Learning these photography skills is enough to kill the photo studio instantly! Let\’s take a picture of the child.

In the crisp autumn weather, it is a beautiful and meaningful thing to record the growth of children with a camera. Some people say that it is difficult to take pictures of children because they are active by nature and do not know how to cooperate. In fact, every expression of a child is the most authentic representation. The real thing is the most beautiful when it is natural and unadorned. You only need to pick up the camera to record it. Photography Tips 1. Take some photos when we look at the photo studio. We always feel that the children\’s smiles are all the same. This is a deliberate result. The photographer is not familiar with the children enough, and the photo studio is not an environment that the children are familiar with. In such a situation, the children are very It’s hard to relax completely, so it’s not easy to take a good photo. How to make photos of children interesting and beautiful? Capture it! Don\’t let the children realize that \”we are taking pictures\”, but adopt the mentality of \”you go play, I will record\” and the chance of taking good photos will be much greater. 2. Children at low angles are smaller and have different field of vision than adults. Therefore, if you want to take a natural photo, you must try to enter the child\’s world and be at the same height as the child. You can get it by sitting down or squatting down. It’s a good shooting angle. If parents don’t mind the trouble, they can take a wonderful photo lying on the floor! 3. Create a situation. After putting children in a shooting location, sometimes they will fall into an awkward situation. The children cannot let go and play, and the parents do not know how to guide them. The children become more and more nervous, and the parents cannot take good photos. will become discouraged. The solution is to design a scenario. How to design it? It is enough to rely on props. If a kitten or puppy appears in the shooting location, the children will naturally play with the puppy. This is a good example of creating a scene. 4. Fisheye lens The fisheye lens may not be familiar to many parents, but it is indeed a very interesting shooting method. Most cameras today also come with this function. You can quickly find it by referring to the manual. The characteristic of this shooting mode is that things in the center of the lens become larger and things on the side become smaller, which creates a playful look. If you make good use of this lens, the photos you take will be interesting. In the creative collection, Doudehui has collected several creative shooting methods. If you can\’t find inspiration, you might as well give it a try! 1. Use some props to take photos and use your imagination! 3. Take continuous shots to capture the child’s instantaneous expression changes and put them together using graphics software. It’s so funny! 4. Let them take pictures. Put the camera in his hand and look! A small photographer with great style. 5. Wear adult clothes. It is said that every little girl dreams of wearing high heels. If you master these skills, it will take just a matter of minutes to kill the photo studio instantly!

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