If you plan this summer vacation from 5 to 6, you will most likely be a top student when you start school.

The summer vacation from fifth grade to sixth grade is a very critical period. After this summer vacation, children will enter sixth grade study and life. As we all know, the sixth grade is different from the previous five years of study. This year\’s learning tasks are heavy and difficult, time is tight, and promotion to junior high school is imminent. Therefore, if you make good use of this summer vacation and plan scientifically, you will be able to easily cope with sixth grade studies, and you will most likely be a top student. If the child has not done any of the above, then if he does not make plans for this summer vacation, he will have to wait to be diverted. So, how should children aged five to six make plans for summer vacation? 1. Establish independent learning ability. Children’s independent learning ability is very important for learning. After the summer vacation, children enter sixth grade and begin to connect to junior high schools. Junior high schools study different primary schools, which require children to study independently. Therefore, cultivating children’s study habits must be the first priority this summer. Once children develop their study habits, they will have the ability to learn independently. Including but not limited to the habit of morning reading, the habit of previewing, the habit of independently sorting out wrong question papers… These cannot be solved by enrolling in classes, and can only be cultivated by parents and their children. It only takes 21 days to create a habit. Take morning reading as an example. Spend 15-20 minutes every morning reading excerpts from ancient poems, classical Chinese, and famous works by famous writers. This will allow your children to persist throughout the summer vacation. The effect will definitely surprise parents. 2. Accumulate more reading and train expressive reading ability. Reading ability plays a very key role in Chinese language learning, so read more. If you have a lot of time during the summer vacation, we can choose some high-quality books for our children to read. Read classics, especially the four major classics: CCTV recommends over 500 high-scoring documentaries. Children have watched \”Romance of the Three Kingdoms\”, \”Dream of Red Mansions\”, \”Water Margin\”, and \”Journey to the West\”, and these contents are addictive and self-disciplined. It will also appear in exams. Parents should try to let their children read the original works instead of children\’s editions or abbreviated versions. The four major classics are all in semi-classical Chinese, so there should be no problem in reading at the current children\’s level. Let your children read the classics. Discover literary interests. You can also read novels such as \”Robinson Crusoe\”, \”Childhood\”, and \”Education of Love\”. Of course, you can also read some prose and modern poetry, such as \”Collected Prose of Lin Qingxuan\” and \”Collected Poems of Wang Guozhen\”. Morning reading is essential. Children are required to read the text aloud every morning. They must read aloud the key texts in Chinese and English textbooks, and they must persevere and form a habit. 3. Build on the past and build a solid foundation for the future. During this summer vacation, you must do the following things: (1) Learn sixth grade knowledge in advance to lay the foundation for learning at the beginning of school. (2) Be sure to go back and systematically sort out the knowledge to review the fifth grade knowledge. Only by stringing these fifth grade knowledge together can we have a complete understanding and comprehensive grasp of it. (3) If the basics are acceptable, systematic review of third- and fourth-grade content is not recommended for the time being, because it is not difficult enough. If you always focus on this aspect and supplement simple ones, it will be difficult to improve your level. After finishing the sixth-grade content, I looked back and saw that I already knew a lot of the content that the third- and fourth-grade students didn’t know. At this time, I started to check for omissions and review them systematically. 4. Correct mistakes, consolidate and improve. Only by reviewing can you gradually correct mistakes., and constantly consolidate our advantages. What to review? It\’s very simple, just review the wrong questions. Reviewing the wrong questions must be targeted and you can quickly improve your scores. There are three possible reasons for wrong questions: carelessness, incorrect answers due to lack of solid knowledge, and complete incompetence. Regardless of fill-in-the-blank questions, multiple-choice questions or large-scale questions, if you make mistakes due to carelessness or lack of solidity, it is recommended to make corrections directly on the side of the test paper, and you need to write down the problem-solving process, and then mark it with a \”red pen\”; for Questions that you don\’t know at all need to be corrected not only on the test paper, but also on the wrong question book, firstly to deepen the impression, and secondly to provide materials for efficient review. It should be noted that some parents require their children to copy all wrong questions into the wrong question book. This requires a lot of work, and there are many low-quality wrong questions. The children do not recognize it and fail after a few days of pressure. . Therefore, it is recommended that you follow the above approach, pay less attention to form, pay more attention to effect, discuss it with your child, and if he thinks it is reasonable and agrees, then the work of correcting mistakes will be half successful and will be very effective in improving grades.

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