If you can’t coax your child, call the police: How scary are parents of giant babies?

What should you do if your child is crying on the street and you can\’t figure it out? Some people say: If you have a problem, go to the police. There really was a mother who was driving home. Her child kept crying because she refused to sit in the safety seat. After coaxing her for a while, she realized that she couldn\’t figure it out, so she even thought of asking the mayor to help solve the problem. She decisively called the mayor\’s hotline, but he was advised to seek help from the insurance company. Of course, the insurance company is not responsible for coaxing the baby, but it still enthusiastically made a suggestion: \”You can hire a driver.\” But not only does it cost money to hire a driver, but in the end you still have to coax the baby yourself, so who will be responsible? So she thought of the police uncle and asked the police for help if anything happened. She even called 110 five times for help and even complained. In the end, the police had no choice but to send her home, but she refused to let her go. She went home and wrote a \”thank you letter\” to the Public Security Bureau on Weibo. But in fact, dissatisfaction with the police was expressed between the lines: \”The command center hung up on me twice.\” \”The police in the jurisdiction told me that you can\’t even coax yourself as a mother, what can we do?\” She even thought that something was wrong with her. How legitimate and reasonable it is to seek help from the police, but they have a bad attitude and want to let more people know their \”grievances\” and let these police officers be punished. But she received a Weibo message from the Public Security Bureau: \”Please be kind to the 110 police call, thank you!\” She was so angry that she yelled back: \”Under what circumstances can I call the police? When encountering murder and arson?\” This piece of information quickly attracted the attention of netizens. Many people thought how pitiful it was for children to be raised by such parents. After all, \”giant baby\” parents are terrible. Although they are physically adults, they still maintain the mentality of babies and are adults who have not completely broken away from the umbilical cord. They have been living in a self-centered world, thinking that as long as I cry, there will be food, and as long as I want it, you have to give it to me. Wu Zhihong, a self-centered parent of \”giant baby style\”, once revealed: \”The collective mental age of Chinese people is not more than 1 year old and is still in the oral stage.\” And these \”giant baby style\” children refuse to grow up. Even if you become a parent, you can still only see your own needs. Because of him, I almost died in childbirth; if I had known that he would be disobedient, I might as well have strangled him to death. Can you imagine that such heartbreaking and crazy words came from the mouth of this single mother of a child. She beat her 4-year-old son so severely that his nose and face were bruised and bruised, and even his genitals were swollen! Seeing this photo, I feel really distressed. These are not relatives, they are simply enemies. In their eyes, they are still self-centered, still think that the world should revolve around her, and even take it for granted that it is other people\’s problems and has nothing to do with themselves. Can you imagine that parents would leave their seven or eight-year-old daughter at the train station and run away without a trace just for a fare evasion ticket? On October 7, at the exit of Taizhou Railway Station, a girl of about seven or eight years old was crying alone. Her mother had already left the station and was missing. Finally, using the girl\’s children\’s phone watch, the police contacted the child\’s mother, Ms. Sun. However, her words stunned everyone: \”You know how to detain people! My daughter doesn\’t want it anymore!\” Even though the police asked her to pick up her daughter also rejected. After being persuaded by the police chief, Ms. Sun finally came to the scene and took away the child. She also argued: So many people who missed tickets were not checked, why were we checked? She thought they were deliberately trying to make things difficult for her, thinking that everyone else was evading fares in the same way, but they caught her. This was bullying her, which was not fair at all. These \”giant-baby\” parents are constantly hurting their children\’s hearts, and they even don\’t care about the quality of their children, only themselves. What would you do as a parent if your child was to marry far away? In Zhengzhou, Henan, because his daughter had a boyfriend from out of town and was considering marrying far away, a father who was over sixty years old was sitting on the window sill of the seventh floor. He was so excited that he even wanted to jump off the building. However, neighbors and firefighters tried to persuade him for 40 minutes, but they did not stop him from jumping from the seventh floor. In the end, he hit the ground on his head and died. It is said that this old father retired not long ago and has always regarded his daughter as a treasure, but her daughter wants to discuss marriage with her boyfriend from out of town and does not want to stay with him. I couldn\’t think about it for a moment, so I chose to commit suicide. They love their children very much, even to the point of losing themselves, but this kind of love makes the children feel suffocated. They are also a group of \”giant baby\” parents. Zhihu netizen @stan once said about his own experience: It’s not that I can’t live without my parents, but