Is it too pretentious for a wife to raise a baby? This father only experienced it for one day, but the result was…

Last night, my best friend called me to complain: \”The day before yesterday, I took the baby to get vaccinated. I took the bus and walked all the way. When I came back, the baby kept crying and wouldn\’t sleep. I didn\’t rest for a whole day, and I also had diarrhea. I couldn\’t bear the cold at night. After my husband came back, I couldn\’t help but sigh: \”Honey, I\’m so tired.\” As a result, my husband replied disdainfully: \”Are you still tired? You don\’t have to go to work every day, so just bring a The child still complains that he is tired every day?\’ I was really angry when I heard this sentence!\” I believe any mother will feel aggrieved when her husband talks about herself like this. How tiring is it to raise a baby? People who have never been in actual combat will not understand. I told my husband that no matter how hard it was to take care of the baby, it would be better to let him take care of it alone for a day. No, there really is an unconvinced father on the Internet. With disdain for his wife complaining that she was tired of raising a baby, he personally experienced raising a baby for a day and watched him hurriedly record the experience of raising a baby for a whole day. I believe mom We will definitely sneer: Isn’t this our daily life? If your husband dares to say that you are not tired of raising children, then show him this article, or let him experience it for himself for one day. One day is enough. I often hear the words \”it\’s so tiring to take care of children\”, but I don\’t understand. How can it be tiring to accompany my \”child of love\”? On the contrary, it’s me who works humbly and hard every day in order to support a large family. I’m even more tired, okay? Therefore, in order to let women all over the world understand: \”It\’s hypocritical to complain about being tired after raising a baby.\” I decided to use the short vacation to experience a day in the life of a stay-at-home husband. The following is my experience report. I hope all fathers will take a good look at it. Is it tiring to raise a baby? Reasons for the experience: My wife and I have been texting like this for about two months, so I decided to correct my wife’s behavior of getting lazy on the excuse of being tired from raising a baby. Me: I\’m off work and going home now. Wife: Thank you for your hard work. The baby didn’t sleep much today and I can’t make dinner. I’m sorry, husband. Me: (Tch, my baby is not a bad boy who makes noises 24 hours a day) Oh, I understand, just wait until I get back to do it. Wife: Also, there is nothing to drink at home. Go to the convenience store to buy some when you come back. Me: (I’m thirsty even though I can’t cook) Well, I understand, is there anything else? Wife: I want to eat sweets! It needs to be super sweet! chocolate! Me: (I’ll go, there’s a lot to do) Good rules: ① Give your wife a day off and let her go out with her friends; ② Don’t ask anyone for help; ③ Resolutely not let your wife come back early, so give her a message When reporting via text message, always say: \”Don\’t worry, the child is well behaved.\” Records when raising the baby alone 12:12 It took 20 minutes to put the baby to sleep, but he woke up as soon as he put it on the bed. 12:16 I wanted to put the baby to sleep again, but the baby pooped. 12:18 It seemed that he couldn\’t pull it out. , so I cried loudly 12:21 The cry was louder than the thunder 12:23 The daddy was exposed from behind 12:40 I packed up the daddy 12:53 I just finished changing clothes, and once I put it on the pillow, I pooped again 12:56 Another meal After tidying up, I finally went to bed at 13:26. After lunch, I just poured hot water into the instant noodles at 13:30, and the baby woke up and went to sleep at 14:14.14:16 Woke up 14:53 Cried loudly 14:56 Breastfeeding 14:59 Leakage 15:26 Always taking it slow 15:48 Going out for a walk 11 o’clock: The most important thing about raising a baby is to When I had the confidence to send my wife out, my son looked a little sleepy, so I thought, after putting my son to sleep, I would live broadcast the whole process of raising the baby on Weibo. 12 o\’clock~: Taking care of the baby means dealing with poop. After spending 20 minutes to put him to sleep, he woke up the moment he put him on the bed. Before my son fell asleep, it was common for him to experience \”sleep-bed-crying repeatedly\”. I confidently put my son on the pillow, but my son showed his devilish side…a large amount of poop leaked from his back, and the surrounding area was filled with wetness. The scent of towels. 