In family education, actions speak louder than words

A set of photos taken from the subway are circulating on the Internet. Two mothers are sitting next to each other, with their children sitting next to them. The mother on the left is holding a book and reading, and her child is also reading; the mother on the right is holding a book. She is playing with her cell phone, and her child is also playing with it. Nowadays, too many parents are troubled by the problem of their children playing with mobile phones. This picture should give us some inspiration. 10 Recommended Classic Family Education Books When you tell your children about the disadvantages of playing with mobile phones, your children will get angry if they don\’t leave their hands with the mobile phone, and there are even cases where they smash the mobile phone. On the other hand, you can\’t sleep at night holding the mobile phone. What do you want your children to think and do? Which one should he believe? Hear it or see it? Developmental psychology research has found that children under 12 years old mainly think in images, and they still have difficulty understanding many abstract noun concepts. Therefore, in many cases, they believe what they see more than what they hear. And they will imitate the behaviors they see, especially those of important others around them. This is also the theoretical basis behind \”actions speak louder than words\”. The best example for raising children is your actions, not your words. Parents must weigh themselves before speaking to see if what they say can be done. What really raises children is not the words you speak. You must realize that children will never listen to what you say, but watch what you do. Because of my online work, I sometimes use my mobile phone too much, which may have some impact on my children, who will also pay attention to your words and deeds. When Xiaodu is at home during this summer vacation, the time spent with her should be spent as little as possible looking at her mobile phone and reading books carefully. Most of her free time on weekends is spent reading. Education has nothing but love and example. Parents must first do what they ask their children to do. If you want your children to play with mobile phones less and read more, you have to put down the mobile phone first and pick up the book. In this way, children will not be psychologically unbalanced because they cannot play with mobile phones. If you never read, your child may not fall in love with reading. Xiaodu has her own mobile phone, and I don\’t deliberately ask her to use the mobile phone every day. It can also be said that I completely let her manage it by herself. Because I like to buy books and read books. Under the subtle influence of the family atmosphere, I can often see her immersed in reading. She will fall asleep with a book in her hands before going to bed at night. The state of serious reading is quite gratifying. I always believe that reading and continuous learning can benefit people throughout their lives. Xiaodu told me a short clip I saw in the library: around 4 p.m., I saw my mother at the next table getting angry, \”It\’s already 4 p.m., and I haven\’t even finished a single test paper. What a day.\” What are you doing?\” Xiaodu saw that the boy\’s mother had been playing with her mobile phone, asking her child to concentrate on his homework. When you are playing with your mobile phone, how can you help your children concentrate on their studies? We might as well regard children as a mirror. Children love to play mobile phones and games. Maybe their parents are \”kidnapped\” by their mobile phones. Children\’s irregular work and rest times point to irregular parents\’ living habits. We must first be good ourselves before we can take good care of our children. Being good ourselves is the shortest way to educate children well. we can do itJust keep learning and growing, constantly enriching yourself, and the invisible force affects your children. He sees how you work hard in life, and your children also have the best role model. What kind of person you want your children to be, first of all, what kind of person do you want to be? Actions speak louder than words. When raising children, educate yourself first.

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