Is your method of preparing milk powder correct?

My neighbor became a mother last year and loves to share various parenting experiences with me. His child has been weaned recently, and our conversations often revolve around milk powder. She wanted to know everything about formula. What brand is good? How old do you want to drink until? When should you drink it and how much should you drink? Although this dry knowledge is very important, the topic I want to talk about today is: Do you have everything right at home about how to prepare formula milk? If the method is wrong, no matter how good the milk powder is, it will be a waste. Let me share with you 4 typical and interesting stories. Grandma said that milk powder should be washed with boiling water. Xiaoxuan\’s parents are very busy at work. They leave early and come home late. They usually rely on grandma to take care of them. Because the mother\’s milk supply was low, she was weaned very early. Xiaoxuan has been drinking formula milk. Grandma likes to use boiling water to make milk powder for Xiaoxuan, thinking that this way the milk powder can be fully dissolved. Grandma always cools down the prepared milk powder before giving it to Xiaoxuan to drink. It\’s not that bad in winter. Boiling water cools down quickly and you can drink it quickly. But in summer, the problem of using boiling water to make milk powder arises. The recharged milk was too hot and I had to wait for a long time before I could drink it. Xiaoxuan would cry every day while waiting, and sometimes he would lose his temper and yell randomly. It made grandma both heartbroken and anxious. As time passed, grandma also came up with a good idea. Prepare a large cup of cold boiled water every day, brew it with boiling water first, then pour in the cold boiled water, mix it a little, and it will be ready for Xiaoxuan to drink soon. At this point, experienced mothers must be shaking their heads. Yes, grandma’s method is wrong. The correct way is to use warm water, warm water, warm water to prepare milk powder. Modern nutrition tells us that if the water temperature is too high, the whey protein in the milk powder will clot, affecting digestion and absorption. On the other hand, some vitamins that are unstable to heat will be destroyed, especially the immune active substances added to some milk powders will be completely destroyed. From another perspective, our pure natural breast milk is also human body temperature. You can use grandma’s wisdom combined with scientific feeding. Mix boiling water + cold boiled water to quickly adjust to the right temperature. This method greatly shortens the waiting time for the baby. Use fresh boiled water that day and let it cool down for later use, otherwise the bacteria in the water will harm your baby\’s tender intestines. Dad said that for making milk powder, it is best to use stainless steel bottles. Xiaohan, a fat boy, has been very good at eating since he was a child. I have to eat 200ml of milk powder every meal to have enough, and my appetite is very good. But being naughty and restless, he had already broken several glass milk bottles and returned them. Each one was an imported product and was worth a lot of money. Mom is really hurt and is ready to take care of him once. Dad refused to let him go and made excuses for Xiaohan, saying that it was just a sign of being smart. And boasted that Haikou had a way to solve this problem. With that said, he took out his secret weapon: a stainless steel milk bottle. My mother said to herself: It’s so ugly. This is the most unattractive baby bottle I have ever seen. . . Son, you are suffering. The benefits of stainless steel bottles soon became apparent. The baby bottles at home have never been broken again. It seems that there is peace in the world. Until one night before going to bed, my father confessed to his mother. He felt that he needed to change Xiaohan\’s milk bottle. The reason is that Xiaohan\’s grandma found that the scale is inside the bottle and it is easy to see clearly, so she doesn\’t know how much milk powder has been prepared. It’s not easy to clean, especiallyInside, you can\’t tell whether it has been washed or not. The stainless steel milk bottle has since become a vase. Xiaohan changed back to the original glass bottle. The stainless steel baby bottles currently on sale are generally promoted as being durable, antibacterial and hygienic, convenient for temperature control, safe and affordable, so they seem to be a good choice. There are many inconveniences in actual use. Doctors recommend that it is best to use transparent glass bottles to prepare milk powder. Let the milk come first or the water first, that is the question. Xiao Min gave birth to a baby boy, Xiao Jun. Since having Xiaojun, she, who was \”unconventional\” and \”heartless\”, has completely changed her appearance. I often call my best friends to learn and discuss various parenting experiences, and buy and buy all day long for Xiaojun. He even made various food supplements for Xiaojun, and took Xiaojun\’s clothes to the sun to dry and disinfect them. One time, my best friend came to her house and happened to see Xiao Min making milk powder for Xiao Jun. According to the normal dosage, she first put 2 tablespoons of milk powder and then added warm water. My best friend immediately said, it’s the other way around! Xiao Min was very puzzled at the time. Speaking of this, experienced mothers must have understood it. Let the water go first, let the water go first, let the water go first. Does it need to be so particular? It\’s the same whether you put the water in first or later. Many new parents think so, but this is not the case. Let’s take a look at the official scientific explanation: To prepare infant formula milk powder, you need to carefully follow the ratio of milk powder to water in the instructions. If it is concentrated, it will increase the burden on the baby\’s gastrointestinal tract and cause indigestion; if it is dilute, not only will he not be full, but he will also not get enough nutrition. If you put the milk powder first, the milk powder will also occupy a certain volume and you cannot control the amount of water. Grandpa said, I am very strong and I am best suited for making milk powder. My child’s grandfather is in his early 60s. He loves his granddaughter very much and likes to do all kinds of things for her. He always said that I am strong and best suited for making milk powder. I didn\’t understand it at first, but then I understood it. This is how he prepares milk powder. The front is all good. After sterilizing the bottle, add warm water and add milk powder according to the dosage I mentioned. Then close the bottle and shake vigorously, for fear that the milk powder cannot be fully dissolved. After finishing it, there was a lot of foam in the bottle and it looked like a big bottle. Such vigorous shaking will produce a lot of bubbles, which will cause discomfort to the baby\’s stomach. Think about it, adults would be uncomfortable if they drank a lot of carbonated drinks every day, let alone delicate infants and young children. The method recommended by most pediatricians: Hold the bottle with warm water and milk powder between your hands, rub it back and forth a few times, and the milk will be shaken evenly. This method will not easily cause the milk to bubble, and can prevent the baby from inhaling too much Air. Don\’t use too much force as it may cause small bubbles. Some mothers may want to tell me that if I do it myself according to the standard requirements, it will definitely be fine. But can family members do the same? Breaking old habits requires courage and courage. The development of new habits requires principles and persistence. Feeding children is not careless at all and is very particular. Since you are a mother, you must have principles, perseverance, and never give in or compromise. As long as the family understands that everything is for the sake of the children, once the running-in period is over, things will naturally fall into place. Mother, sometimes you have to be so stubborn and willful.

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