If you are lazy when it comes to your children, it will become your deepest regret.

At the beginning of last month, I went to hold a parent-teacher conference for my daughter. The head teacher was a warm-hearted person and said to the parents sincerely: I really hope that parents can spend as much time with their children as possible, even if it is just to talk to him, his The heart will also be one step closer to you. Do you all know what children think? Do they have anything on their mind to tell you? You always envy other people\’s children for the scores they get in exams, but do you know how much their parents have paid? Please put down your mobile phones, turn off your computer and TV, and pick up a book. Even if you are just pretending, you can create a good learning environment for your children. Children are children, and their self-discipline is very poor. If you only care about making money and taking care of yourself, how can he study well? You were lazy with your child today, and you won\’t have a chance to make up for it in the future. That\’s true. Someone has compiled statistics on the occupations of the parents of the top scorers in the national college entrance examination from 2008 to 2019. Among them, teachers ranked first. Although I have not read the stories behind them, I can guess that those families must have a good learning atmosphere. Speaking of the profession of teachers alone, they have the same holidays as children. This is an advantage. They do not need to ask for leave, they can be with their children during the holidays and study with them. Of course, this is just an objective reason. Not all children with good grades have parents who are teachers. In 2017, during the college graduation season, my friend G asked my husband and I to accompany her to Peking University to attend her son’s graduation ceremony. Her husband was busy with official duties and couldn’t leave. It was the first time in my life that I went to the Peking University campus, and I was very excited. Like Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden, I walked around and looked around, taking pictures all the time. As we walked and approached the east gate, I shouted excitedly to my husband: Come and see, Shaw Tower! This is the place that I have always been fascinated by, but no matter how much I love her and how affectionate I am for her, I can only pay tribute to her in this way in this life. I looked at every student passing by with envy. Their young and energetic faces were filled with bright smiles. My friend and I talked about her son, and I asked her about her son’s college entrance examination results that year. She said, 689, seems to be the top scorer in science in their school. I wowed and quickly asked: Tell me, what secrets do you use to teach your children to be so good? She laughed: How can I teach him anything? I just stay with him every day to let him know that he is not alone in his efforts. From elementary school to now, it has always been that he studies in the study room and I read next to him. His grades also fluctuated up and down. Every time I worked with him to find out the reasons, and then communicated with the class teacher and teacher to prevent any of his grades from falling behind. His father is busy with work, but he spends time with his children whenever he has time. Every night when he comes home from get off work, no matter how late it is, he picks up a book and newspaper to read. If his son doesn\’t sleep, he will never sleep. If there is a secret, is this it? In fact, G is usually very busy. She is a small leader in her workplace and has a lot of work to deal with every day. However, no matter how busy she is, she always puts her children\’s education first. I always hear people say that I am too busy and have no time to spend with my children. However, those people who are countless times busier than you regard growing up with their children as the most important thing in life. Former U.S. President Obama\’sThe eldest daughter Maria was admitted to Harvard University. This child with the busiest parents in the world enjoys the best company. Obama once said that one of the things he is most proud of is that during the 21-month presidential campaign, he never missed a parent-teacher meeting with his daughter. From a congressman to the president, no matter what position he held or how busy he was, he would always take time to stay with Maria as much as possible. He often takes his two children to the bookstore by himself, and also squeezes in reading time before going to bed, reading 7 \”Harry Potter\” books with Maria. \”I will not be a president for the rest of my life, but I will be a good father for the rest of my life.\” Over the years, no matter how busy he is, he has tried to find time to be with his daughter and help her realize her dreams. The time a child needs to be with you is really short. When he or she grows up, he or she will have his or her own work and life, and it will be difficult for you to say more words to him or her. I know a BOSS. Over the years, his business has grown bigger and bigger, and his assets have reached hundreds of millions. One of the couple is the general manager of the company, and the other is in charge of finance. They manage the company very well. But the couple was busy every day and had no time to take care of their children, so they put their eldest son in a boarding school. They only paid money and rarely cared about the children\’s growth. The child didn\’t want to study before he graduated from junior high school. He often skipped school and went home, saying he wanted to go out and see the outside world. The couple had no choice but to spend money to send him to a more expensive private school out of town, saying that the child could play in school as long as he did not drop out. The second son followed them. When he was young, he would be given a game console whenever he disobeyed. The child would immediately stop crying and play games by himself. Now that child is thirteen years old, he feels like he is addicted to drugs every day. If he doesn\’t play games for a day, he can\’t even eat. The couple was at a loss when talking about the two children, not knowing what to do. Mr. Li Ka-shing said that no matter how successful a person is in his career, it cannot make up for the failure in educating his children. Yes, if you are lazy with your child today, it will become your deepest regret, making you regretful but unable to recover. In fact, the child\’s world is very simple. All he needs is companionship and encouragement during this journey. The love from parents is the courage to stand up again when he falls. With this love on the road, the child\’s footsteps will be full of strength. The so-called education is like accompanying a person on a journey of facing difficulties and challenges. At this time, the relationship between parents and children is that of comrades, working side by side for the same goal. Accompanying your children as they grow is the best education.

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