Mom can\’t help but lose her temper, and the culprit is…

Mothers should all know this. After becoming a mother, her temper becomes worse and worse, and she yells at every turn. We don’t want to, but it’s just annoying. Why do we always know that losing our temper is bad, but we can’t help but lose our temper? And, how can we not be angry? It\’s simple, just eliminate these destructive thoughts from our brains. I taught my child to learn. After teaching it two or three times, he still didn\’t know how to learn. When I asked him, he hesitated and couldn\’t explain it at all. Is there anything else that was not made clear? It’s explained so clearly! I get angry just thinking about it. Destructive Thoughts: You should know it! This idea makes parents lose their patience and make them more and more angry. This is why parents are so irritable in the end when accompanying their children to do homework. When we think our children should be how things should be, we no longer accept their current situation. If the child continues to teach before he or she has learned it, just teach in another way. If you keep thinking \”you should know it\” at this time, you will lead yourself to a dead end. The child’s situation is that he doesn’t know how, he’s not stupid, he’s not smart, so what should you do? He doesn\’t sleep when it\’s time to go to bed, he eats sweets secretly when he\’s not allowed to eat them, and he insists on doing things he\’s not allowed to do. It will cause trouble for me! Destructive Thoughts: You did it on purpose! This idea makes parents lose tolerance. Tolerance is not shielding, but tolerance determines the space for children to grow up freely. Because the child does it on purpose, it is not tolerated to be slow in dressing; because the child does it on purpose, it is not allowed to write well and sometimes bad. Because the child is intentional, it is absolutely impossible for the child to be careless in class. This idea pushes the child away from his own opposition, so the child is always at odds with his parents. When the child comes back from school, he will curse and spit at people. When he is older, he will say the shocking words \”I will beat you to death.\” The child falls in love with Internet cafes and games, and even secretly takes money from the family. Destructive thoughts: Oh my god, the child has bad moral character, is a bad learner, and is obsessed with something! This idea strikes fear into the hearts of parents. When children learn in life, they will imitate certain behaviors at some stages, and sometimes they will be curious about some things, especially if these things can bring a sense of achievement and satisfaction to the children. At these times, parents need to pay attention to their children. A deeper understanding. If parents are frightened by these seemingly outrageous behaviors and think that their children have learned badly, they will lose the opportunity to guide their children. My child likes to play for a while while doing homework; my child is easily distracted in class; I made an agreement with my child to only watch TV for one hour, but when the time is up, he still refuses to turn off the TV. Why did we end up changing our minds when we made an agreement to abide by it? Destructive Thoughts: Walk the talk. Children must be strict with themselves. They must fulfill their commitments, sleep when they should, do not interrupt homework, and must not be distracted in class. This idea must make parents irritated, because people hate being constrained by external frameworks. A truly effective agreement must be recognized by the child from the bottom of his heart, but it takes a certain amount of time to recognize it from the bottom of his heart. It is impossible for an adult to execute perfectly when it comes to what is said. Therefore, if your child occasionally exceeds the rules once or twice, don\’t be angry, just take it as a desertion. The same word is always wrong, writing is alwaysIf I can\’t write well, why am I wrong again? Only by tearing it up and starting over can I remember it better. Why don\’t I always know how to correct it? Destructive thoughts: \”If you make a mistake, you will be punished. Only when you are punished can you remember it!\” This idea makes parents become harsh. Correcting mistakes is undisputed, but the method of punishment always leaves children with lingering fears. Tearing up homework should be one of the behaviors that children hate most about their parents. Repeated training is a method of improvement, but if this method contains the color of suppression and punishment, the child will hate it. If the child does not obey the parents, the parents cannot persuade the child, so they simply scold him. Whoever is loud is justified, and whoever is strong is justified. Destructive thoughts: I scold you for your own good, and I don’t even bother to scold outsiders. This idea gives us an excuse for parents to get angry easily. Although we know this is an excuse, sometimes we use it as a shield so that we can yell more easily because it is so uncomfortable when our children disobey us. You should know it already, but you still can’t. Shouldn’t you be scolded? You did it on purpose, shouldn\’t you scold me? You\’ve become bad, why don\’t you scold me? ! If you don\’t keep the promise you made, shouldn\’t you be scolded? If you make a mistake, you should be punished. If you are punished, you will have a long memory. They say scolding you is for your own good, shouldn’t you be scolded? Is it really? What do you think?

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