Just look at the child’s heels and you’ll know that the parents are 70-80%

\”Why are you so stupid?\” It was past 10 o\’clock, and the father was accompanying his child to do his homework. The child kept making mistakes. After telling him two or three times, the father couldn\’t help it anymore. He slapped the pen on the desk and said, \”Why are you doing this?\” So stupid? It\’s nothing like me. Use your brain and think carefully before doing it. Don\’t just write it casually. The child\’s face turned red and he said: I am stupid, you are smart, but you are also a stupid dad. My father was angry and put down his homework. He couldn\’t teach and was too lazy to teach. On the weekend, my cousin, who is three years younger than the child, came to play at home, and the two of them were required to finish their homework before they could move around freely. The child finished writing first, and the mother asked the child to help his cousin with tutoring. The child saw his cousin doing the multiplication table and made a few mistakes. The child explained it to his cousin. The cousin erased it and rewrote it, but it was still wrong. The child told it again. The cousin got it right this time and continued writing. Another one was written incorrectly. The child was angry, took the eraser and erased all the wrong places written by his cousin: Why are you so stupid that you can\’t do such a simple question well? How many times have I told you! The cousin cried bitterly. \”Who asked you to destroy it?\” Dongdong is a child who likes to take apart toys. He will take apart his toys. Some of them can be put back together, but most of the time they cannot be put back together. Mom always said he was in charge of demolition. One day, Dongdong was playing at home and running around in the living room. He accidentally knocked over the vase and broke it to the ground. Dongdong cried immediately. As soon as my mother got off work, she saw the living room in a mess. She was tired and shouted casually: Why are you crying? You are so old and you only know how to cry. Who told you not to run around and break the vase? what to do? Dongdong said \”woo woo\” without saying a word. Then one day, my mother was chatting with her friends in the community, and her friend’s children were playing with Dongdong not far away. I don’t know what happened, but Dongdong pushed his friend’s child to the ground. A friend\’s child fell face first. The mother and her friend rushed over to see the friend\’s child, who was sobbing. Mom scolded Dongdong loudly: \”Why are you pushing others?!\” Dongdong pointed angrily at the toy with a small corner missing on the ground: I didn\’t let him play with it, but he insisted on playing with it. Who could have allowed him to break my toy? ? ! My friend\’s child cried to Dongdong in grievance: I didn\’t mean it, I didn\’t know it would break! ! Mom looked at her friend slightly embarrassed. That day, my father said: Why are you so stupid! It\’s nothing like me at all. Use your brain and think carefully before you do it. Later, the child said to his cousin: Why are you so stupid that you can\’t do such a simple question well? How many times have I told you! That day, my mother yelled: I told you to stop running around? And broke the vase! Later, the child said to his friend: I didn\’t let him play with it, but he insisted on playing with it. Who allowed him to break my toy? ! As the saying goes: Dragon begets dragon, phoenix begets phoenix, mice and children can make holes. Children are the mirror of their parents, reflecting the parts that their parents usually hide with words. So, when we love them, we love them so deeply. Gritting our teeth when we are angry with them. Children reflect the deepest parts of our hearts. If your child\’s behavior is unacceptable to you, you might as well take a look at yourself. If you choose to let your child become a dragon, then you must become a dragon first. If you want your child to become a phoenix, then you must become a phoenix yourself.

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