Is it normal to have frequent fetal movements at night?

Sister Ma believes that many pregnant expectant mothers will encounter a special phenomenon, that is, when the expectant mother is preparing to fall asleep, the baby in the belly will become extremely active. This situation often makes expectant mothers panic, worrying that there may be something wrong with the baby\’s unusual activity. But this is not the case. Next, let Sister Ma solve this mystery! Fetal movement is the only interaction between the baby and the mother-to-be, and it is also a way for the mother-to-be to monitor the health of her baby. When babies are hungry or uncomfortable, they will tell their mothers through fetal movements. So, why do expectant mothers feel their baby’s fetal movements so clearly at night? In addition to the fact that some babies do have frequent fetal movements at night, the main reason is that it is quiet at night and the attention is relatively concentrated. In this state, expectant mothers are more likely to clearly feel the baby\’s fetal movements. In addition, sometimes the expectant mother has fallen asleep but is awakened by the baby\’s frequent fetal movements. This is because the baby is \”doing big things\”, and expectant mothers must know! The baby is “hungry” The baby is hungry in the mother-to-be’s belly and is absorbing nutrients to grow! Many people generally believe that babies passively absorb nutrients in the mother\’s belly. A Harvard University scientist has concluded that during pregnancy, a silent battle for nutrients takes place in the uterus. During the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the baby develops very rapidly. Therefore, the baby will frantically obtain nutrients from the mother for its own growth and development. Therefore, the baby will move more at night, possibly protesting that he is \”hungry.\” Since expectant mothers usually eat dinner about 3 to 4 hours before going to bed, they have almost no nutritional supplements in the following time. [The most complete and best sound quality in history] 32 sets of 100 must-listen late pregnancy music for free. At this time, the baby grows and develops the fastest and needs to take in more nutrients, especially elements such as calcium and iron, which are also needed for the development of bones. Consumption in large quantities. If the expectant mother cannot meet the baby\’s needs, the little one may become a little upset and kick and hit the mother. In the process of competition for nutrition, maternal love is fully demonstrated, and the baby always wins in the end. Therefore, expectant mothers must pay attention to their nutritional intake, which must not only be balanced, but also sufficient. Because you are not just eating for yourself, there is also a little one who is craving for your nutrition! When the baby is bored, to the baby, the mother\’s womb is like a small dark room with the doors and windows closed. The baby needs to spend ten months in such an environment, so it is inevitable that he will get bored. Especially late at night, when the expectant mother has fallen asleep, the baby will feel even more bored and unaccompanied. In order to make time pass faster, naughty babies will naturally entertain themselves and do some exercises. For example: Playing with the umbilical cord: This is the only toy the baby has for ten months. Bored babies will play with their own umbilical cord, and sometimes the umbilical cord will become entangled, which is not reassuring. Do limb stretching exercises: As babies increase in size, they need to expand their space and will stretch their arms and kick their calves from time to time. For example, push the expectant mother\’s organs upward to make room for herself. From here you can see how naughty our baby is! Yawn: babyShe will yawn when she is in her mother\’s belly, lasting about 5 to 6 seconds each time. Swimming: Around the 6th week of pregnancy, the baby will learn to swim. As the gestational age increases, the strength will also increase. These exercises not only relax your baby, but are also beneficial to their growth and development. Only occasionally, some movements may be too large, affecting the sleep of expectant mothers. The baby is \”interacting\” with the mother at night, and the expectant mother needs to go to bed to rest after a tiring day. At this time, only the expectant mother and expectant father may be left in the room. In fact, this is the best time to interact with the baby. Do expectant mothers know? The baby in the belly will remind the expectant mother that it is time to interact with herself through frequent fetal movements. Maybe the naughty baby will prick up his ears and turn over and over to eavesdrop on the conversation between his parents. That’s why they move happily! Of course, these are normal fetal movements that reassure expectant mothers, so mothers should not be too nervous. If an expectant mother has irregular fetal movements, she must learn to distinguish them. Once an abnormal situation occurs, seek medical treatment promptly and avoid delay! Be wary of the following four fetal movements: ✔ Hypofetal movement: less than 6 fetal movements within 3 consecutive hours. ✔ Excessive fetal movement: sudden increase of more than 50%. ✔ Violent fetal movement: The fetal movement suddenly accelerates, and the movement range is large and rapid. ✔Abnormal fetal movement: The fetal movement suddenly increases, then suddenly decreases, and becomes very weak. If an expectant mother has the above four fetal movements, it may indicate that the baby is in danger and needs to go to the hospital immediately.

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