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Is it better to have a baby during the day or at night?


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

Chinese people always pay attention to a \”good and auspicious day\” when doing things, especially for things like getting married and having children. Many people want to pick a good day and a good time. Especially some elderly people think that as long as they do this, they can get a \”good omen\” and get a good meaning. Couples who get married on a \”good day\” can live a long life as a couple, and children born on a good time can also be successful in the future. Some old people always say that it is better to have a baby during the day than at night. Is this true? Not long before the case, Ms. Liu, a neighbor with a pregnant belly, was sitting on the sofa chatting with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Suddenly, the topic of when to have a baby came up. The mother-in-law was the first to speak: \”You still have to give birth during the day. The child born this way will be healthy and energetic, will have better health in the future, and will be more promising in the future. No matter what, the child in your belly must be born during the day.\” . Hearing what her mother-in-law said, Ms. Liu also found it very funny. She didn’t expect her mother-in-law to still be so \”superstitious\” no matter what age it was. She immediately smiled and said to her mother-in-law: \”Mom, where did you hear that people were born in the daytime?\” The child is full of energy, isn\’t it the same when he is born during the day and at night? Besides, we can\’t control the time when the child is born. We can give birth to him whenever he comes!\” Hearing this, the mother-in-law was speechless for a moment. , Unexpectedly, the sister-in-law next to her directly expressed her opinion: \”This is not superstitious. Although the time of giving birth cannot be controlled, I have to say that giving birth during the day does have the benefits of giving birth during the day.\” Then, as someone who has experienced it, I shared with Ms. Liu something that happened when she gave birth to a child. It turned out that it was already midnight when my sister-in-law was in labor. After she was hurriedly pushed to the delivery room, she vaguely heard the doctor say: \”Why can\’t this baby come earlier? I\’m almost exhausted now, and I still have to continue delivering babies. Hey.\” \”From this simple sentence of the doctor, we can directly see that giving birth during the day is really different from giving birth at night. After giving birth at night, after a busy day, sometimes even the doctor will become \”tired\” \”Excessive\” will naturally have some impact on the entire production process. What should children eat to grow taller? How to make recipes for children to grow taller? If the baby is delivered during the day, the doctor will be more motivated to work, which will be more conducive to the entire delivery work. Therefore, giving birth during the day does have some benefits. Of course, in addition to this, there are many other benefits of giving birth during the day, let’s take a look at them next. •Having a baby during the day is more conducive to family care. First of all, after a mother gives birth during the day, it is more conducive for her family to take care of the mother, inquire about her welfare, and be considerate. But if it is at night, let’s not talk about the problem of light, let’s talk about the problem of human energy. With the busyness and fatigue of the day, there may be some “oversights” in the process of taking care of the mother, and a series of problems will occur, which will have a certain impact. •When giving birth during the day, the mother will be much more energetic. Secondly, if the mother chooses to give birth during the day, her own energy state will be much better. But if you give birth at night, you should be sleepingThe rest time and mental state are also likely to be affected. Giving birth in a drowsy state is definitely not conducive to the progress of childbirth and may cause certain effects. •Have a baby during the day and enjoy more medical resources. It must be said that giving birth during the day has greater protection. During the day, all the machines are running normally and the doctors are performing their duties in an orderly manner. Mothers enjoy the most medical care. Resources are more abundant and giving birth to children is more secure. But at night, most people are off work, leaving only some doctors on duty. Once something goes wrong, it is difficult to have the good medical team to protect you during the day. The above points, I have to say, are indeed worthy of the attention and attention of pregnant mothers. Although giving birth during the day does not mean \”a good meaning\” or a \”good sign\” for some elderly people, it does have many substantial benefits. Both doctors, mothers, and family members are more energetic, allowing all work and steps to be carried out in an orderly manner, reducing the occurrence of various risks. Not only that, but even the medical resources they enjoy are richer. Of course, even though there are so many benefits to giving birth during the day, it is not the best time to give birth. After all, we cannot choose the time to give birth. Natural delivery time is the most scientific delivery time. I hope each of us can treat this issue dialectically. Finally, I hope that every child can be born safely, and that every family can be happy and harmonious.

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