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If you are lazy with your child, you will be repaid twice as much in the future.

Tian Beichen, a wealthy man from one of the four major Jiangnan families in Hong Kong, participated in a local reality show in Hong Kong called \”The Battle of the Rich and Poor\”. According to the program\’s requirements, he experienced the life of a sanitation worker with an hourly salary of only 25 Hong Kong dollars. After Tian Beichen experienced the life of a cleaner for two days and experienced the sadness of the bottom class, he hit the nail on the head: \”This society severely punishes people who cannot read!\” This sentence is really cruel. As a parent, you should be even more careful, because you are not only planning for your own life, but you also have to consider the life that your children will face. Wise parents know that their children’s lives belong to them, and one day we will let them go and let them go on their own. But before a child is a fledgling, the role of parents and family is key. If left unchecked, without parental guidance and upbringing during the growth stage, I don’t think many children will be able to realize their own talents. Some children watched Hunan Satellite TV\’s \”Metamorphosis\” and asked their parents, \”Why are the children in the city living so well, while the children in the mountainous areas are living so hard?\” If it were you, how would you answer? Some parents said that it was because they were lucky and their family had money. Some parents also say that the parents of urban children live a good life because they work hard. We also have to work hard and we can live a good life. Some parents just don’t answer and remain silent forever. Let the children find the answers on their own. When a child sees two different lives, different lifestyles and quality of life, one day he will have such doubts. We don’t know what the specific impact is on the child’s heart, but when the child asks about it. Children should be told that a good life is achieved through hard work, so you must study hard, because studying is the only way out for us ordinary people, and your parents are willing to fight with you. Parents should not only provide food and clothing for their children, but also become their children\’s \”comrades-in-arms\”. why? Because life is like a battlefield, children will face battlefields without smoke again and again. And the person standing next to him will directly affect his results. There is a saying that \”If you are not afraid of opponents who are like gods, you should be afraid of teammates who are like pigs.\” If the parents themselves are dirt and have pig-like teammates, then the child\’s life will be worrying. There is a child in our village who was lively and cute when he was a child, and his reading scores were very good. Before the third grade of elementary school, he always ranked first in the exam. The most important thing is that he is very diligent and hard-working, and everyone is sweet-mouthed when he sees him. Everyone thinks this child will have a future. In the fourth grade, his father owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt due to a failed project contract, so he drank every day and became drunk and neglected his job. When his mother saw this mess, she was unable to save it, so she ran back to her parents\’ home with her child. Later, she came back with her child, but to her surprise, this meek and hard-working woman seemed to have changed. He began to play cards frequently outside, and sometimes gambled, and ignored his children. Because there was no money at home, she went to borrow money, so that all the sisters in the village who had been friends with her in the past went into hiding. A good home is gone. As for this child, he has been skipping classes since he was 5 years old, and his appearance has also changed. Finally, I went to one of the worst middle schools in the area. I dropped out of high school after just one year, and I still talked a lot about it.Money bought it. Now I just stay at home, often riding my family\’s motorcycle and playing outside with a few local gangsters. Once I saw his mother scolding him: \”You fool around every day, be careful of being beaten to death outside.\” He said directly, \”What are you doing? Gambling every day, be careful of being chopped off.\” I saw his mother gnashing her teeth and repeating Speechless. Isn\’t it the parents\’ responsibility to see this child become like this? If you are a pig-like teammate, not only will you not be able to help your children, but you will actually harm them. If you are lazy with your children, you will be repaid twice as much in the future. I can\’t imagine what a child\’s future will be like if he doesn\’t study. Many mothers say that their children have no fighting spirit and do not want to study. That\’s because children don\’t know how difficult life is. The argument that \”reading is useless\” is always heard in our ears. It’s as if we see the beautiful lives of the rich second generation, demolished households, and nouveau riche without a starting point, and they directly win the Grand Slam of life. But how many such people are there? What is the proportion? Some time ago, I visited my aunt\’s house. Her daughter was about to take the high school entrance examination. Because my child\’s academic performance has always been ranked fifth in the class, his father told me that he was considering letting her go to a technical school because she can find a job as soon as she comes out. The road to college is too long, and he is afraid that it will be useless. . I told him that reading would definitely be useful, but he still insisted on his own ideas. He cited a story he heard, saying that a friend’s son graduated from high school and worked in sales for several years. He was interviewing for a sales manager in a large company in Beijing. As soon as the young man went on the job, he said directly to the interviewer, \”I am Do you want a high school diploma or not? \”I was definitely hired in the end, and the salary was good. The young man has good sales skills, rich experience and a wide network of contacts. Of course, the authenticity of this story is open to question, and it is often told with added embarrassment. When they were working on the construction site, they would always circulate many such inspirational stories. The protagonists of the stories often did not study, but counterattacked and changed their destiny. That\’s because different classes have different exposure to information. It\’s like you don\’t even know what those people who graduated from key universities are doing. Fortunately, he finally listened to his daughter\’s ideas and decided to let her work hard, saying that he could only work harder, play less cards, smoke less and send his daughter to study. This time, the child who took the high school entrance examination became the second in the class and the only 6A student in the class. He has already taken a step towards the door of the city\’s key middle school. Of course, we cannot predict what our children’s lives will be like, and we cannot say that entering a prestigious school will guarantee success. But at this age where we are fighting to change our destiny, why not give it a good try? No matter what, you have to send your children out. Only when you reach that height can you see the bigger world. Just like launching a satellite, without level-by-level power propulsion, the satellite will never be able to enter space, and it will not be able to start its journey to conquer the stars. Parents often play such a role, motivating their children to move forward time and time again, letting their children enter a broader world of their own. Read to your children! I once remembered a saying: There is no absolute fairness in the world, there is only reasonable unfairness. We cannot be willing to live in this reasonable mediocrity and accept the unfair arrangement of fate. For every ordinary person, reading is the only springboard. What Tian Beichen said at the end of the program left a deep impression on me and is worth pondering: \”In order to survive, people without education or skills have to either live in cages or work until midnight, but for them, the most important thing is How can you have time and energy to think about how to develop in the future if it’s what you’re going to eat next?” Suhomlinsky said, “For a family, parents are the roots and children are the flowers.” If the roots are broken, the flowers will definitely will wither. I don’t want my children to live too hard in the future, so that they can work decently and move towards their ideals. That requires parents and children to work together. This world does not believe in the tears of the weak, nor does it believe in the chicken soup of the vain. You must know that if you don\’t study, \”in the case of great disparity between the strong and the weak, only the weak will become weaker and more miserable.\” The poor will only get poorer and poorer from generation to generation. This is the most terrifying thing.

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