In the past ten years, 32,000 babies have died in traffic accidents! Did it wake you up…

According to The Paper, Gao Yan, director and associate researcher of the Traffic Management Science Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, statistics: As many as 32,000 children have died in traffic accidents in my country in the past ten years, and another 142,000 children have been injured. In other words, one in every 20 traffic accident deaths is a child. But in our country, the usage rate of child safety seats is less than 10%. Such a high mortality rate may be due to everyone\’s lack of understanding of safety seats. Next, Doudehui will talk to you daddies about the importance of child safety seats, how to select and use them, and what are the taboos when using safety seats? An accident is no longer an accident if it can be controlled. No safety configuration on the car can effectively protect the safety of children, and the seat belt is no exception, because it is designed according to adult standards and has a very limited protective effect on children! Moreover, the seat belt is likely to get stuck around the child\’s neck during an accident. Don’t think that you will be fine if you hold your baby tightly, because when a vehicle collides with the huge impact, your hands cannot ensure the safety of your child… CCTV News: In Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, a white car collided with a car while driving The front of a heavy semitrailer collided. The 6-month-old baby, who was held in his mother\’s arms, was thrown out of the car window due to the huge impact and died of serious injuries. Jiangsu News: On the afternoon of April 20, at the intersection of Xinbei District, Changzhou, the door of a van opened instantly while making a sharp turn. A baby flew out of the car and fell on the road, but the driver drove away without knowing it. Fortunately, a passerby found the child in time and picked up the child, and the parents drove back after realizing the child was missing. Sina News: A thrilling scene occurred in Zhumadian, Henan Province on May 28: When a car made a sharp turn at an intersection, the back door was not locked, and the child was thrown onto the road. Fortunately, there was no vehicle behind, and the child was seen by the traffic police in time. That didn\’t lead to a tragedy. Therefore, children under 12 years old are best to use child safety seats, and children over 12 years old must use seat belts correctly. After all, this is currently a barrier that can effectively protect children\’s lives. Which safety seat is best for your baby? Don’t think that just buying a safety seat is enough. There is also a lot of care in choosing a safety seat. If you choose an inappropriate one, it will make the baby uncomfortable to sit and the safety factor will be greatly reduced. Moreover, the safety seat must be replaced according to changes in the baby\’s height and weight. For example: 0~1 years old: It is recommended to buy a basket-type safety seat installed towards the rear of the car. If the baby cannot sit down, you need to consider replacing it. It does not need to be limited to age. 1~4 years old: It is recommended to purchase a special safety seat for children. Children aged 1~2 years old also need a rear-facing safety seat. 4~7 years old: It is recommended to purchase a wrapped child safety seat, a safety seat with a safety belt or pillow, and the orientation can be the same as that of an adult. 8~12 years old: Optional child safety seat cushion. Ages 12 and above: Can use the seat belt in the car. Note: When purchasing a safety seat, age is only used as a reference. Height and weight are important indicators when purchasing. It is recommended to refer to the product description for specific values. In short, if your baby can\’t sit still, you should consider replacing the safety seat. lead safety seat3 unsafe things 1. Wearing a down jacket and sitting in a safety seat Although it is summer, Xiaokang Jun still wants to remind everyone. Never let your baby sit in a safety seat wearing a down jacket in winter, because the surface material of the down jacket is relatively smooth. In the event of a collision, the baby will easily slip from the safety belt and be ejected from the safety seat. If the temperature inside the car is low, you can take off your down jacket and cover your child. 2Why can’t the safety seat be installed in the passenger seat? Because the passenger seat is generally equipped with an airbag, adults can generally withstand the force of the airbag opening after an accident, but it can be fatal to babies. 3. Use second-hand safety seats. Some parents think that safety seats are more expensive, but it is more cost-effective to buy second-hand ones, and the baby will need to be replaced when he grows up. There is no need to buy new ones. They think that safety seats are reusable items. If you plan to do this, you are totally wrong. Because the safety seat cannot continue to be used as long as it has experienced an accident. If it continues to be used, it may not be able to protect the baby\’s life. Unless you know the basics, it is not recommended to buy a second-hand safety seat. Practices such as children riding in the passenger seat, adults holding children in the car, or improper installation of safety seats may put the baby\’s life in danger. So, don’t take any chances. Life is no joke, don\’t wait until an accident happens to regret it.

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