Is it better for a woman to give birth naturally or by caesarean section?

Moms, when you gave birth to your baby, which method of delivery did you choose? Natural delivery or caesarean section? As the most \”original\” and scientific way of natural delivery, vaginal delivery is the first choice for many mothers. However, there are still some pregnant mothers who clearly meet the requirements for normal delivery, but still resolutely choose a caesarean section during delivery. The reason is three words: \”I am afraid of pain\”! The pain during natural childbirth is indeed unbearable for many mothers. Does natural childbirth hurt, but does caesarean section not hurt? Many people think that caesarean section is relatively simple and is not as troublesome and torturous as normal birth. As long as you \”cut a knife in the belly and sleep on your own\”, the baby can come out directly. But in fact, the process of caesarean section is far from being as simple as everyone imagines, and the whole process is also very frightening. Next, let’s take a look at the steps for a caesarean section. The process of caesarean section is far less \”beautiful\” than imagined. 1. The first step of caesarean section, \”ten centimeter needle\” anesthesia. The first step of caesarean section is to anesthetize the mother. After all, the operation is on the belly. Mothers cannot survive anesthesia. However, the needle used for this anesthesia is not as small as everyone\’s injection, but a \”ten centimeter\” needle. Such a long needle is slowly inserted into the human spinal canal. Just thinking about it makes many people feel uncomfortable. Somewhat scared. 2. The second step of caesarean section is \”peeling the onion\”. Many people often have some misunderstandings about caesarean section. They think that caesarean section is just a \”cut\” directly on the belly. In fact, this is not the case. The process of caesarean section is more like the process of \”peeing an onion\”, which separates the skin and flesh layer by layer rather than cutting it directly with a knife. Layer by layer, gradually separating until the uterus is cut open, this process is not that simple. Some mothers can still feel pain during this process because they are not sensitive to anesthetics. Therefore, the process of cutting open the stomach makes many mothers feel very nervous. 3. The third step of caesarean section is to \”sew up the wound.\” After peeling the onion, the child can be taken out. After a series of treatments, the wound is sutured. This suturing process is relatively painless to the mother. . 4. The fourth step of caesarean section, \”postpartum treatment\”, is not the end of suturing the wound. There is also the final step of postpartum treatment. After a caesarean section, many people do not imagine that they can just lie down and rest in bed. In order to recover from the wound, after the anesthesia has passed, the mother must endure severe pain and turn around or get out of bed. It will take three days after delivery for the incision to gradually become less painful. How about the book Gold Medal Confinement Sister teaches you about confinement? pdf download ultra clear [Precautions during confinement + Confinement recipes + Newborn care] It can be seen that the process of caesarean section is far from being as simple and easy as everyone imagines. Especially after giving birth to a child, many mothers directly fall into regret. For example, some mothers will complain: \”Oh, why didn\’t I choose natural delivery at that time? Now when it is cloudy and rainy, my waist hurts so much, and the incision is particularly painful. These are all the sequelae of caesarean section!\” In fact, Many people have such symptoms, whether it is due to physical reasons or fetal reasonsIt was the mother who initiated the caesarean section, but many fan mothers left messages afterwards saying they regretted it. One mother born in 1995 even said clearly: \”If I could do it over again, I would choose a natural birth.\” And the reasons given by these mothers , basically all are as follows: The \”disadvantages\” of caesarean section 1. After caesarean section, the pregnant mother\’s abdomen will leave ugly scars. First of all, after caesarean section, the uterus will be traumatized to a great extent, and even some mothers This will leave uterine scars and affect your plan to have a second child. Not only that, it will also leave deep scars on the abdomen, which greatly affects the appearance. Some mothers can no longer wear low-waisted pants, which will make many mothers regret it. 2. Choosing a caesarean section is not conducive to the rapid recovery of the body and figure after delivery. Furthermore, choosing a caesarean section is not conducive to the rapid recovery of the body and figure after delivery. If you choose to give birth naturally, you will be able to move around freely soon after delivery and engage in fitness and various body shaping exercises. However, if it is a caesarean section, due to the relatively large trauma to the abdomen, it will take a lot of time to recover. This is not only not conducive to physical recovery, but also makes it difficult to quickly return to the pre-pregnancy figure. 3. It also has a certain impact on the health of the baby. In addition, many mothers said that choosing a caesarean section also has a certain impact on the health of the baby. Their children are not as healthy as those who were born naturally. Although normal birth and caesarean section have no impact on the health of the child, the immunity and stress resistance of the child born by natural birth will be slightly stronger than that of the child born by caesarean section through the squeeze of the birth canal and the protection of vernix, and the development of the lungs will be better. . Therefore, this also makes many mothers who have caesarean section regret it. 4. Prepartum is easy but postpartum is difficult, and caesarean section is easy to leave a series of sequelae. The last point is that, as many mothers have experienced, a series of sequelae appear in the body after caesarean section. Because the uterus and waist were damaged due to caesarean section, and there was no good care in the later period, when it is cloudy and rainy, it is easy to suffer from back pain, which will be the root of the disease for a lifetime. \”If I could do it all over again, I would choose natural birth.\” I don’t know how much this sentence expresses the sentiments of mothers who have had caesarean sections. Cesarean section is not as simple as everyone thinks, especially the disadvantages after delivery. Pregnant mothers still need to be aware of these disadvantages before giving birth, and fully consider the impact of caesarean section on themselves and their children in the future. As for the specific delivery method to choose, the key still depends on the individual\’s physical constitution. If the conditions for normal delivery are met, the mother can give it a try. But if the mother or fetus does not meet the conditions for normal delivery, don\’t be too persistent. You should still make a rational choice based on the doctor\’s reasonable advice. Don\’t be blind and don\’t let yourself regret it. Finally, I hope every mother can give birth safely and every baby can grow up healthily.

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