Is there any disease caused by a newborn screaming and crying?

Question 1: My baby is almost four and a half months old. I don’t remember when it started. It seems to be almost three months ago. He is put to sleep at night instead of lying there to eat and sleep. He is held in his arms while he eats. Sometimes he cries, screams and cries, which is very irritating. My ears scream and cry even when bathing and swimming. Is there something wrong with screaming and crying? In addition, sometimes when holding the baby upright, his head tilts back hard and his feet stick out. Is this normal? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: If the child is otherwise normal, this should be a habit problem. Some children cry a lot, which is related to personality. If parents are worried, they can go to the doctor to check the child. No special examination is required. The doctor can check the child, listen to the crying, and judge based on experience. Another common screaming and crying situation is colic in children. When children have colic, they will suddenly burst into tears and scream suddenly. However, colic crying is basically a regular occurrence every day. Time cannot be coaxed. After this time, it will be fine. At the same time, it is often accompanied by symptoms such as labored bowel movements, abdominal distension, and grunting. You need to check the muscle tension when you tilt your head back. If the muscle tension is normal, it\’s fine. Question: My child has no fever in two or two months, sneezes a little, coughs occasionally, the nose is sometimes blocked, and sometimes you can hear phlegm in the throat. If the phlegm is not discharged in time, will pneumonia develop? How can you expel phlegm from your throat? Dr. Pan Guilan answered: If the baby is too young, I suggest you take him to the local pediatrician. If the nose is blocked, you can use a hot towel to compress the nose. Apply the hot compress several times and ask the pediatrician to listen to see if there is anything wrong with the baby\’s lungs. If there is no phlegm in the lungs, there is no problem. What a big deal. If there is a lot of phlegm, you can suction it. If there is a small amount, you can give some medicine. Question: A three- to two-year-old boy accidentally swallowed two nitroglycerin tablets, but his mental state is normal. What should he do next? Doctor Yang Yafeng answered: Nitroglycerin mainly dilates blood vessels and is poorly absorbed when taken orally. Observe the heart rate and blood pressure for half an hour. As long as the heart rate does not exceed 120 and the blood pressure does not fall below 80, it is fine. The half-life is relatively short, if it\’s okay for half an hour, then it\’s fine.

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