Living your own wonderful life is the best example for your children.

My sister’s daughter was admitted to a key high school, and the family held a party for her entrance into higher education. During the banquet, she gave a toast in a graceful and graceful manner, with fluent language and high spirits. She served every elder with wine and thanked them humbly and politely. Everyone felt the independence and strength of this fifteen-year-old girl. She had been studying abroad for a year in the third grade of junior high school last year. A fourteen-year-old girl was studying independently in Tianjin. Her white clothes were stained after washing, so she could only ask her mother through the phone line if there was any way to make it whiter. Normally, the food in the canteen is not delicious, but I have never complained. When I come back during the holidays, I will buy a lot of local specialties to share with relatives and friends. When she transferred to another school in the second grade of junior high school, her head teacher and principal were firmly against it. She had always been a good prospect in the school, and the school had given her a key training spot, with the intention of letting her compete in key high schools, and then in Peking University and Tsinghua University. My brother-in-law went to the city leaders to go through the formalities. She has been playing piano and ballet since she was in elementary school. Her parents opened a store and were busy with business all day long. She started a family at a young age. I took two buses to go to school. Later, my younger brother enrolled in school and I took my younger brother to school. After school, I bought vegetables at the supermarket in front of the community, cooked porridge, and waited for my parents to close the shop and go home. I have been doing trivial housework such as doing homework with my younger brother, mopping the floor, washing clothes, washing pots and dishes since I was a child, and I am the little adult in the family. Under her influence, her nine-year-old brother is also a master of independence and self-reliance. He bought the drinks, melon seeds, candies, tobacco and alcohol at the banquet from the supermarket. Some time ago, I went to Beidaihe with my grandpa to play. I took good care of him along the way. When I came back, I bought local specialties. Grandpa had to pay the bill. He insisted on paying the full 200 yuan that his mother gave him at home, saying that since he had taken it out , it should be spent. My younger brother started playing taekwondo in primary school, and now he has switched careers to learn broadcasting, hosting and crosstalk, and has become a host on the campus stage. His crosstalk can make everyone laugh, but he stands on the stage with a serious face. When his sister went to school in a different place, he shouldered her burden. During the summer vacation, it was his responsibility to go to the supermarket to buy food, and he also bought a watermelon. The ones he picked were all crispy and sweet. He was still a very filial child. Mom was eating leftovers at the dinner table. He brought it over and said, Mom, I will eat the leftovers in the future. You are the mother and your body is damaged by eating. How can you take care of us? The younger brother, who has been independent and self-reliant since he was a child, is going to Tianjin to go to school in the first year of junior high school. He has experienced since childhood and believes that he must be as good as his sister. My mother said that when the couple were laid off from the company, my sister was just over three years old at the time. She has some memories. The couple started by setting up a stall, then opened a shop, and then opened several chain stores, and then again, Becoming the general agent of five districts and one city, the couple has been working hard, not being intimidated by the predicament in front of them, never giving up, and finally achieved their own success. Parents\’ courage to strive for self-improvement, independence and strength, and not to surrender to reality has impressed the children around them who are growing up step by step. This is the power of the most authentic role models in front of children. Educate your children first, educate yourself first. Teaching by example is better than teaching by words. This is the most common truth. All human social behaviors are formed under the influence of the environment and through observation and learning of other people\’s exemplary behaviors and their results. childChildren learn by observing the behavior of role models, so role models have a very important influence on children. In a child\’s early education, parents are undoubtedly their most important role models. Everything you say and do will be seen by your child and affect him in a subtle way. Therefore, it is the responsibility and obligation of parents to educate themselves first when raising children. Liu Guoliang has been trending on Weibo again. His six-year-old daughter Liu Yujie won the runner-up in the women\’s under-seven group with a total score of 106. At the age of six, she has already won glory for the country. Liu Guoliang nicknamed his eldest daughter Liu Yujie \”Win Win\”, which means to strive for victory and maximize her potential. He wrote on Weibo, \”You played basketball at the age of three and started competing at the age of six. I was at the Rio Olympics and you were training in the United States. We worked hard together in pursuit of the Grand Slam.\” Yingying started playing basketball at the age of three and started competing in national competitions at the age of four. She has never complained about hardship. When Yingying was chatting with her father, she said, \”Why do everyone say I am Liu Guoliang\’s daughter? One day, I want them to say you are Yingying\’s father.\” After hearing this, Liu Guoliang said happily, \”The two of us are playing our own thing between the two small white balls, each doing our own thing, aiming for a Grand Slam.\” As a tiger girl, it is the happiest thing to be able to fight side by side with her father. Liu Guoliang told everyone that daughters should also strive for self-improvement and should not set limits on their children\’s lives. What\’s the point of crying? Just hit the second shot well. When Liu Guoliang was four years old, his father took him to Beijing. At the home of his father\’s fellow countryman Zhang Li, the young man planted a seed in his heart that he would also become a world champion in the future. He became famous in one match at the age of 16. He participated in the World Table Tennis Championships in the second year and was eliminated in the first round of singles. He did not have the opportunity to participate in international competitions for the next three years. Later, he participated in the World Cup despite heavy pressure and defeated the Swedish team, which won three consecutive championships, and won an unexpected turnaround for the Chinese men\’s table tennis team. In Liu Guoliang\’s career, he encountered countless difficulties, defeated countless people, withstood heavy pressure, and sought changes while maintaining stability. His rational tenacity and persistent pursuit spirit always influenced his daughter\’s behavior. When Liu Guoliang coached his daughter, he said, you can\’t control whether others are good or not, you have to make yourself good. The father\’s spirit will always be with his daughter. He has never been absent from her daughter\’s growth. He is a winner in table tennis, and his six-year-old daughter will eventually go on a date with him. When I grow up, I will become you, and your current me will be even better. Future continuation. Dong Qing said in \”Face to Face\”: What kind of person you want your child to be, you must first be who you want your child to be. So I should work hard to make myself better, so that when he truly understands you in the future, he will love and respect you, and learn some good qualities from you. Someone did an experiment. A group of young parents who educate their children illegally thought carefully and wrote down the specific personalities, strengths and weaknesses of themselves and their parents on notes. After the experiment, they found that they were so similar to their parents. Children are the hope of the motherland and the future of the family. The ultimate mission of every family in life is education. They must be excellent in character and academics, grow up happily and healthily, and be independent and self-reliant from an early age. Only then will their future life be strong and solid. As parents, we must walk in this world with strength and erectness, never give in to difficulties, never admit defeat, and live a wonderful life.It is the best role model for children. Parents are practitioners of exploring the real world, and they are already very effective and confident. Children are challengers who yearn for the future world, and they have already set sail with a plan in mind.

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