Inhumane! Baby girl\’s life is in hell, just because of a fortune teller\’s words

Ten years ago, Ms. Liu already had two daughters. Although her husband and parents-in-law often complained that Ms. Liu had not given birth to a son, they did not dare to ask Ms. Liu to have another child for fear of being fined for having more children. Since the two-child policy was relaxed, Ms. Liu has been asked many times to have another son. In order for Ms. Liu to be pregnant with her son, her mother-in-law could be said to have taken \”great pains\”: she found more than a dozen folk remedies for Ms. Liu, took Ms. Liu to the temple several times by train to pray, and even the time when Ms. Liu and her husband were in the same room were recorded. My mother-in-law arranged it \”precisely\”. Fortunately, in less than half a year, Ms. Liu\’s belly bulged as expected. When people around them said that Ms. Liu was pregnant with a son, the whole family was so happy that they thought she was indeed pregnant with a son. The mother-in-law, who has always been frugal, bought the same supplements one after another, and her husband also served Ms. Liu without complaint. Ms. Liu, 39, gave birth to a baby girl after suffering the double pain of a failed vaginal delivery and a caesarean section. Everyone was dissatisfied, but no one could turn him into a baby boy, so he could only complain in his heart. Unexpectedly, the usually taciturn father-in-law actually went to invite a fortune teller. The fortune teller calculated for more than two hours and the result was surprising: the baby girl\’s birth date was September 30th in the lunar calendar, which was bad for the father, and might bring disaster to the father. The mother-in-law called the baby girl a \”debt collector\” and a \”loser\” for wasting the money she spent on buying a coffin; the father-in-law complained that Ms. Liu\’s failure to give birth to a son was a misfortune for the family; the husband said that the baby girl caused his business to lose money in the first half of the year, so he simply They wanted to give her away and give birth to another child; Ms. Liu\’s parents also showed dissatisfaction… From then on, quarrels and complaints filled the whole family. Ms. Liu shed tears every day. How did this baby girl survive in this family that almost \”hated\” her? How about living here? Doudehui believes that the reasons for the tragedy of Ms. Liu and the baby girl in the above case are mainly from two aspects: on the one hand, the very serious patriarchal mentality of the parents-in-law and husband. They ignored the natural law that people have no control over the birth of boys and girls, and insisted on asking Ms. Liu to have a son. In this way, the birth of a baby girl seemed redundant in the eyes of them who already had two daughters. On the other hand, feudal superstition has been deeply poisonous to them for a long time. It was obviously absurd for the fortune tellers to conclude that the baby girl would kill her father based only on her birth time, but they believed it to be true, which made the already very embarrassing situation of the baby girl even worse. Now let Doudehui analyze it: 1. Although the concept of equality between men and women has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in most areas of our country, there are still some places, especially in relatively backward rural areas, where the idea of ​​favoring boys over girls is deeply rooted. For example, although the national law clearly prohibits gender identification through B-ultrasound, there are still people who ignore the law and try every means to have a son through gender identification. It is not uncommon for families to seriously over-pregnancy in order to have a son; in some places, they even pray to God. , fortune telling, prayer and other superstitious ways to seek a child. 2. The idea of ​​​​preferring boys over girls not only fails to guarantee women’s legal rights, but may also cause gender imbalance in the country’s population and affect social harmony and stability. Therefore, we should propagate a new concept of childbirth that allows the birth of boys and girls to take its course, and that it is equally good to have boys and girls, and change their old life style of favoring sons over daughters and relying on sons to carry on the family line.It is imperative to educate the concept. 3. Reducing farmers’ pension pressure through rural pension insurance and other methods, and reducing farmers’ dependence on their sons for pension will also help change the mentality of favoring sons over daughters. When their worries about old-age care are eliminated, they will no longer give birth to a son \”at any cost\”. 4. It is also important to protect the legitimate rights and interests of baby girls through highly operational laws and regulations. If there were perfect legal protection, Ms. Liu in the case could take up legal weapons instead of crying in tears when the basic rights of the baby girl were violated.

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