Is it good to not talk back? What should you do if your child talks back to you?

In the process of raising children, I believe many parents have encountered this problem, that is, their children talk back. Sometimes the parents say one thing and the children talk back ten times, which makes the parents so angry that some parents even can\’t help but want to beat their children. pause. So in this situation, what can parents do to play an educational role? Mom Mu Mu has been very distressed recently. Her 6-year-old daughter is becoming more and more \”disobedient\” and often talks back, which makes Mu Mu very angry. One day, Mu Mu wanted to cultivate her daughter\’s ability to do housework, so she asked her daughter to arrange the messy items on the table in order. Unexpectedly, her daughter was not happy and said, \”Don\’t you have any hands?\” After hearing this, Mu Mu Mu couldn\’t believe her ears and was instantly furious. Mu Mu couldn\’t help but said to her child: \”You child, I asked you to take care of it for your own good. Why are you so lazy?\” After hearing this, her daughter shouted: \”Why do you let me do things you don\’t want to do?\” Do it?\” After saying that, he turned and walked away. Something like this happened more than once, which made Mumu very tired. But I don’t know what to do. In most families, children talk back. In fact, children talking back is not always a bad thing. If a child dares to \”confront\” his or her parents, it means that the child is beginning to have his own ideas. So what should a parent do when a child talks back? Regarding this topic, Professor Li Meijin said that you can communicate with your children in this way. \”I know you are angry, but you shouldn\’t talk like this. I\’ll give you time to calm down, and we\’ll talk about it later.\” When parents encounter their children talking back, they will be more excited. At this time, they can reason with their children, and the children will not only listen If you don\’t go in, it will easily lead to the escalation of conflicts, and it will not have an educational effect. When encountering this situation, parents can leave the scene briefly, or divert their attention to do something else, calm themselves down first, and then listen carefully to their children\’s thoughts and criticize them calmly. \”You can express your emotions and thoughts directly instead of scolding others.\” The reason why children talk back is often because they disagree with their parents. In order to express their dissatisfaction, they do not express themselves in the correct way. (Most of the children\’s expressions are imitated by their parents, so parents must first set a correct example.) For example, if a child does not clean up his toys every time he plays with them and throws them everywhere, parents often follow behind to clean them up. At this time, parents can say to their children: \”Mom saw (observation) toys scattered everywhere, and she felt very unhappy when she saw the messy home (feelings). Mom hopes that we live in a clean and tidy home (needs). , can you put away the toys? (Request) \”Baby, we\’re going out in five minutes. Do you want to wear white shoes or yellow shoes?\” \”When a child has a tantrum and is reluctant to go out, parents can give the child the right to choose, making the child feel respected. This makes it easier for the child to accept the parent\’s suggestions.

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