that my parents can’t live without me. I wish I could accompany him to college and follow him wherever he goes away from home. They don’t allow me to choose when renting an apartment. They want to know all my movements and control me remotely. I want to possess me and live my life all over again. I long for brothers and sisters who don’t stare at me every day, don’t overprotect me, don’t want to live for me. In fact, the love they think they have is not love at all, but control. What they love more is themselves. They robbed me of the opportunity to grow up and use my life to validate their ideas. They robbed me of being the master of my own life and how much I wanted to truly live. Female writer Zhao Jie once said: I admire a kind of parents who provide strong intimacy to their children when they are young, and learn to withdraw appropriately when the children grow up. Care and separation are all tasks that parents must complete for their children. The parent-child relationship is not a permanent possession, but a profound fate in life. We can neither make children feel barren in childhood nor suffocate in adulthood. Being a parent is a journey of mind and wisdom. Not just as a parent, you should know how to advance and retreat at many moments in your life. However, there are many \”giant-baby\” parents who look like adults, but are still children at heart, fearful of failure and extremely controlling. I hope that my children will listen to me in every detail and think that what I do is for their own good. In fact, they don\’t want to lose control of their children. They believe that their children should be their own private property. What’s even more frightening is that parents with “giant babies” are likely to raise “giant baby” children, and this situation will continue in a vicious cycle. We should know that our children are not actually our private property, but they are chosen to be born because they long to see the world. They come to this world through us, they are beside us, but they do not belong to us. We can give our love and attention, but not impose our wishes on themDharma, because they are independent beings with their own ideas. Behind the \”giant babies\” stand doting parents. I recently saw a video. Because the mother was worried about her child, she traveled thousands of miles to accompany her, but she didn\’t expect that she would die at the hands of her favorite son. In fact, when the mother and son had a conflict, people around them heard quarreling, chasing, and wailing, but until the mother died, they did not hear any calls for help. In fact, she still has an 8-year-old daughter in her hometown, but she is not as good as her son, so even though she went to college, she decided to rent a house to accompany her. In order to take care of her son more conveniently, she also found a job in a supermarket in the community. On this day, she was very happy before going out and greeted her colleagues with a smile. Unexpectedly, 15 minutes later, at an intersection not far from her work, she was hit by her son with a knife. But she did not ask for help until her death. Some people speculated that she was frightened, while others speculated that she did not believe that her son would really kill her. But more people chose to believe that if she shouted for help, they would be saved, but the incident of her son stabbing someone with a knife would be exposed, and his life would be completely over. All this is for his son, and he would rather endure his murder in silence. I heard from colleagues in the supermarket that my mother doesn’t spend much money and is very frugal. She gives almost all the money she earns to her son. What she gave without reservation was not the child\’s gratitude, but his peace of mind, and he even drew his sword against her. Educator Makarenko once said: Give everything to your children, sacrifice everything for him, even your own happiness. This is the scariest gift a parent can give their child. For example, in the short film \”Giant Baby\” produced by the Communication University of China, the education model of problematic families is exposed sharply. In a family of three, the father is indifferent to his son\’s education, while the mother will satisfy her son\’s requirements. Later, my father\’s unexpected death did not bring much emotional fluctuations to the family, except that it made the family financial difficulties. The son still has clothes to put on and food to open his mouth, selfishly asking for money from his mother. In order to satisfy the child, the mother took out her kidney and asked him to exchange for what he wanted. In the end, the mother lost too much blood and fell asleep forever. The child was not sad, and did not even notice that his mother had left. He only muttered and blamed his mother for not cooking. In the end, the son couldn\’t live anymore and chose to go back into his mother\’s belly. In the eyes of these giant babies, everything you do is taken for granted. They are used to your efforts for them, and if they fail to meet their requirements, they will speak harshly or even wield a knife. They still think it\’s all your fault, but it is. It is precisely because of their parents\’ doting that they were raised to be giant babies, causing them to lose their gratitude and sense of responsibility. Of course, it also ruins the lives of these children and even our next generation. So don\’t do anything for your child that she can do for herself, because by doing too much you deprive her of the opportunity to develop a belief in her own abilities through her own experience.

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