Just complain

Today, I took my daughter to the playground and ate at a nearby fast food restaurant for lunch. At the table next to me, three girls were chattering away. Among the three people, two are slightly older and one is still in his youth. They are all wearing the same uniform. They may be white-collar workers in the office building next to them. A said, \”Didn\’t she become the supervisor just because of her face? Why did she yell at us? What did she do when she was an employee? This team relies on us to support it.\” B said, \”Yes, that\’s right. You caught us talking about something, little Not much, but after the two seniors listed several injustices that had happened to them, they gradually began to talk more, and there was no shortage of attacks on their supervisors. \”It turns out that she is like this.\” The little girl finally confirmed. I was listening and shaking my head. For a newbie in the workplace, speaking sarcastically about a leader behind his back is the most irrational behavior, whether it is to cater to others or to express feelings. I have a deep understanding of this. When I first came to work at the company, I always felt that it was not going well. If you make a small mistake at work, you will be scolded by the manager. Sometimes, even if there are just a few typos in the plan, I will be called to the conference room to talk for ten minutes. I began to suspect that she was targeting me, but later I found out that she was not targeting the entire department. As long as there is no occasion for her, almost everyone will list all the shortcomings of her. \”What kind of skills do you have? What do you know after being transferred from the secretarial department?\” \”With a pig head, you can even convey the company\’s spirit incorrectly.\” \”You know how to torment us every day, isn\’t it just to make the leader look capable?\” \”Use chicken feathers as a pawn. \”Come on, a mistake on the form is like punching a hole in the sky. Who is going to hand this form over to see?\” After a while, I lost all focus on my work, thinking that no matter how much I did, I would still be criticized, so I just threw it away. . I was thinking about how to fight with my manager Gong at work, and I was complaining a lot when I got home from get off work. In the end, it was my Lao Wang who put the brakes on me. Lao Wang is good at Bagu and lists one, two and three. First, there are people who make sarcastic remarks everywhere. Some of them have unfulfilled desires and resentment in their hearts, so they like to make irresponsible remarks about leaders. Part of it is jealousy. You can\’t see others being better than yourself. Even if others are busy every day, you don\’t want to. Second, complaining will not help solve your current dilemma. On the contrary, the more you complain about various injustices, the more meaningless your efforts will be. In fact, to put it bluntly, you are criticized because you are not good enough. If it\’s awesome, people won\’t be able to find fault with it. Third, there is no airtight wall in the world. Sooner or later, your words will reach the ears of the manager. She may not be able to deal with others, but she can still deal with you, a newcomer. If you lose your job, our family won\’t be able to afford a car. The last sentence was simply enlightening. That car I was looking for kept waving at me. Instead of working hard to make money, I wasted my energy on complaining. When I look back at the manager\’s criticism, although it feels a bit harsh, I really can\’t refute it. There are indeed shortcomings. The reason why the wrong words were scolded for ten minutes was because the ambiguity caused by those words was quite big. Let’s look at the departmentsEveryone is considered to be a veteran, with no less seniority than a manager, so it is normal to have grievances. What\’s more, the managers they followed at the beginning are now middle-level managers in the company. If I had to go under the knife, it would definitely be me. After breaking out in a cold sweat, I began to try to change and stop discussing the manager\’s rights and wrongs. Even if someone asked me to talk about it, I would just ignore it and never agree. As time goes by, few people ask me to talk about the manager. I began to take my work very seriously and strive to make every copy, every PPT, and every form the best. For tasks assigned by the manager, I always do my homework in advance and strive to achieve perfection. The biggest gain from this is that I feel that my work is getting easier and easier, and my manager is making things less and less difficult for me. In fact, the manager values ​​me more and more. Later, I successfully participated in the competition for other positions. After receiving the news, the manager congratulated me and said many heartfelt words to me. \”I know you are arranging me from behind.\” \”I am not, manager.\” \”You are not arranging me now, but you were not arranging me less when you first came here. Fortunately, you stepped back from the brink, otherwise I will definitely take action on you.\” I smiled sarcastically. , thinking what Lao Wang said, there really is no airtight wall in the world. Confucius said, \”Those who complain about heaven have no aspirations, and those who complain about others are poor.\” Complaining is nothing but the inherent shortcomings of the weak. They speak out to find excuses for failure and gain sympathy and recognition from others. Just like those colleagues, they are just dissatisfied after losing the competition. When you are used to using other people\’s mistakes to cover up your own faults; when you are used to using the injustice of the environment to avoid your own shortcomings; when you are used to seeing your achievements as your own and problems as others\’, you have fallen into a cycle that starts over and over again. It’s a vicious cycle, the more you can’t do it, the more you complain, and the more you complain, the more you can’t do it. Once, a manager said something to me, which left a deep impression on me: If you want to make progress, stop complaining and work hard. If you complain about me now, you will complain about the new manager another day. If you complain again and again, you can only stay where you are. I look down on people like that. If they are dissatisfied with me, they will get angry and climb on my head. Complaining is useless. Yes, you are the only one who can change yourself. The workplace is a place where performance speaks for itself. Complaining will only make you lose confidence and courage, become more and more negative, and ultimately achieve nothing. Stop complaining and work hard, and luck will come quietly.

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