In order to prevent the 2-year-old baby from crawling around, the mother uses all kinds of protection…but this baby is simply amazing…

By the way, parents are worried about babies crawling around… This family found that the baby gate could no longer close their 2-year-old baby… so they simply added another level above… But this time The hard work failed in the end. -Nothing can stop your baby! ! ————Mimi Wang Mmi: These feet may be magnets Qingyuan___: Mom smiled, and then added the railing directly to the top LLjlVjl: This child is a monkey, right? King, you explode: This child is It’s not like he was bitten by a spider. Customized portrait of Rock’s family: Maybe the baby has not yet developed a sense of safety. If the baby wants to touch boiling water, parents may accompany him and gently touch the glass with hot water, telling him that it is very hot and very hot. It hurts, and he won\’t touch it next time he self-heats. Parents can also tell their children that climbing high is a dangerous activity and that it will be very painful if they fall. Parents can usually let their children experience it while ensuring their safety. If they have experienced it, they will naturally understand it. I\’m doing Langweixian today: Doesn\’t it hurt when my toes are hooked with the iron rod? It\’s a bit ridiculous: I was beaten a long time ago in China, and I even made a video

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