It’s holiday, mom, can I play on my phone? Your answer determines your child\’s future

\”It\’s holiday, Mom, can I play with my phone for a while?\” Xiaojing chased her mother and asked repeatedly. Mom was annoyed by the questions, so she gave the phone to Xiaojing, thought about it, and said, \”Then you promise me, I can only play for a while.\” Xiaojing held the phone, stared at the cartoon on the screen, and quickly He nodded in agreement without even looking at his mother. It\’s also a holiday, and mothers have different answers when faced with their children\’s requests to play with their mobile phones. When Xiaoxiao was like Xiaojing, chasing her mother for a mobile phone to play with. Recommended scientific parenting books. I really hope my parents have read this book. Download the electronic version. Xiaoxiao’s mother replied: “Mom, let’s take you to the amusement park. You don’t always want to play.” Xiaoxiao didn’t expect her mother to answer like this. She was so happy. jumped up. \”With my mother\’s company, I can go to the amusement park. This is much better than playing on my mobile phone.\” Xiaoxiao thought to herself. Do children need mobile phones or companionship? Do you want your mobile phone to become your child\’s closest person and replace your own position? This may depend on your answer. Yes, there is a relationship with the child hidden in the parent’s answer! \”Play as you want\” Alienation NetEase CEO Ding Lei once said: Many parents are lazy and throw their phones to their children to free up their own time. It is precisely because parents are too lazy to accompany their children that they become addicted to mobile phones! Some parents feel that mobile phones are like a clone of them, and are even more effective in dealing with crying children than their strict education. Therefore, many parents, after repeated attempts, will always agree to their children\’s requests to play with mobile phones. Over time, children have become closer to their mobile phones and become more and more distant from their parents. But all this stems from the parent\’s words: \”You go ahead and play.\” Many parents use mobile phones as a tool to discipline their children and let them share their responsibilities, but in fact, mobile phones are also taking away children\’s dependence and love for their parents. Just imagine, when children gradually become addicted to mobile phones, affecting their learning, or even learning badly, will parents still feel relaxed? Mobile phones not only emit radiation, which will affect children\’s health, but also expose children to bad habits. The world on mobile phones is complicated and confusing, and parents are easily addicted, not to mention children who have little self-control. Just like many children use their parents\’ money to reward anchors, or go on shopping sprees… When a series of problems arise, parents wake up. Is it too late? In this regard, parents must control their children\’s use of mobile phones and not let their children become addicted to it. When faced with children\’s requests to play on mobile phones, parents should not just agree casually just for the sake of temporary \”freedom\”. A casual answer will not only alienate the relationship between parents and children, but also cause a series of family problems, losing both wives and soldiers. \”I\’ll accompany you\” In one issue of \”Youth Talk\”, primary school student Ye Zijian stood on a high platform and said with tears: \”You adults are always like this. In order to maintain peace now, you use your mobile phone to stabilize us. When we grow up When you are older and addicted to mobile phones, you will think that it is the mobile phone that has delayed us. But have you ever thought about who put the mobile phone into my hand when you were a child? And who gave up on me? Care and companionship?\” It turns out that it is not the mobile phones that have taken away our children, but that we have given up our children to the mobile phones. In fact, children are not completely dependent on mobile phones, they are justIt\’s just loneliness. When you say you want to play with your child, the child is no longer lonely and even more satisfied. This kind of response from parents not only makes the children feel that they are being noticed, but also keeps the children away from mobile phones and enhances the parent-child relationship. When parents give their children a lot of company, they can not only feel the warmth of the family, but also learn a lot of new knowledge. Children who grow up in such a family will be closer to their parents, be optimistic and cheerful, and know how to distinguish between good and bad. When it comes to children wanting to play with mobile phones, different parents’ answers will lead to completely different children. Stay with you, stay with me. In fact, many times, adults also need the company of children. Children are like purifiers, which can help parents filter out the \”feathers\” of adults. In other words, when you spend time with your children, your children are also with you. Under the sunshine, the child expects you to accompany him to study, and you feel calm because of his company; under the bright lights of thousands of houses, the child expects you to accompany him to eat, and you feel at ease because of his company; when the sky is filled with red clouds, The child looks forward to you playing with him, and you are happy because of his company. You see, companionship is a two-way street and is a bridge that strengthens the relationship between parents and children. So, when the holidays come, especially when children want to play with mobile phones, can mothers give their children more answers? \”Baby, mom, let\’s study with you!\” \”Baby, let\’s learn a new skill together today, okay? It\’s cool to learn!\” \”Baby, let\’s watch a movie together.\” \”Baby, do you like it? Mom, are you staying with me? Mom is very grateful that you can stay with her. From now on, let her join your world.\” Love is the last thing that needs reasons and excuses. If you love your children, you will accompany them. What should I do if my children don’t take the initiative to learn? How to make children fall in love with learning and efficient reading class. Completed mp3. If you love your children, you will not let the cold mobile phone replace you. What your children need more is the warm hug of their parents!

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