Insights from eight humorous stories that will change your child’s life

The mouse fell into the half-full rice vat, which made him overjoyed by the unexpected surprise. After confirming that there was no danger, it began to eat and sleep in the rice vat. Soon, the rice tank will reach the bottom, but after all, it can\’t get rid of the temptation of rice and continues to stay in the tank. Finally, when it finished eating the rice, it realized that jumping out was just a dream and that there was nothing it could do about it. Life seems smooth, but in fact it contains mysteries, so we should be prepared for danger in times of peace and be prepared for unexpected emergencies. On the first day, the little white rabbit went fishing and found nothing. The next day, he went fishing again, and it was still the same. Collection of Children\’s Storytelling Club online reading series 1-6, all 60 volumes pdf + epub On the third day it just arrived, a big fish jumped out of the river and shouted: If you dare to use carrots as bait again, I will die. you. What you give is what you \”want\” to give, not what the other person wants. Learn to put yourself in others\’ shoes and understand what others need, and many things may be solved easily. At a banquet, Mark Twain was sitting across from a lady. Out of politeness, he said: You are so beautiful! The lady didn\’t appreciate it and said arrogantly: \”It\’s a pity that I can\’t praise you in the same way!\” Mark Twain said euphemistically and calmly: \”That doesn\’t matter, you can just tell a lie like me. The lady was ashamed The earth bowed its head.\” When you throw a stone, you are often the one who stumbles. The hole you dig is often the one you jump into. A friend who is a doctor had a cancer surgery. After opening it, he found that it could not be cut, so he had to sew it back up. I went to explain the situation to the patient. The patient came from the countryside and did not understand the terminology. He insisted that the surgery would make him cured. He had no choice but to be discharged from the hospital. A year later, he went back for a follow-up visit. He was really cured and the cancer cells had disappeared. Heart disease is difficult to cure, and an optimistic attitude is the best surgery. That year, he was sitting in a coffee shop waiting for a friend. A girl came over and asked: \”Did you get introduced to me by Aunt Wang for a blind date?\” He looked up and looked at her. She was exactly the type he liked. He thought why not make mistakes, so He hurriedly agreed: Yes, please sit down. On the wedding day, he confessed that he was not on a blind date at that time. My wife laughed and said: I\’m not going on a blind date, I\’m just looking for an excuse to strike up a conversation with you… When an opportunity comes, as long as the method is reasonable, seize it quickly. The girls publicly voted for the class beauty. The plain-looking Xiaomei gave a speech: If I am elected, in a few years, the sisters here can proudly say to their husbands that when I was in college, I was more beautiful than the class beauty! As a result, she was unanimously elected! To persuade others to support you, you don\’t necessarily have to prove your excellence, but you have to prove the excellence of others. People are like this and can\’t help but praise. On a high-speed train, an old man accidentally dropped one of the new shoes he just bought from the window. The people around felt very sorry, but the old man immediately threw the second shoe out of the window. This move came as a surprise. The old man explained: \”No matter how expensive this shoe is, it is of no use to me. If someone can pick up a pair of shoes, maybe he can still wear it!\” It is destined to be irreversible pain, so it is better to give up early. Two tigers, one in a cage and one in the wilderness. Both tigers think that the environment they are in is not good, and they envy each other. they decideThe exchange of identities was very happy at first. But soon, both tigers died: one died of hunger, and the other died of depression. Sometimes, people turn a blind eye to their own happiness and always look to the happiness of others. In fact, what you have is what others envy.

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