents to his parents? The love her parents show for her is to educate their children to study hard and become a useful person in the future. For a girl, it doesn\’t matter that her father has made strict demands on her since she was a child. What\’s terrible is that after working hard to do well, she still doesn\’t get recognition and praise from her relatives. She was never recognized by her father. When she was a child, she was most afraid of eating together as a family. Because her father would constantly scold her, Xiao Dongqing cried while eating. Her father said, \”A potato is still a potato no matter how dressed up.\” He did not allow her to look in the mirror or let her mother make new clothes for her. What kind of harm is this to a girl? Dad must love his daughter. His strict requirements and ruthless severity are nothing more than hoping that his daughter will focus on studying and become an outstanding person. After adulthood, due to years of accumulation and rich cultural heritage, Dong Liao has made a successful career, and the practical life experience she has honed allows her to endure loneliness and develop herself step by step. Dad loves his daughter! However, does love have to be strict and cruel? There is a lonely little girl in Dong Qing\’s heart. After the Spring Festival Gala, she returned home from such a grand scene and ate frozen dumplings. Her excitement, pride, and sense of accomplishment were beyond words. I wonder if her father knew about this feeling? If when Dong Qing was a child, his father said: Daughter, I have seen all your efforts. I believe you can persevere and I believe you can do your best. How much warmth and strength my daughter will get. If your father says: It’s not a big deal for girls to dress up, I will support you in whatever you do. Girls\’ love for beauty can sprout better and grow into flowers of confidence! If dad says: You are my outstanding daughter, you are dad’s pride. If so, would she still be unable to share those lonely moments after the Spring Festival Gala? Her brilliance is only on the stage. Off the stage, she is low-key, simple and lackluster, just like her father asked. She doesn\’t socialize, doesn\’t interact with other people, has no hobbies and interests, and just reads in her spare time, just like her father asked. If in addition to strictly requiring her to learn to read and giving her many social practice experiences, her father can give herWith a little warmth, a little support, a little recognition and praise, Dong Qing\’s life would never be what it is now. She will live more like a woman than a goddess. Strict requirements are right. The foundation of children must be laid from an early age. However, at the expense of life and the feeling of family affection, it makes it difficult for the daughter to be calm, reserved and shed tears when she thinks of her father. Is this what the father wants his daughter to want? ? In fact, among readers, reading aloud is just a medium, and the real content conveyed is love. The love of parents, the love of parents and children, the love of husband and wife, and the care of strangers show the beauty and light of life. Words are so powerful and bring warmth to the world. The program focuses on people who read words, and their stories have a lot of healing power. \”There is always a piece of text that affects the growth of life.\” Dong Qing is the lonely little girl who uses this method to heal her heart. Words have such power, taking us through the past and present, and reaching our hearts. Although Dong Qing was traumatized, she learned to find strength and support in literature. And, finally understand love, the deep love behind the father\’s sternness. A little girl worked hard, and the applause she didn\’t get from her father got it from the audience. The love she wanted to see was found in the reader\’s story. very nice.

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