Is it normal for a baby to lean back and thrash when crying? It turns out to be this secret

(Picture source: Question 1: My baby is 4 months old. He usually reacts well and eats well. However, when he cries, his legs become stiff and he likes to tilt his head back. What’s going on? What\’s the matter? Doctor Chen Dan answered: If the baby responds well, there is usually no problem. When most babies cry, they arch their bodies and tilt their heads back. In fact, they are telling parents: \”This baby is having a tantrum. Why don\’t you find a reason to comfort me?!\” This kind of slapping behavior is a rapid expansion of the baby\’s negative emotions. Or the result of long-standing emotions that are difficult to release. For example, sometimes babies are eager to express their thoughts to their parents, but because they can’t speak or their parents will misunderstand them, they use crying and slapping to vent their anxious emotions (some older babies will have emotional outbursts and slapping because their parents do not buy them toys. Behavior). When parents find out the cause of their baby\’s tantrums and comfort them, this phenomenon will disappear. However, there is also a situation of stretching and head tilting, which is a sign of high muscle tone. If the pathology is not completely determined, it is recommended that parents take the baby to the pediatric department of the hospital and let the pediatrician rule out the problem of muscle tone based on the baby\’s reaction and cognition. . Question 2 Hello, my baby is 6 months and 10 days old. I was fed exclusively with milk powder. When he was four months old, he had a one-month period of milk aversion. After a long time, the milk aversion period passed. He didn’t eat anything for the past two days. When he saw the bottle Just pouting. Today I added fried flour and ate a little bit. Later I ate a little bit of steamed egg custard but stopped eating it. I dipped a little bit of dry milk powder into my mouth and slurped it slowly. After eating it, I felt in good spirits. We just don’t want to eat, and we’re a little anxious. Is there any solution? Dr. Zhang Yanmei’s answer: You can take some compound chicken gizzard powder, drink more vegetable water, and take Xiaoshierkang’s multi-dimensional tablets, 1/2 tablet at a time, twice a day to improve symptoms. The problem is that the 38-month-old baby cries a lot at night and cannot sleep well. Sometimes I fall asleep after crying and being gently patted. Sometimes I fall asleep after crying loudly and being hugged. The warm palms rule out the absence of thirst or hunger. Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Anemia, calcium deficiency, indigestion, etc. can all cause this. If you do not supplement vitamin AD, you can supplement vitamin AD and calcium carbonate for half a month to see if there is any improvement.

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