If you don\’t protect your shortcomings, education will be powerful. If you don\’t tolerate it, your children will have a future.

Psychologist Wu Zhihong once said: \”Parents are the greatest destiny of a child.\” The education parents give their children determines what kind of person the child becomes. It even determines the child\’s life. Watch animations to learn the evolution of Chinese characters, play with the complete list of 90 radicals and their names, and effectively memorize 400 characters. A small mistake by a child may lead to a big mistake in life. A few days ago, I saw a piece of incredible news. In one class, the teacher advised a student to abide by discipline, but the student grabbed an umbrella and beat him violently, causing him a concussion. It is natural for teachers to maintain discipline, but students who refuse to obey can actually endanger lives! During the trial, in the face of the child\’s violence, his father and attorney shielded him: the teacher was beaten because he was \”too close to the child.\” It is the nature of parents to love their children, but they cannot be indulged blindly. Doting is a knife hanging over a child\’s head. In real life, many parents do not take their children\’s small mistakes seriously. The child got into a fight with a classmate, and the parents said he was just playing around. Then the child knew that he could hit anyone at will. The child lifted up the girl\’s skirt, and the parents said he was just a child. Then the child knows that he can treat girls casually. Parents don\’t care when their children make mistakes. This seems to be tolerance, but in fact it is unreasonable connivance. There is an old saying in China: When you are three years old, you are old; when you are seven, you are old. The behavior a child exhibits as a child is almost always a reflection of how he or she will be in the future. A small mistake he makes now, if not disciplined, will turn into a big mistake in the future. A 13-year-old boy in Shaanxi brutally killed his neighbor\’s 6-year-old son and even hid his body in a wooden box on the top floor. After the incident, he and his family remained calm and composed, as if nothing had happened. A 15-year-old boy in Hunan abducted a 13-year-old girl from the next village back home and violated her for three consecutive days. The hurt girl found out that the law could not punish the bad guys, so she ran away from home in anger and has not been heard from since. We don’t say whether human nature is inherently good or inherently evil, but children are born with the need to be educated, because education itself is an act of improving nature. If parents ignore or neglect their children and shield and protect them, they will definitely cultivate a devil and cause big mistakes in the future. A single discipline from a parent may change a child\’s life. As the saying goes: If you don\’t mend a small hole, you will suffer a big hole. If parents are indifferent to their children\’s mistakes and do not teach them, it is tantamount to acquiescence. Then the child will take wrong as right, be emboldened, and turn the \”badness\” of childhood into \”crime\” when he grows up. In ancient times, there was a child who was so smart that he could steal a needle from a salesman when he could just walk. Instead of scolding him, his mother praised him for his ability. When the child grew up, he began to steal other people\’s corn, cattle and horses, and gold, silver, and jewelry. Finally, he was caught by the government and ordered to be executed. Before the execution, the prison officer asked him what he wanted, and he said: \”I want to drink my mother\’s milk again.\” The mother who saw him off immediately stepped forward, but unexpectedly, her nipple was bitten off by her son. The son angrily said to his mother: \”I stole things when I was a child, and my mother did not stop me, so now I hate you very much!\” Whether parents discipline or not really determines the fate of a child. Teach for the sake of not teaching, control for the sake of ignoring. If the mother does not protect her, the child steals something for the first timeCriticize and educate children from time to time, then the children will know that they must never steal. The bad habits in children are the result of parents not strictly disciplining them. There is a saying that goes well: Parents are their children’s first teachers and their lifelong teachers. Education begins with life. From the moment a child is born, parents’ education has taken effect. As parents, we must instill in our children a correct view of right and wrong from an early age, establish principles and bottom lines for how to behave, and establish standards and benchmarks for settling down and settling down. Shen Hanyu of the Qing Dynasty once said: \”If you love your children but don\’t teach them, you will still be hungry and eat them with poison, which will cause harm to them.\” Don\’t shield, don\’t condone, don\’t be reluctant to take care of, and don\’t blindly compromise with your children. Only by not protecting shortcomings and not being tolerant can children make progress. Mr. Wang Weishen, a famous education scholar, once said: \”It is terrible for a child to be fearless from childhood to adulthood.\” When I was a child, I had nothing to fear from my parents, and I had nothing to do with school disciplines and rules when I was in school. If you are not afraid of the law as an adult, then you will have no bottom line as a human being. Can you still expect a person who is \”not afraid of heaven and earth\” to become a useful talent who abides by the law and has high moral character? There must be an element of pain in education. Education without punishment at all is not real education. When parents educate their children, they can\’t just \”educate\” them, but they must also \”teach\” them. A naughty kid peeing in an elevator was caught on camera and widely circulated on the Internet. The child was only 10 years old and had already committed crimes many times and was discovered by the cleaning staff through surveillance. When the child\’s mother found out, she did not protect her, but severely criticized her child. She asked her children to write a self-reflection letter, and she also wrote a self-reflection letter and posted it in the elevator. After that, she \”claimed\” the task of cleaning the elevator and cleaned the elevator with her children every day for a month. People can not escape from doing wrong. Children will also make mistakes, it depends on how parents educate them. As long as parents do not protect their shortcomings, do not tolerate them, educate their children to be brave enough to admit their mistakes, and learn to correct mistakes, then they are truly responsible for their children. American writer Jenny Alim once said: \”It is not terrible for children to have shortcomings. What is terrible is that parents, who are the guides of their children\’s lives, lack correct concepts and methods of parenting.\” A spoiled child is like killing a child. You will become more willful and make one mistake at a time. To truly love children is to be a good mentor on their growth journey, teaching them to become more educated and well-behaved. The most powerful education must be real education. If children are compared to a tree, then correct and excellent personality qualities are their roots. Only when the roots are strong enough can the tree flourish. And happiness is just one of the leaves. If parents only focus on the growth of the leaves but ignore the health of the roots, what they will end up with is a dead tree. Parents are like gardeners who patiently cultivate their children. They must start from the root and eliminate their children\’s problems one by one to help them grow up healthily and robustly. Pruning, cutting leaves, criticism, and discipline are the most real and powerful parts of education. There is a meaningful saying in \”War and Peace\”: \”You will never grow up when no one says no to you.\” Parents should say \”no\” to their children, what can\’t be done, what shouldn\’t be said, and what can\’t be said. bump. Set rules and regulations for your children in advance so that they canGet on the right track. Once a child makes a mistake, he or she must \”act according to the rules.\” Do not change your mind because of the child\’s crying, and do not let the child learn to make trouble unreasonably. \”With deep love comes deep responsibility.\” Parents love their children, but don\’t be dominated by blind love. The essence of blind love is harm. It is necessary to have \”strictness\” in love, \”love\” in strictness, \”degree\” in discipline, and \”method\” in education. Naughty children are spoiled, and good children are managed.

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