1:30~: I feel so tired after having a meal. After cleaning up the poop on my son’s body, I can finally calm down for a while. After finally coaxing my son to sleep, I couldn\’t miss the opportunity, so I quickly made myself some instant noodles. Just after pouring the hot water, my son woke up… only 2 minutes, 2 minutes! After finally coaxing my son to stop crying, I started eating noodles. Afraid that the noodle soup would splash on my son\’s face and burn him, I almost turned my body 90 degrees and put my mouth as close to the mouth of the cup as possible. It didn\’t look like a person eating at all. 2 o\’clock~: My son is just a little devil. He just fell asleep as if he saw me finishing the noodles. I tried my best to suppress the urge to smoke a cigarette, and followed my wife\’s instructions, quickly cleaning up the clothes stained with my son\’s poop. It is said that if the poop is not disposed of immediately, the color will not be completely faded no matter how much you wash it afterwards. As soon as I cleaned up the poop, I heard my son crying. 3 o\’clock~: What you drink is milk, what comes out is stool. My son is crying probably because he is hungry. Since I didn’t have breast milk, I had to use a bottle to make milk powder. The son who is drinking milk is simply an angel. I was completely healed by such a son. At this time, after 2 and a half hours, my son had diarrhea again. He was drinking milk, and his buttocks were not idle either. 4 o\’clock~: No matter how well I coax my son, I have to take him to the nearest store to buy a cake. His son seemed to be in a good mood after being praised by a passing aunt for being cute. I successfully bought the cake and took my son home who was in a much better mood. After this, the real hell begins, and I have no energy left to record. As a result of the tiring experience of raising a baby, I still had to bite the bullet and text my wife: \”My son fell asleep very well, just take the last train back.\” If I could express my one-day experience of raising a baby in one sentence, , that is: \”Bringing up a baby is too tiring!\” Experience what happens when raising a baby alone Number of meals: 1 Coffee consumed: 2 bottles Number of cigarettes: 0 Dinner: None Weibo update: None Mobile games: 2 Minutes (only opened once) Others: I don’t even remember whether I went to the toilet or not. I am so impressed with my wife now. I have to get along with such a \”little monster\” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and my wife is amazing. I want to thank my wife from the bottom of my heart, and I want to reflect on myself for my previous wrong thoughts. I also complained about being busy at work, which was really embarrassing. Conclusion: There is no time to make dinner. Being able to do some other housework is already great. The day after I experienced raising a baby, I said: I’m off work.Going home now. Wife: Thank you for your hard work. The baby didn’t sleep much today and I can’t make dinner. I’m sorry, husband. Me: (Well, I totally understand! There’s nothing we can do about it) Ah, I understand, just wait until I get back to do it. Wife: Also, there is nothing to drink at home. Go to the convenience store to buy some when you come back. Me: (I don’t have time to buy it, do I) Well, I understand, is there anything else? Wife: I want to eat sweets! It needs to be super sweet! chocolate! Me: (Is 1 yuan enough? Why don’t you buy 2 yuan and save it for tomorrow during the day) Okay, this is a bit long, I hope those who can’t stand it can at least listen to what I say below. Taking care of a baby after giving birth is really harder than working! Any dad who thinks I’m lying can try it himself. It was only after I experienced this that I began to feel grateful to my wife and learned many ways to get along with my children. On this day, I really realized the hard work of raising a person, which was very meaningful. If you still have the thought \”It would be fine if it were me\” or are dissatisfied with your wife, then you must experience a day as a housewife. As for whether raising a baby is tiring or not? I want to speak objectively. In the process of raising a baby, you have the privilege of seeing the smile on your child\’s face and discovering his new expressions. During this one-day experience, I felt depressed many times, but the moment I saw my son smile, all my complaints and fatigue disappeared. But, frankly speaking, if I were asked to take care of my children 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, I really have no confidence that I would be able to do it. In a family, a man must not have the idea of ​​\”I am working to make money, so my wife should do housework and take care of the kids.\” Instead, he should have the idea of ​​\”Dad is responsible for the work, mom is responsible for the housework, and then they both share the responsibility of raising the kids.\” \”Such awareness. For fathers who feel that mothers are being pretentious in raising their children, no matter what you say, it’s useless. Try it yourself!

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