My baby girl\’s urinary area is red and black on both sides. What\’s going on?

Question 1: When the baby was 29 days old, the jaundice did not go away. The doctor asked him to draw blood for a test. The picture is the result. The doctor asked him to continue drinking liver-clearing and choleretic oral liquid. But now it is 42 days and the jaundice has not gone away. What should I do? ? Dr. Wang Yanli’s answer: This is your first test. In addition to high bilirubin, bile acid is also high, indicating that there is blocked bile excretion or other reasons. If it is still so high after 42 days, you can use two tests. Zhouxiong deoxycholic acid, half a tablet twice a day, can promote bile metabolism and reduce jaundice. There are many causes of jaundice. If you want to know more fully, you still need to take a blood test. Your current test results indicate that your child\’s bile metabolism function is poor. If the effect is not good after drinking the liver-clearing and choleretic oral solution, you can review the situation to understand the situation. At the same time, you can also check the liver and gallbladder ultrasound. The key now is how high the jaundice value is. If the jaundice is still relatively high through skin testing, liver function tests, ten eugenic viral infection items, and blood routine tests are also needed. If the transcutaneous test is about 7-8, there is no need to check so many. It is recommended that you take a transcutaneous test tomorrow morning to get a preliminary understanding and then make a decision on the specific situation. Question: My two-month-old baby with thrush has swallowed nystatin tablets and swallowed it. Is there anything wrong? Will there be any side effects on such a young baby? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: It’s okay. The medicine that can be used to wipe the mouth can be swallowed. All medicines have side effects. It depends on which one is more beneficial to the child. Oral thrush will not work without treatment. If you don’t want to use nystatin, you can use sodium bicarbonate. Solution wipe. Question: The urinary area of ​​a three- to four-month-old baby girl is black. Isn’t it urethritis? Do you want to do a routine urine test? None of my friend\’s babies have it. I found it when I was washing my butt in the past two days. Do I need to take any medicine? Dr. Xu Lijuan answered: It is normal and related to the effect of estrogen on the child in the mother. It will gradually get better with age. There is no need to do a urine routine, it is not an infection, the infection is mainly an increase in secretions.

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