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Is it useful for parents to accompany their children when they are disobedient?


Dec 1, 2023 #school age

As their children grow up, many parents will encounter the problem of their children being disobedient. In order to solve this problem, some parents choose to accompany their children to study. So, is it useful for parents to accompany their children when they disobey? Today we will discuss this issue. First, we need to clarify what accompaniment is. Accompanying reading means that parents accompany their children when they are studying and help them complete their learning tasks. There are many ways to accompany reading, such as sitting next to children to supervise their learning, or helping them answer questions. So, is it useful for parents to accompany their children when they disobey? The answer to this question is not absolute. Reading with you may be useful for some children, but not for others. For some children, the presence of a parent can make them feel reassured and comfortable, allowing them to focus more on their studies. Parents can provide necessary help and guidance when their children are learning, so that their children can better understand and master knowledge. In addition, parents\’ companionship can also enhance children\’s self-confidence and motivation to learn, allowing them to learn more actively. However, for other children, parental presence may have the opposite effect. These children may feel that their parents\’ presence is a form of pressure and restraint, leading to resistance. In addition, parents\’ presence may also affect children\’s independent thinking and self-management abilities, making them become overly dependent on their parents. What should I do if my children don’t take the initiative to learn? How to make children fall in love with learning. Efficient accompanying reading class completed mp3. So, how should parents choose whether to accompany reading? First of all, parents should understand their children and decide whether to accompany them to study based on their personality and study habits. If the child is relatively independent and has strong self-management ability, then parents can let go appropriately and let the child learn on his own. If a child is more dependent on his parents or has poor study habits, parents may consider accompanying them to study. However, parents should pay attention to the methods and methods when reading with them, not to put too much pressure and restraint on their children, and to let their children feel the support and encouragement of their parents. Finally, I would like to quote a famous saying: \”The essence of education is that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul.\” Parents play an important role in the growth of their children. role, we should guide and educate children in the right way to help them become independent, confident, and responsible people.

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