My 2-year-old baby\’s underwear is a bit yellow and smelly. Is it vaginitis?

Question 1: My daughter is three years old and two months old. She changes her underwear every day, but when she changes her underwear at night, the underwear is yellow and smelly. This happens often. Is it vaginitis? My child often gets angry, and when he gets angry, his buttocks and peeing areas become red. What should I do? Moreover, in the past two days, I have been going to the toilet in the middle of the night, and I can\’t urinate when I go to the toilet. I have been in bed, and I have to go to the toilet again. What\’s going on? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: If you have problems going to the toilet, check your urine routine to see if you have urethritis; if you often get angry, drink more water and don’t eat snacks such as biscuits; if the smell of underwear is serious, consider inflammation. The baby is considered to have vulvitis. The vulva can be washed with warm water and dried Apply erythromycin ointment, wash with warm water after defecation, do not wear tight pants, and change underwear every day. Question 2: My baby is a bit sleepy after being 42 days old. He doesn’t wake up during the day and starts crying when he wakes up at around 9 o’clock at night. And I feel like I don’t look at people’s faces very much, and I don’t chase objects very much. How old is the average baby’s reaction to chasing objects? Dr. Zhu Xiwei’s answer: Sleeping upside down is usually due to drowsiness. There is no good solution. The only way is to let the child sleep less during the day and slowly correct it. If the stool is normal, don’t worry. Generally, they will start chasing objects in about two months. Every child is different. Some children will start chasing them sooner or later. Generally, the first physical examination is required after 42 days to comprehensively evaluate whether the child\’s various developmental indicators are normal. Question 3: The baby girl is one year and seven months old. She has almost all her teeth now. Her lower teeth overlap her upper teeth, and there are two gaps in her lower teeth (where the front teeth and big teeth meet) due to the biting position. No one in the family is there. Baotian. After birth, she was mixed-fed, and she stopped using bottles at 9 months old. She was weaned from breast milk at one and a half years old, and she took vitamin AD every day. Is it caused by a lack of trace elements? How does it need to be corrected? Dr. Xu Lijuan answered: Dilapidation is related to the development of alveolar bone. It does not need to be treated at present. After the child is four years old and can cooperate, he can go to the dental department for correction.

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