If you haven’t thought through these 5 points, don’t rush to have a second child.

Taoma has a group of college classmates. One day, the topic of whether to have a second child was discussed in the group. Classmate Xiaolei said: I can’t even earn enough for one child, and my mother-in-law is urging me to have a second child all day long. Do I still want to have a second child? I live! Xiaoling, who had just given birth to her second child and was still in confinement, said: I saw everyone around me was giving birth and my family was urging me, so I wanted it. Xiaojuan said: My father also wants to have a daughter, and my family is also urging me hard. I can’t resist it alone. Now that I am just pregnant… From this point of view, the second child army is indeed very fierce. Nearly half of the female relatives and friends around Tao Ma have either given birth to a second child, are pregnant with a second child, are pregnant with a second child, or are preparing for a second child… In short, they are already following the army on the road to having a second child. However, is it really necessary to have a second child if you want to? Taoma hopes that everyone will not blindly have a second child. After all, we parents must be fully responsible for the child. At least these 5 factors must be considered before pregnancy. The mentality of the elderly in the family is tight? Give birth to a son to carry on the family line? Are the two kids good company? The more the merrier, if nothing is produced, nothing will be produced in vain? Why did you have a baby? Why have a second child? Having one more child in the family means one more responsibility, because our mentality directly determines what kind of education we give our children. My colleague Yanqiu went for a prenatal check-up. Every time she came back, she complained about the large number of people in the hospital\’s obstetrics department: Once the second child is allowed, all the 50-year-old women want to have a second child. How dangerous is it for older mothers? Are you crazy? \”Indeed, a woman\’s body is in a downward trend after the age of 35. Pregnancy again will not only increase the risk of complications for older mothers, but also increase the incidence of fetal malformations. Therefore, if you want to have a second child, you must have a comprehensive physical examination and meet the requirements for childbirth. Asking to get pregnant again. Therefore, having a child is not the purpose, having a healthy child is the most important. This is responsible for yourself, and even more responsible for the child. Dabao, many people have heard this saying: Your mother gave birth to a little brother , your parents don’t want you! If you want to have a second child, you must tell the eldest brother in advance: Do you want a younger brother or a younger sister? Give him/her a name! Let the eldest child accept it step by step, and tell him firmly: Mom and Dad It’s the same for you and your younger siblings, you can take care of him/her with your mother. The economic issue does not mean that you must have a lot of money to have a child, but you hope that without affecting the living standards of Dabao and the whole family, Give the second child an equal life and education. After all, everything from diapers, milk bottles, toys, to specialty classes, kindergarten, elementary school and college… are all real money. If no one helps take care of the child, you have to spend money to hire a confinement nanny. Or a nanny. In short, if you decide to have a second child, don’t let the child become a left-behind child, don’t miss out on the child’s education to save money, and don’t be a parent who only gives birth to children but does not support them. Spending time with career or family? A woman’s lifetime of children is less Otherwise, it will be delayed for several months, or at most, it will be impossible to return to work for a whole year. If the breastfeeding period is extended for another year and a half… Parent-child companionship cannot be replaced by anyone, including grandparents. The child\’s sense of security needs mother in babyIt was established in childhood. Therefore, before having a second child, you really need to think carefully about how to spend more time raising your child. Some people say that after giving birth to the first child, the second and third children were so easy, so why can’t I raise two more children? Tao Ma doesn’t think so. Just because we took many detours with the first child, we have to be more cautious when giving birth to the second child. Never blindly give birth to a second child, because since you have brought a child into this world, you must be responsible to the end. This is respect for life and the basic bottom line of being a parent. Therefore, the so-called \”it can be done anyway\” is extremely irresponsible. If you want to give birth, you must give birth to a quality child, and if you want to give birth, you must raise it to a high level!

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