Letting your children finish what they say is the best thing a parent can do

I watched a talent show. A woman started to paint on the talent show. Her brushwork was immature and clumsy. After painting for a long time, she couldn\’t even see the outline. She was impatient and the four judges who didn\’t understand what was going on invariably turned off the lights. But after the woman sprinkled white powder on it, the woman\’s work instantly shocked the audience. Parents in life are like the judges in the video. In many cases, if you have more patience with your children, your children will be better than you think. There is a little story like this: My mother had a problem with her throat and had a minor surgery. The doctor asked her not to speak for at least 10 days. After my son came home from school, he shouted when he entered the door: I hate our teacher so much, I don’t want to go to school anymore! Normally, her mother would have scolded her son severely when she heard him say this, but thinking of the doctor\’s advice, she had no choice but to remain silent. The angry son told his mother his grievances: \”Mom, today the teacher said that I copied my homework from my deskmate. In fact, it was not true. Why can\’t the teacher see my efforts and progress…\” Seeing that my mother did not speak. , the son went on to talk about his grievances, and even cried while talking. The mother still did not speak, but hugged the sad son. The son quickly calmed down and said to his mother: \”Thank you, mother, thank you for listening to what I said, thank you for understanding me, I will definitely work hard in the future and let the teacher see my results.\” After saying this, he happily Went to do homework. \”The Road Less Traveled\” says: \”Listening is paying attention to the other person. It is a concrete expression of love.\” Listen patiently to the child to finish what he has to say, so that the child can experience care and warmth. When the child is talking The moment I finished speaking, my heart was nourished and healed. For a child, the best way to comfort is to listen to him finish his words first. Douban netizen @星星丽丽 told her own story: She went to the supermarket and bought two sweet corns. When she got home, she called her daughter and mother-in-law to eat them. The daughter picked up a stick of corn, took a bite, put it back on the plate, then picked up another stick, smelled it, and took another bite. Seeing this scene, she was so angry that she roared: \”You are so ignorant, you and your grandma each get the corn. Didn\’t your mother teach you how to share?\” The daughter was frightened. His face was pale, and he said hesitantly: \”I, I just want to smell it to see which corn is fragrant…\” \”What are you, you, you are only thinking about yourself, why are you so selfish!\” Hearing her harsh voice, The mother-in-law rushed over and said, \”Child, grandma can\’t eat the corn, all of this belongs to you…\” After hearing what grandma said, the daughter cried \”Wow\”, and while wiping her tears, she cried and said: \”Grandma\’s teeth No, I\’ll take a bite to see which corn is tender and smell it, just to choose the fragrant one for grandma…\” Adults always feel that they can see through children easily, and rely on their own imagination to interrupt children too much. Even giving a child a slap in the face will not only kill the child\’s goodwill, but also the child\’s soul. Simple children may not know much, but the emotions they express are real. They express unreserved love for their family members, but once they are hurt, they will become cautious. In fact, in front of life, parents have never grown up and do not understand how to love and be loved. Let the children speakDon\’t let your snoring and drinking cause your child to be cautious. A colleague\’s 6-year-old son, who was in the first grade, broke into the office after school one day, sweating profusely. \”Mom, Mom, let me tell you something.\” Seeing him sweating profusely, his colleague said with concern: \”Why is your face so sweaty? I told you not to run, but you just didn\’t listen. Don\’t run again in the future. You will catch a cold.\” What should I do? After saying that, he handed over warm water and wiped sweat. \”Mom, I have something big to tell you!\” \”What big thing can happen to you? Go and do your homework quickly!\” The boy was reluctant and continued: Just this afternoon… \”Go and do your homework quickly. Stop talking. Mom has to go out for a while.\” \”Across the way, I saw the boy\’s disappointed eyes and couldn\’t help but ask him what happened this afternoon. It turned out that he, who had never won a running competition championship, won the first place this afternoon. The boy said angrily: \”Why don\’t you listen, mom? I talked, and I never want to talk to her again…\” Most parents love their children very much, but few really respect their children. There are no small things on the way to children\’s growth. Children want more attention from their parents than meticulous care in life. Every bit of him. Let the children finish their words, listen to their voices, and don’t ignore their feelings. Raising children is like planting flowers and plants. It takes time to care for them. In a rural yard in the southern United States, there is a happy boy. The ground danced against the moon. Seeing this scene, my mother asked curiously: \”What are you doing?\” The boy pointed at the moon and said excitedly: \”I want to go to the moon!\” The mother was surprised by her son\’s idea, but she still listened silently to her child\’s wild imagination. After the child finished speaking, the mother smiled and said, \”That\’s great, but you have to remember to go home for dinner!\” \”Many years later, the first American to land on the moon was broadcast on TV, and this man was the little boy back then. He was Armstrong. Just imagine, that mother didn\’t listen to the little boy\’s dream, but she didn\’t After the boy finishes speaking, kill the boy\’s whimsical ideas. Will there be an Armstrong who lands on the moon later? The world of children is full of novelty and imagination. No matter how childish the child\’s words are, they are all children\’s exploration of the unknown world. No matter how funny, it is the wandering of children\’s imagination; no matter how absurd, it is the release of children\’s creativity. Tao Xingzhi said, there is Watt under your pointer, Newton in your cold eyes, and There is Edison in the ridicule. Waiting for the child to finish speaking is a kind of respect for the child, and it is the greatest gift from the parents to the child. Parents always complain that the child has entered the rebellious period and they cannot understand the child\’s voice, and the child does not understand the parents The painstaking efforts. In fact, these are the \”fines\” issued by life to parents who do not wait for their children to speak. There is no job in the world that is more likely to make mistakes than being a parent, and there is no job that makes people prouder than being a parent. Children give We bring sweetness, but also sadness. French educationist Pamela Druckman said: \”Even if there is something wrong with their children, parents have the responsibility to listen and understand their motives. When a child reacts unusually, there must be a reason behind it. Parents should listen carefully to their childrenchildren and explain the world to them. \”Compared with asking children to obey, listening to children finish what they say is a required course for parents.

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