My daughter was bitten by the neighbor\’s baby until she was bleeding. How dare the old woman say this!

The 3-year-old daughter picked up a small flag from the ground, which was used by a manufacturer to promote a certain children\’s drug. In the eyes of adults, it is just a scrap of paper, but my daughter played with it with gusto. She even insisted on holding it while jumping on the trampoline and refused to give it to me. I have always told my daughter that as long as there is no danger, no destruction, she can make her own decisions, so my daughter climbed onto the trampoline with a small flag. A little girl saw the small flag in her daughter\’s hand and jumped over curiously to see what was going on. She accidentally stepped on her daughter\’s flag and broke it. The daughter cried out in grievance, and the girl also started crying. I just wanted to go over and comfort my daughter when the little girl’s mother angrily yelled at her daughter: “Why are you crying when a piece of paper is torn?! It’s even tighter when it’s torn? My daughter was scared and made us cry!” After that, he took the child aside and coaxed him away. I walked over and said to my daughter: \”Baby, can the flag be glued if it is broken?\” My daughter nodded with tears in her eyes. \”Did that baby just do it on purpose?\” \”No, it was accidental.\” \”The baby was not angry with her, but just a little sad, that\’s why she cried, right?\” The daughter nodded. \”Mom will accompany you to the supermarket to get another one tomorrow, okay?\” The daughter nodded and smiled through her tears. \”Okay, baby, let\’s go jump on the trampoline.\” My daughter jumped on it happily. A piece of tattered paper, especially one picked up from the ground, originally has little value. The important thing is that my daughter likes it, and it has use value because of this. If something, no matter whether it is expensive or cheap, becomes someone else\’s favorite, you should respect it. It doesn\’t matter if you break something for someone else. The owner of the thing has the final say. Regardless of whether the thing is worth something or not, you should apologize and say sorry to others. This is the most basic moral standard for being a human being. A one-and-a-half-year-old child is incapacitated, but you as the guardian are not. Through this worthless piece of paper, what we see is a person\’s quality and morality. My daughter is 3 years old and can reason. Your one and a half year old daughter is still young, but you are an adult, right? Maybe you think it is a small thing, but when we educate our children, we start from the little things around us. If you can change the way and say to my daughter: \”I\’m sorry, little sister didn\’t mean it.\” I think we will all be very happy, because we really don\’t have to worry about the most unintentional little girl in the world who has no loss. Small \”accidents\” go away and brood over them. I just hope that our next generation will not become little bullies with no morals and no literacy. I always believe that bullies are not born, but are cultivated accidentally or accidentally. You have invisibly instilled in your daughter such a wrong idea, that is, first, there is no need to apologize for breaking other people\’s things, and second, no matter what I do wrong, my mother will solve it for me. As a person who takes care of my children full-time at home, I have a lot of emotions. I think many people, especially parents and teachers, often feel that children today are becoming more and more selfish. But ultimately, who made our children become so selfish and indifferent? I remember that when my daughter was 1 year and 8 months old, a neighbor’s little girl who was 1 year and 4 months old came to the house.When I came to play, my daughter reached out to ask for her toy, and her finger was bitten by the little girl from the neighbor\’s house. I had never experienced such a scene before and was at a loss. My daughter was crying because of the pain, and the girl next door was afraid that her daughter would take the toy back. I didn\’t let go. I felt sorry for my daughter, but also thought that it was not my daughter who I couldn\’t discipline. In desperation, I had to forcefully pull out my daughter\’s fingers from the \”tiger\’s mouth\”. The girl next door clenched her teeth and was injured due to the force. The head shook violently, and her daughter\’s fingers suddenly became bloody. How can a mother not feel distressed? Two years later, the scene at that time is still vivid in my mind, and my heart still trembles and aches. My daughter\’s finger became suppurated. However, the injury was minor, but her mental condition was such that for a year, she kept dreaming, crying, trembling, and was afraid of others. To this day, I still blame myself deeply for my supervision mistakes. My husband keeps blaming me for not spanking the \”culprit\” or pinching her nose (at least to make her open her mouth and release her teeth). I also regret it and wish I could turn back time. However, the grandmother of the girl next door quickly picked up her granddaughter and coaxed softly: \”Minmin, be good, don\’t cry, give us this toy.\” The old lady\’s words aroused great dissatisfaction in me, but my My restraint and cowardice made me miss the best opportunity to scold her. To this day, I still feel that even if I don’t reprimand her, at least I should let her know that if she robbed other people’s things and bit them, she should first check their injuries and apologize. How could she take the opportunity to take other people’s things as her own? What about your own? ! Do you want your children to mistakenly understand that they can rob by hurting others at such a young age? ! Guardians are the first people for children to imitate. Adults should always set an example for their children. However, there are many examples of pampering children around. Not only do children not have the right people to imitate, but they are led astray by wrong ideas.

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