Is a 3-year-old baby going to be successful in the future if he cries a lot when something happens?

Andy Lau has a song called \”It\’s not a sin for a man to cry.\” If men can cry, then boys should be able to cry. However, many mothers do not think so. They believe that boys should be strong by nature, and crying is a sign of being unpromising. Therefore, boys who cry are often severely criticized. The little boy next door is Zhengzheng. He is a typical warm boy. He is very considerate to his mother and is as warm as a little girl. This child liked to cry when he was young, and his mother would often criticize him. If you continue to cry all the time, don\’t let him go. Several times, in shopping malls and parks, the circles under Zhengzheng\’s eyes were red, and her mother really pretended to leave. Zhengzheng is gradually becoming \”stronger\” and no longer acts coquettishly and cutely towards her mother, and she no longer likes to cry. She wears thick clothes in winter and takes a shower at night by herself. Therefore, it wasn’t until the child changed clothes one day that the mother discovered that there were patches of bruises on the child’s arms. It didn’t look like it happened in a day or two. After constant questioning by his mother, Zhengzheng finally revealed that a child at the same table pinched him during class. When my mother reported this situation to the teacher, the teacher didn\’t understand. Why didn\’t Zhengzheng cry? Didn\’t you tell the teacher? The child silently carried such a painful thing by himself. After the teacher asked Zhengzheng several times, he whispered to the teacher: \”I\’m afraid that my mother will be angry. She won\’t let me fight, let alone cry.\” Although it is said that men do not shed tears easily, but if our children cannot express their emotions correctly, it is not a good thing and will affect the child\’s character development. Why do children always cry? It is normal for children to cry. First, they need to cry to attract their parents\’ attention. When children are comforted by their parents, they can gain a better sense of security. Secondly, young children have limited language expression ability, so crying is a better way for them to express their bad emotions. After crying, the children feel calmer. Children who \”cry at all times\” will be more promising when they grow up, because they have two major advantages that children who don\’t like to cry are incomparable: ① Children who like to cry are better at expressing themselves. Some children cry when they are unhappy. My mother soon noticed that some children kept their unhappy feelings inside. Although they did not bother others, they gradually developed a character that did not like to express themselves and suppressed themselves. Children tend to cry more, which also means that they are children who like to express themselves. When the children grow up, they will be more able to express their emotions in words. Their personality will be more outgoing and lively. In the future, they will be more comfortable with interpersonal relationships and will be more likely to make a big difference. ②Crying children have strong emotional regulation ability. Crying children will also have stronger emotional regulation ability. After the child cries, the bad emotions are released, and the heart will become stronger. Therefore, although some children tend to cry more, they will persevere when encountering difficulties. After crying, continue to move forward. With this kind of spirit, you will be more likely to succeed in the future. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! Parents will find it annoying when their children cry at every turn, and they always use some methods to stop their children and irritate them.The child shouts: \”It\’s so annoying, don\’t cry!\” Use violence to stop the child from crying, or compromise with the child by buying snacks, toys, etc. The way to stop the child from crying is inappropriate. If the child cries constantly, parents can take this step. When the child cries, parents should not be upset and keep calm. When the child cries, the mood is already more excited. If we use beating and scolding Trying to stop the child from crying may make the child more rebellious, or suppress his emotions, making the child feel less safe. We all hope to have a warm and harmonious family environment, so when our children cry, we should not be irritable and should stay calm. Parents can imagine that we ourselves cannot guarantee that we will always be in a good mood. We want to see the smiling faces of our children, but we cannot refuse the crying of our children. We must have empathy to face the setbacks in our children\’s growth. You can better handle your child\’s emotions. The second step is to respect the child\’s right to cry, accept the child\’s bad emotions, and listen to the child\’s voice. If the child is already crying, just let him cry for a while. After the child\’s emotions are vented, he will feel calmer. Letting your child cry means respecting the child\’s right to cry, and accepting the child\’s bad emotions. Let him understand that crying is not your fault, and the child will not feel guilty. When the child\’s mood stabilizes, parents can talk to him or her, listen to the child\’s voice, and what the child\’s thoughts are, so that we can better help the child solve the problem. The third step is to guide children to learn to regulate their emotions. Everyone has bad emotions. How to channel emotions is very important. We don’t like children crying, so we can guide children to express their emotions in other ways. For example, when you are unhappy, you can sing and express your emotions through music; you can talk to your parents or parents, or you can cry in a corner. As long as you can vent your bad emotions, it is very helpful. Good method. When the bad emotions dissipate, regroup and solve the problems you encountered. It is not the child\’s fault that he loves to cry. We should always be the child\’s strong backing and guide the child to set off towards a sunny place. Interactive topic: Does your child like to cry?

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