If you don’t want your son to become a mama’s boy, you must pay attention to the methods of educating boys in the rebellious period.

I saw a real news on the Internet. The protagonist of the story is called Zhao Lei. His father has passed away since he was a child, and he has been living with his mother, so he is very filial. He married the heroine Li Dan. Because of the limited family conditions, the young couple relied on their own efforts. I bought a one-bedroom house as a wedding room, but the nightmare started on the first day of marriage. What exactly happened? It turned out that after the wedding, the mother-in-law asked to live with them, but the wedding room only had one room, and the son was filial, so he bought a single bed next to the wedding bed. However, unexpectedly, that night, the mother-in-law lay down calmly in her pajamas. He fell asleep on the double bed, forcing the young couple to have no choice but to go out and stay in a hotel on the night of their wedding. However, such a day also seriously affected the life of the couple. Think about it, there is a mother-in-law sleeping between them, what is going on? ah? The matter is not over yet. In order to get rid of this embarrassing life, the young couple finally bought a two-bedroom apartment, but the mother-in-law went even further. For example, in daily life, the mother-in-law would rush into the young couple\’s room without knocking and look for things. Sending fruits, asking how to use mobile phones and tablets, and trying everything possible to prevent the two of them from being alone. Li Dan felt that the marriage had been seriously insulted, so he filed for divorce. How to Stimulate Students\’ Learning Interest and Motivation Full Episode Video Download The performance of \”Mama\’s Boy\” is lack of independence, desire to satisfy emotional needs, higher than the reasonable range for his age, and psychological infantilization. \”A child\’s problem is a family problem. A strong mother who does everything for her son is the root of the \’Mama\’s Boy\’. We often say, \”Be strong as a mother.\” We don\’t mean to be strong. But also Always remember the identity of the mother. Children need the mother\’s warm love and nurturing, not cold dogma. Therefore, if a mother knows how to show weakness, the parent-child relationship will be more harmonious. And if there are boys in the family, it is even more necessary to learn to show weakness. Mothers who have sons in the family, Maybe we should learn from Hu Ke\’s \”weakness education\” for his son. In \”Mom is Superman\”, Hu Ke told An Ji and Xiao Yu\’er that he was very tired and wanted to rest. Then An Ji led his younger brother to help his mother with housework, while he was neat He folded clothes on the ground while taking care of his troublesome younger brother. Later, he took his younger brother to take on the important task of buying vegetables. Not only did he go to the vegetable market to buy what his mother needed, but he also took good care of his younger brother Xiao Yuer. , my brother is full of energy. After returning home, he helped his mother make dumplings together, which was very impressive. Many parents always act like they are all-powerful in front of their children in order to maintain their authority as parents. In fact, this is not necessary. Parents The relationship with children is like a spring. If you are strong, they will be weak; if you are weak, they will be strong. Showing weakness is a kind of educational wisdom! The famous educator Montessori once said: \”Education must first guide children to take the path of independence. , this is a key issue in our education. \”Some parents often do not allow their children to grow up to be separate and independent individuals from themselves. When the children become adults, they are likely to find that these behaviors and attitudes have a negative impact on their lives as adults. \”Mama\’s boy\” is like this , since he was a child, his world has been filled with mothers, and he has no independent individual consciousness. Whether in the child\’s study or life, parents must learn to show weakness, learn to withdraw. Showing weakness does not mean that you really don’t understand, but allows the children to learn to think for themselves; showing weakness does not mean that you really don’t know it, but gives them a chance to show themselves; showing weakness is not a sign of cowardice, but allows the children to learn how to think. More independent. 6980 Yuan Zhang Guowei\’s Comprehensive Parent-Child Relationship Skills Recording + Handouts + Shorthand Notes There are many ways to love, especially when educating boys, mothers should distinguish priorities. In the future society, what is needed is not \”mama\’s boys\”, but young people who are responsible, responsible and willing to take on responsibilities. Therefore, don\’t restrict the growth of boys, give them free space, even if they fall to pieces, it is still a kind of growth.

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